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The Coey Communicator

Planning Course Materials


Planning Course (required for graduation)

Online Course Link:

Advisor: Heather Coey

'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?', said Alice

 Planning Units:

        -Planning for Graduation
        -Planning for future Education
        -Planning for a Career
        -Planning Finances
        -Planning for Health
        -Planning for The Planet
What follows are activities and assignments which satisfy the curricular objectives of the Planning Course. 
Students working on Planning in a classroom can use these to work ahead, access direct internet links from assignments and to have an 'always available' copy (no danger of losing ~smile )
Students working through the course in the online self-directed format may use these assignments as their guide.  The assignments do not have to be done in order, but the order presented is a logical progression.
It is important to note that for the in-class version of the course there are additional items such as guest speakers and teacher-directed activities which unfortunately cannot be experienced through the online self-directed version.  The online self-directed version is for individuals who are self-disciplined and able to work through assignments on their own and who have a valid reason for not being able to take the in-class course.  These students must be good at reading and following written directions and managing their time well to complete tasks.  Students must be accepted by the teacher and placed in this class by a school administrator or counsellor.
It is critical for the online course that students and their parents have e-mail accounts and that parents recognize that communication regarding progress will be made regularly by e-mail.

Click Here to see the course outline to understand the curricular objectives from the Ministry of Education

This first link is not part of the Planning Course.  The Graduation Transition requirements are however supported by everything you do in planning and must be completed in order to graduate.

Click Here for the Graduation Transitions Requirements and Supporting Documents

The remainder of the links below connect you to large project assignments which will cover all of the curricular objectives for planning.  There are often several parts to each one.  Read the instructions carefully and do what they say.  If you have questions, e-mail Heather .  Hand in or e-mail completed work to Heather as well.
REMEMBER: Read the entire assignment first before starting in on tasks to make sure you are doing what is asked of you and get the scope of all the assignment components.  Also, internet links CHANGE...please alert me if this is the case so that they may be updated.  Thank you.

Assessment for the course will be according to the following descriptions:

-Work does not yet meet grade-level expectations

- Incomplete work

Corresponds to:

Incomplete (I)

-Work meets grade-level expectations

-Evidence that relevant learning outcomes have been met

-Interest shown towards planning for future

Corresponds to:

Good Performance (C+; 67-72 %)

Very Good Performance (B; 73-85%)

Excellent Performance (A; 86-100)

Good quality... Complete

Very good quality...

Complete and thorough

Excellent quality... attention to detail

Assignments for Online Planning Jan-June 2014 should be complete by the following dates.  You may do them faster :)
#1  Feb. 7
#2  Feb. 20
#3 Feb. 28
#4 Mar. 28
#5 Apr. 11
#6 Apr. 25
#7 May 2
#8 May 9
#9 May 15
#10 May 23
#11 June 6
#12 June 13
1 (15- 20 minutes)
3 (30 minutes)
7 (30 minutes)
10 (30 minutes)
9 (1 hour)
5 (1 hour)
8 (1-2 hours)
4 (1-2 hours)
11(1-3 hours)
6 (1-3 hours)
2 (1-4 hours)
12... to be done at end putting together all the pieces (1-2 hours)

1. Click Here for the Graduation Program Assignment

2. Click here to go to a copy of the "Begin with the End in Mind Project"

3. Click Here for the Personality "Typing" Assignment

4. Click Here for the Career Education Planner Project

Discover Trades BC is an initiative funded by the BC Government to help provide easy access for secondary students to the many educa-tional opportunities available to them in trades training. Students, parents and educators can discover these opportunities here:

5. Click Here for Education and Careers--Being Prepared Assignment Package

6. Click Here for a copy of the Health Unit Assignment

7. Click Here for the Healthy Living Plan

8. Click Here for the Finance Project Check-list Part A and Links for being on your own after grade 12

Moving to British Columbia, or planning a move within B.C.? Find vital Cost of Living information using this dynamic and easy-to-use tool. Simply select your location and occupation information and the calculator will display cost of living results for that location. Our calculator will also compare your estimated expenses with your income to determine if such a move will be affordable based on your lifestyle and family makeup. The tool also allows you to compare different communities or regions to help make informed decisions.

9. Check Here for a check-list and links for Finance Project Part B--buying a house, getting a mortgage

10. Check here for Finance Project Part C-- Travel Budget

11. Click here for an outline of the Planning for the Planet Module...when you get to this point please e-mail Heather to get the readings e-mailed to you.

12. Now Click Here to use everything you have completed in this course to fill in your Graduation Transition Plan

The whole purpose of this course is to get you prepared for the future... if you can see an alternate assignment that you could do that would meet the same outcomes feel free to discuss modifications with me.

All the best on your journey!