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The Coey Communicator

Healthy Living Plan


Graduation Transitions

Personal Health- Healthy Living Plan


Analysis of Diet and Nutrition Guides

Go to:

  • Click on: Create MY Food Guide … follow the steps and print the result
  • Read through the menu items
      • Food Guide Basics
      • Choosing Foods
      • Using the Food Guide
      • Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Keep the copy of your personal Food Guide in your Transitions Folder


Analysis of personal Physical Activity Level


  • Assess your present Activity Level.  Sporadic or Consistent; Strenuous moderate, easy;  strength, flexibility, cardio...



         Give a written plan for maintaining (if your activity level is good and consistent) or improving (if your activity level is low or inconsistent). 






         Chosen Activities to engage in (indicate reason for choosing…keep in mind balancing aerobic and weight training exercises)






         Fill in the daily chart for a typical week and list activities that you will do with the time duration.  Indicate the activities that you enjoy that you will engage in to maintain your fitness.


This should be your goal plan—best-case scenario

Day of Week


Time and duration






























Analysis of Emotional Health and Resources

         List at least 5 different resources with contact information for different Health-related needs

*Check out Student Services

Or use this website for resource ideas: 

Resource                                                                      Contact Information












         Examples of Stress Management Techniques


Using the link below (or other stress management sites) summarize the techniques that you believe would be most useful to you in managing your emotional health and why.