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The Coey Communicator

Planning Course Outline



       Planning -- Life Prep. 101…Your ‘Window to the World’


Welcome!  This course has the potential to be one of the most important in high school.  This is because it is here that you will explore and lay the foundation for some very important choices in your life.  You will get out of it what you put into it.  Below you will find an outline indicating the specific learning objectives for the course.  These will be met through projects, internet explorations, guest speakers and more.  I hope you enjoy the journey.



Unit 1: Graduation Program

You need to:


lIdentify the course requirements for the Graduation Program.

lIdentify ways of earning credits for the Graduation Program (e.g. in-school courses, external credits).

lIdentify the exam requirements for the Graduation Program, including required and optional exams.

lDescribe the Focus Areas in the Graduation Program.

lDescribe how one or more Focus Areas of interest relate to education and career options.

lDescribe the requirements of the Graduation Transtions Portfolio

lDevelop a plan for how you will meet the Graduation Transitions Portfolio requirements and put it into action.

*Complete Healthy Living Plan

*Maintain 150 minutes of Physical Activity per Week

*Complete Work/Volunteer Experience Hours

*Have Phase 1 of Transition Plan Done


Graduation Program Resource



Unit 2: Health

 You need to:


lAnalyse factors that influence health (e.g. physical activity, nutrition, stress management).

lAnalyse health information for validity and personal relevance.

The following objectives should be taken care of in grade 10 P.E. and P.A.R.T.Y. program…in Planning 11  students should summarize and consolidate these learning outcomes in their Healthy Living Plans

lDemonstrate and understanding of skills needed to build and maintain healthy relationships (e.g. effective communicating, problem solving).

lAnalyse factors contributing to a safe and caring school.

lEvaluate the potential effects of an individual's health related decisions on self, family, and community.

lAnalyse practices that promote healthy sexual decision making.

lAnalyse practices associated with the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

lAnalyse strategies for preventing substance misuse.

lAnalyse individual and societal practices associated with road related risk reduction and injury prevention.


Health Resources

wBC Health Files


wInjury Free Zone

wSexuality Education Gateway


wTobacco Facts

wSubstance Misuse Prevention



Unit 3: Education and Careers

You need to:


lRelate personal attributes and interests to education and career planning.

lCompare a variety of post-secondary education and training institutions and programs.

lRelate labour market information to careers of interest.

lDemonstrate an understanding of employability skills.

lDemonstrate job-seeking skills (employment searches, resume writing, cover letters, job interviews…).

lDemonstrate and awareness of the legal rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.

lAnalyse practices associated with work-related risk reduction and injury prevention.

lIdentify support networks and resources for pursuing education and career goals.

lDevelop a personal education and career plan to support the achievement of education and career goals.

**Bring in Guest Speakers on different Careers

**Send students out to do career interviews


Education and Careers Resources

wMission Statement Builder*click on mission statement builder then use kickstart 

wPersonality Tests/Tools

wCareer Cruising -- find careers that interest you and connect to the education required + develop your resume  

wWant to find out if the career you are interested in has a bright future in the job market?  Go to: 




Unit 4: Finances

You need to:


Participate in the Jr. Achievement Programs

  • Investment Strategies Program-- "Junior Achievement (JA)’s Investment Strategies Program (ISP) is a new on-line learning opportunity, consisting of learning activities and an on-line stock market simulation for students. JA matches the classroom with a trained volunteer from the financial sector. The role of the volunteer is to conduct several pre-simulation activities and coach the students in the on-line stock market simulation." (
  • JA Titan Program --"Students apply their knowledge of business as they compete online in the highly competitive industry of the fictional Holo-Generator™.  While simulating "business quarters," students enter decisions on price, production, marketing, capital investment, and R & D. The impact of the decisions will lead to the success or failure of each Holo-Generator™ company." (
  • Company Program-- A Student Venture--" With the support and guidance of volunteer consultants from the local business community, the JA Company Program provides basic economic education for high school students. By organizing and operating an actual business enterprise... students learn how businesses function.   JA Company Program helps young people appreciate and better understand the role of business in our society."  (


lDemonstrate financial literacy related to budgeting skills, planning for transition from secondary school, knowledge about credit and debit, knowledge of legal requirements for reporting personal income.

lIdentify the costs and funding sources associated with various education and career options.


Finances Resources

wPassport to Education and Scholarships

wStudent Financial Aid

wStreet cents

wTeaching Taxes (Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency

wThere’s something about Money


**Do mini-Class Showcase at the end of Planning 11