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Graduation Transition Planning Resources


Graduation Transitions--Required for Graduation and 4 Credits


Personal Health


  • 150 minutes per week  DAILY Physical Activity
  • Healthy Living Plan

Community Connections

  • 30 hours of work and/or community service
  • employability and life skills connection

Career and Life Transition Planning

  • preparation for life after high school
  • career, life, learning goals
  • transferable skills
  • budget
  • share/showcase with personal accomplishments

Check this link for a more detailed description:


Click Here to link to the Ministry of Education Graduation Requirments including Transitions Requirments

Keep up to date with Career Centre Information--CLICK HERE

Required Documentation-->Copy and Paste into a Word Document-->Complete (scan documents if necessary) and e-mail to Patricia Daniells ( to have recorded-->Keep documents in your file in Career Centre

Click for Healthy Living Plan

Click for Activity Confirmation

Click for Activity Log (updated for 2009-2010)

Click Here for an online TRACKER to use for your weekly 150 minutes of can print off reports for your graduation transitions requirments.

Click for Activity Pyramid

Click for Community Service Reflection

Click for Work/Volunteer Experience Confirmation Form

Click for Work/Volunteer Experience Reflection Form

Click for Employability Skills List for Work/Volunteer Experience Reflection

Click here for a Transition Plan Booklet and Summary Page

Click here for the Showcase Outline

Click here for a Scholarship Resume Outline

Look Below for Transition Plan Links to personalize your plan with what you need!

Want to update your career/education search begun in planning 10? Click Here Username: Reynolds Password: Roadrunners

Click Here to work through a survey and create a comprehesive PERSONAL EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS REPORT *goto: Start using the Skills Credentialing Tool for Individuals and scroll to bottom and click on Next to begin...



         passage: the act of passing from one place to the next

         conversion: an event that results in a transformation


Transition Plan for Grade 12

Purpose: To have a plan for next year and beyond…to set yourself up for success...

Will you be working? 

Will you be going to School?

Will you be living on your own? 

Will you be travelling--taking a GAP year?

Support Network?

Employability Skills Summary?

Up to date resume and cover letter?

Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How will you pay for it (BUDGET?)





                        Career Option Search

                        Include research materials for careers you are interested in.


User Name: Reynolds  Password: Roadrunners --Jobs and Opportunities in BC -- Education Planner


                  If you are going to School after graduating…

a.       Applications for Training Institutions, Colleges, Universities

b.       Transcripts

c.       Reference Letters

d.       Cover Letters

e.       Scholarship Applications


Career Centre website…keep up to date on what is going on—information sessions, deadlines for applications, opportunities, scholarships… -- Scholarships -- Education Planner

If you are going to Work after graduating…

                       a. Resume

                       b. Cover letter

                       c. Interview Prep.

                       d. Reference Letters

                       e. Employability Skills

Resources: --Employability Skills and Opportunities in BC


                                   If you are taking a GAP year (a year out to dosomething different)...

Resources: – Lonely Planet GAP year guide  -- GAP~ Youlead -- Katimavik -- Class Afloat

 If you are going to Travel after graduating, include those plans.

                         Passport, shots, Travel Location, agenda


Travel Budget Calculator


                         If you are going to  be Living on Your Own after graduating...


Find an apartment to rent:

Find a used car to purchase: 

How much is insurance, gas, upkeep?

Furnishings for your place:

or use flyers in newspaper, store catalogues

Other Costs:

BC Hydro for electricity costs


Look under phone bundles


Look under Products and Services

Water billing

Natural Gas

Look under Residential on Main Menu Account ServicesRates for your areaVancouver Island & Sunshine Coast


                       Budget to Support your Plan

                       Include a comprehensive budget to show that you have considered how to finance your plans.


Budget Planning—Money Matters BC