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The Coey Communicator

Graduation Transition Plan Work Book and Summary Page



Reynolds Transition Plan Student Workbook

*Modified by Heather Coey from Tod Anderson’s in Quesnel

Copy and paste into a word document and fill it out…


Transition Plan


  • Your transition plan is an exploration and documentation of your plans beyond your life as a secondary school student.
  • Most of the information can be taken from your online planning assigments--this is the summary of that information.



Building your Transition Plan



Your transition plan should be present as part of your display at the Grad Showcase/Share evening in April or your graduating year



Goal Setting

Brainstorming your ideas…

Short -Term Goals

Less than 2 years


  • Workforce
  • Post-secondary education or training
  • Skills upgrading
  • Travel
  • GAP year
  • Living on own
  • Other

















Short-Term Goals

List your goals and suggest a timeline.



Date: ___________________



Date: ___________________



Date: ___________________

Long -Term Goals

More than 2 years


  • Eventual career choices
  • Financial goals
  • Key life experiences
  • Community contribution
  • Other




















Long-Term Goals

List your goals and suggest a timeline.



Date: ___________________



Date: ___________________



Date: ___________________



Explain how your long-term goals fit you…



List two skills you have that support your goals:




Where did you acquire these skills?




How do these skills support your goals?





Select ONE of your long-term goals and explain why you want to reach this goal.






List areas of interest (i.e. sports, hobbies, activities, clubs)










Describe an area of interest about which you are PASSIONATE and explain why.













Speak to your friends, teachers and family members… what are you good at?














How do/will you contribute to society? Today and in the future? (locally, nationally, globally)







What do you believe in? Design a personal philosophy statement that describes your beliefs. may help you get started if you are stuck.













Education, Training and Experience


What education, training, and/or experience is required to achieve your long-term goals?








What institutions or facilities provide this training? (These may be on the jobsite or at an institution)



Name of Facility: ________________________________

Location: _______________________




Name of Facility: ________________________________

Location: _______________________




Name of Facility: ________________________________

Location: _______________________



Select one institution/facility at which you plan to study/train.  For this institution describe:


Name of Program                 _____________________________________

Application Deadline            _____________________________________

Cost of Program                   _____________________________________

Duration of Program _____________________________________

Entrance Requirements (courses, skills, experiences)





What credential(s) will you attain from this institution, program or training experience?






Why is this program at this institution most appropriate to your interests, lifestyle, and preferences?









School, Work, and Community Experiences


List courses you have taken during grades 10, 11 and 12 that have helped you reach your goals.






Describe the skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes that were developed in these courses and how they have been helpful.







What other positive experiences have you had from your secondary school experience?  (extra-curricular, intramural, clubs, projects, friends, etc…)







Discuss what work, volunteer or community experiences have helped you, or will help you achieve your goals.











List potential challenges you may face in the achievement of your goals and suggest how you might overcome the “hurdles”.








List examples of resources that you can use in pursuing your goals.  (i.e. family, teachers, employers, websites, community members, etc.) BE SPECIFIC










What would be your back up plan if your primary plan does not work?









Include your BUDGET from Planning Assignment #8




This Plan is the first step in making your dreams and goals a reality—check it and update it often

Best Wishes for a successful future!!