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The Coey Communicator

Finance Project Check List Parts A & B



For this Assignment the objective is to create a working budget for a student or a non-student living on his/her own.
Some costs everyone will have, some are choices.... choose wisely...
Below you will find a link to the budget worksheets... choose either the student or the non-student and copy and paste into a word document to fill in...when it is all filled in you will e-mail it in.  Use the resources below and people you know who live on their own to help you get the information.  *Do not fill in the "actual amount" column--leave this for when you use your budget and plan for the following year!
Check out these websites to start:

Good Website to calculate incometax values

Click Here to get a budget worksheet to fill out

Some resources that may help you fill in your budget:

Finding an apartment to rent:


Finding a used car to purchase:

*phone insurance companies to ask cost

*talk to people you know who own cars to find out about upkeep costs


Finding some basic furnishings for your place:

or use flyers in newspaper, store catalogues


Hydro Cost:

phone BC Hydro

1 800 224 9376
and find out what the basic hook up and monthly fee would be for an appartment.

Check out their website for more information:


Heat Cost:

(go to residential on main menuthen Account Services rates for your areaVancouver Island & Sunshine Coast)


Phone Cost: (can get bundles for phone, internet, cable)

(go to phone then phone bundles)


Cable/Internet Cost:

(look under products & services)




Determining education costs: