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The Coey Communicator

Finance Project Part C--Travel




Financial Planning Unit

Part C



You really want to travel some time after high school. 


Plan a trip and include the budget costs on the sheet below.


Look up on the internet, travel packages of your choice. 


Include a description of your destination and a travel plan for one week outlining what you intend to do/see.


Good website for flights:

Other helpful travel sites:


Travel Budget Calculator

Travel budget allowance

Total available now:

Total amount you will save for trip:

Travel expenses

* Accommodations:

* Car rental and related expendes like fuel and tolls:

* Local transportation like taxis and buses:

* Meals:

* Pet or child care expenses while away:


Trip insurance:

Organized tours:

Phone calls or cellphone rental and roaming costs:

Toiletries and medicine:


Passports and travel documents:

Postage for postcards or shipping goods home:

Currency exchange and other bank fees:

Camera expenses like film or getting images on CD:

Internet cafe or other Internet charges:

Luggage and accessories like locks:

Rail passes or train tickets:

Activity fees and rentals:

Other expenses:

Number of days:



The amount here is either the amount over or if negative the shortage: