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The Coey Communicator

Health Unit Assignment



 Health Unit Assignment


The learning outcomes for the Health Unit of Planning are as follows:


lDemonstrate an understanding of skills needed to build and maintain healthy relationships (e.g. effective communicating, problem solving).

lAnalyse factors contributing to a safe and caring school.

lEvaluate the potential effects of an individual's health-related decisions on self, family, and community.

lAnalyse practices that promote healthy sexual decision making.

lAnalyse practices associated with the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

lAnalyse strategies for preventing substance misuse.

lAnalyse individual and societal practices associated with road related risk reduction and injury prevention.


Part 1 

Do a web search using key words and find two websites that you would recommend for each of the 7 topics underlined above and prepare a document in the following format:

a. Topic (e.g. Relationships--healthy communication)

b. website #1 (URL, Title, description of why it would be helpful, something new you learned from the site)

c. website #2 (URL, Title, description of why it would be helpful, something new you learned from the site)


Part 2

Choose one of the 7 topics (one that you feel you could stand to learn something more about) and create a powerpoint presentation which would be helpful to teens.  Your powerpoint should have 10-15 slides.  **see your intstructor if you would like an alternate assignment option**


First Slide           Introductory Slide for Topic

Middle Slides      Information that is valuable and catches interest

Final 3 slides      Summary Slide for Topic

                         Slide with 5 questions for the observer to review understanding

                         Slide List with information sources


*At least half of the slides should have some form of graphic, as it is the visual effects that make power points powerful.  The slides should focus mostly towards information valuable for teens.  The last slide is very important and should list all the other slides with their sources of information (websites, books, people…tell where you got your graphics too).  


This is a power point presentation so your information should be in clear points not in large paragraphs! 

Remember that extra information that you gather can be put in the NOTES section of the powerpoint.