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The Coey Communicator

Planning for the Planet Outline


Check bottom of page for a more "hands-on" option for this module instead of read/watch response style...





Whoever's read, The Tipping Point (Little, Brown and Company, 2002) by Malcolm Gladwell will be familiar with the discussion surrounding the point 'when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.'  Interest in Environment, Climate Change, Sustainable Living and so on, seems to be reaching such a point.  Understanding our role in maintaining a healthy planet is an important topic, which is finally reaching critical mass with the general public...  It is possible that Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount Classics, 2006) has been part of the tipping point for opening the eyes of the public to possible futures for our planet and our civilization.  For many this film has been the wake-up call that we needed to make some serious changes in order to protect our earth. 


In a course which is about planning for the future it is necessary to consider planning for our planet of course!


         A smorgasbord of topics will be presented to you in the form of readings [e-mail Heather to get these: and things to watch (usually on YouTube).  


         Keep a response journal (just a page on the computer is fine with headings), where you can record your thoughts and answer the questions posed.  You will e-mail this to me when you are done. 


         If you would like, you may do an alternative assignment that is more hands-on.  For example,  you could watch, “No Impact Man” and try your own “No Impact” Experiment for a week.  I have many other choices as well.  Please e-mail me if you would like the option of doing something else.




Something to READ and RESPOND to [e-mail Heather to get the readings.... 


  • Read  the scanned copies of the readings emailed to you.  
  • Make a heading for each reading (the title of the article, source, and date)
  • Respond!  What do you think?  Good idea, bad idea?  How could you use the information to be more environmentally friendly and live sustainably?  Are you inspired to do something different?  Are you motivated to find out more?


There are lots of neat things going on that can make a difference.  Take a look at the following websites and you tube clips and then in your response journal discuss what you saw.  Do you think the ideas are good? Do you think any of them will create their own problems? Are the ideas sustainable over time?  What do you think is the most important thing we can do to help our planet?


v  You Tube clip on efficient cars

v  Website for a cob house in the highlands of greater Victoria

v  You Tube clip on stackable cars

v  You Tube clip Earth Ship Documentary

v  Website on The 6 Pinciples that define an Earthship:
1) Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
2) Solar & Wind Electricity
3) Contained Sewage Treatment
4) Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
5) Water Harvesting
6) Food Production

v  Website BC Energy Plan (government)

v  Website BC Sustainable Energy Association

v  You Tube clip  Innovative Green Technology

v  You Tube clip on  Consumerism  

Note: this module is response journal style... you have the option to do something more "physical" as well.  Some examples include:
1) go to : and choose one of the energy projects
2) got to: and make your own worm compost
3) go to: and make your own mason bee home
4) go to: and engage in an upcycling project... better than throwing away and recycling
5) go to: and arrange a tour at the cob house in the highlands and report out on all the aspects that make it sustainable
6) think of something yourself and check with me...