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The Coey Communicator

Career Education Planner Project



Education and Careers Assignment



Setting yourself up for a rewarding career will be instrumental in your future success and happiness.  Collect all the work you do through this site in a binder to be handed in.  Remember that this is a process of discovery…it is not always neat and tidy and linear…you may do some bouncing around…that’s okay!


This set of steps is the minimal requirement in order to cover all the necessary aspects of searching for career interests and educational requirements.  There is much more information that you can delve into…please feel free to do so if you are interested and have the time.



1. Goto:  user name: Reynolds  password: Roadrunners


2. Goto: Portfolio in the Top Menu Bar to create a place to save your search information [use a password you will remember!]


3. From the Left Menu Click on Career Matchmaker (just one tool to help you find careers you may by suited to—it does not work for  everyone) and follow the instructions…save your information in your Portfolio.  


4. From the Left Menu Click on Explore Careers to start looking up careers from the matchmaker exercise and/or other careers you are interested in.  There are 5 ways to search—try a variety!


5. After looking around and talking to others about your interests and options choose 5 Career Options you could potentially see yourself doing and save the printer friendly summary reports for each in your Portfolio.


6. Use the Explore Education & Training search function on the main page to look for programs available and determine where you could go to school for the careers you are interested in.  Save the information in your Portfolio 


7. Don’t forget to check back  to see if there are likely to be jobs available in the careers you have chosen.

*look in middle of page where there is a box for "career profile"

*type in name of career you are interested in e.g. "elementary teacher"

*Check and record stats:


Minimum education: Bachelor's degree

  • Average salary
  • Occupation size
  • Job stability
  • Demand growth
  • Below Average
  • Excellent

Profile last updated: October 01, 2013

- See more at:

*check out any other information that you might find valuable on the page


8.Complete the following Summary Chart and hand it in.





Plan A

Plan B

Career Choice




Reasons for Career Choice






















Future Job Prospects

*Work Futures Sats Here









Education Requirement




Education Facility




Education Program




Education Duration (number of years)








Projected income