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The Coey Communicator

Open 4 Change


Click Here for Open 4 Change 2013-14 Meeting Agendas & Notes

Click Here for Open 4 Change 2012-13 Meeting Agendas & Notes

Click Here for Open 4 Change Meeting Information & Notes 2010-2012


Mission statement (purpose):

Our mission is to help others both locally and globally through fundraising, awareness, collections and activities, with a primary focus locally on homeless initiatives and globally through a relationship with Free the Children Foundation and SD 61’s adopted village in Ecuador.



  • helped contribute to earning $100,000 for Cops 4 Cancer
  • collected food for Halloween for Hunger to give to the Mustard Seed Food Bank
  • raised $560 dollars that was matched by the Canadian Government to donate to Docotor's Without Boarders for Philippine Relief
  • collected 334 shoebox hampers and delivered them to Rock Bay Landing and "Our Place" Shelters down town
  • Collected 360 pairs of warm socks and filled them with warm baked potatoes to deliver to homeless on the streets of Victoria
  • Sold caledars, tea, home made photo cards to raise funds for Free the Children Founation Initiatives
  • Students continue to volunteer Fridays at the down town soup kitchen


  • W.I.N. Clothing Drive
  • 100+ Baked Potatoes in warm socks delivered to homeless
  • over 150+ Shoebox Hampers created for homeless shelters at Christmas
  • Calendars for Africa
  • Cookie Draws for Tanzania
  • $860 raised through Famine for Ecuador
  • $187.17 raised for Hospice at Recycle Depot
  • Speak out for Child Rights Slam Poetry Event
  • Over $1000raised thorugh Dinner for Ecuador
  • SPCA Awareness Campaign
  • Soup Kitchen Volunteering at "Our Place" downtown every Friday
  • We Are Love Campaign
  • Halloween for Hunger
  • 16 Students Travelled to Ecuador to help build a school in Bellavista on the Napo River in the Amazon!!
  • over $100,000 raised through Cops 4 Cancer Campaign with NJ

  • 1, 144 lbs of food for the Mustard Seed from the Halloween for Hunger Food Collection
  • 30 students participated in VOW of Silence taking a stand for children's rights world wide
  • 214 shoe box hampers to the less fortunate in Victoria
  • 150 potatoes in socks to the homeless downtown
  • 28 african AIDS angels made and sold to raise $196 for AIDS victims in Africa
  • Open House & Fundraiser for Mary's Farm & Sanctuary  raising $200
  • rafiki chains & calendars sold to raise money for clean water to Africa
  • Coin Drive, Recycle Depot and Donation Station raised $2000 for Guatemala
  • Famine for Ecuador raised $1500 for Ecuador
  • School Supply Drive for the Compassionate Warehouse...going to children in need world wide:
  • 2 supply bags
  • 57 packages of paper
  • 27 glue
  • 29 binders
  • 40 Duo-Tangs
  • 512 pencils
  • 10 packs of pencil crayons
  • 249 pens
  • 40 highlighters
  • 41 notebooks
  • 13 packages of crayons
  • 2 scissors
  • 28 erasers
  • 10 dividers
  • 6 dictionaries
  • 1 pencil box

Took Part in the School-Wide COPS 4 CANCER CAMPAIGN coordinated by Mr. Norris Jones... raising over....

$ 85,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 Days of Reynolds’ Christmas…Making a difference Locally Accomplished in 2010


On the first day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

1—Oxfam Goat in a pear Tree


On the second day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

2—x 10, that’s 20, $25 gift cards for Thrifty’s for Families in Need


On the third day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

3— Plump Turkey’s for the Youth Empowerment Centre downtown


On the fourth day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

4— x 41.25, that’s 165 Candy cane reindeer made with our neighbouring elementary friends


On the 5th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

5—BAGS of donations (warm clothing & toiletries)


On the 6th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

6—x 10, that’s 60, socks of goodies for 60 youth downtown (not to mention all the fixings for Christmas dinner!)


On the 7th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

7—x 3, that’s 21 African AIDS Angels


On the 8th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

8—x 18.75, that’s 150 Christmas Shoeboxes filled with gifts for Rock Bay Landing & Our Place residents


On the 9th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

9— x 33.33 that’s 300 hot baked potatoes (with butter) in socks & mitts for the homeless on Victoria Streets


On the 10th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

10—x 100, that’s 1000 + lbs of food for the Mustard Seed


On the 11th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

11- 1 Decked Hall and 1 group of Reynolds elves sending out Candy gram messages to & from friends…


On the 12th day of Christmas Reynolds gave to the community...

12x  4333.333, that’s $52,000  raised for Cops for Cancer


And sung to a different tune... and coming soon... Making a difference Globally

Click Here for VOW of SILENCE info.... Nov. 17th



Halloween for Hunger BIG SUCCESS... Over 500 items of food collected!!


Action Ideas...
1) Take Toiletries or other needed items (give them a call) to Anawim House
Take gently used clothing to Our Place
3)Make a shoebox hamper for homeless
4)Make Christmas cards for the homeless
5)Volunteer at the Reynolds recycle depot on a 4th Saturday of the month
6)Start composting all organic waste through reFUSE pick-up system --they even offer gift certificates...great Christmas Idea
7)earth friendly chemicals/cleaning supplies at home

8)wash in cold water instead of hot
9) Sponsor a Child in another Country to go to school (Guatemalan contact)..Write a letter to Elvia--Reynolds Sponsor Student

10)grow your own food
11)re-use paper
12)buy fair-trade organic
13)don't use plastic bags
14) Put a recycle system together at home to take care of everything...take it to Pacific Mobile Depot Drop Off:
15) take no longer needed clothes to W.I.N.
16)purchase from local farms
17)turn off lights when leave room
18)turn off not used electrical devices
19)go to value village to shop

20)random acts of kindness
21)thank people/smile
22)hold a documentary cause at your house (Heather has DVD library if needed)

23)attend a motivational speaker  
24)get a pen pal in another country
25)participate in a difference making activity/fundraiser
26)use a transportation method with reduced Green House Gas Emissions
27)turn heat down wear a sweater
28)Plant a Tree
29)visit the elderly

30)Join a positive organization like  WWF, Oxfam, TLC, HAT, BCSEA... or at least check them out and find out what they are doing

31)Don’t print electronic information when you don’t need to

32)Use only 100% post consumer recycled paper products
33)volunteer (general)
34)make a donation for a good cause

35)Be Idle Free when you drive

36)Look into alternative energy hot water, heat pumps...

37)Donate books to single mom’s with kids

38)Make eye contact and say Hi to someone on the street (even if you don’t give them money)

39)Pass this on to someone else

40)Share other ideas that you have that are not here

What better way to get involved in your school than to start a challenge that will help change the world. Gather your friends, teachers and classmates and take action on one or all of the ideas below. Your work will build communities both here at home and overseas. Sign up today and join the thousands of others who are creating a better world...

Check out this link for the following campaigns:


One of the major focus areas of the leadership group is to promote PEACE both locally through positive community actions as well as globally by making connections through a "sister" community in another country.


Our sister community is through a connection with Panajachel Guatemala.
We have engaged in many activities including selling Val-U Coupon books and Fair Tade Organic Chocolate and Coffee to raise funds to help build a school for our sister community.
Students have also created hand made story books for the children in the orphanage in Panajachel.
Novemeber 5th, 2009 we are holding a "Green" Fashion Show and Fair to raise money to support this community.

There are three main focus areas  of the Reynolds OPEN for CHANGE Group:

1) The first one is the Global Connection with Guatemala. As part of this connection, we support a student, Elvia, in getting an educations.  As well we have a pen-pal relationship with her. As part of this connection, one of the Flex English classes has made story and picture books to send down to a school in Panajachel Guatemala. Also in Panajachel, we are raising money that is going towards helping build a school.

2) We have connected with FREE the CHILDREN FOUNDATION --Me to We and are engaging in activities such as earning money to adopt a Village in Equador along with other schools in SD #61

3) We focus on Homelessness in Victoria Locally with many activities such as collections for Our Place, handing out "potato socks" to the homeless on the street and shoebox hampers at Christmas.


Check out Victoria Vital Signs to see how we are doing with the housing issue in Victoria--Click here

~ Poem by Emily Barner (Reynolds Student)
  September 2007
What fear have I that my own life
Will be taken from my grasp?
The happiness that I enjoy
Is creation of the past.
Receivers of my friendship good
As well as I myself
All hope that all those guns and death
Have been put upon the shelf.
We respect that conflict did begat
Our freedom and security.
But know that love can wash away
That blemished war-impurity.
We know that through our unity,
Such hate and fear will cease
And create a haven in the world
Of everlasting peace.