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The Coey Communicator

OPEN for CHANGE Meeting Agendas & Notes 2010-2012



Wednesday May 23, 2012--- our last Open 4 Change meeting for this year...
Grade 12's Leaving a Legacy... founding members of Open 4 Change
Celebrating Success...
  • 1, 144 lbs of food for the Mustard Seed from the Halloween for Hunger Food Collection
  • 30 students participated in VOW of Silence taking a stand for children's rights world wide
  • 214 shoe box hampers to the less fortunate in Victoria
  • 150 potatoes in socks to the homeless downtown
  • 28 african AIDS angels made and sold to raise $196 for AIDS victims in Africa
  • Open House & Fundraiser for Mary's Farm & Sanctuary  raising $200
  • rafiki chains & calendars sold to raise money for clean water to Africa
  • Coin Drive, Recycle Depot and Donation Station raised $2000 for Guatemala
  • Famine for Ecuador raised $1500 for Ecuador
  • School Supply Drive for the Compassionate Warehouse...going to children in need world wide:
  • 2 supply bags
  • 57 packages of paper
  • 27 glue
  • 29 binders
  • 40 Duo-Tangs
  • 512 pencils
  • 10 packs of pencil crayons
  • 249 pens
  • 40 highlighters
  • 41 notebooks
  • 13 packages of crayons
  • 2 scissors
  • 28 erasers
  • 10 dividers
  • 6 dictionaries
  • 1 pencil box

Took Part in the School-Wide COPS 4 CANCER CAMPAIGN coordinated by Mr. Norris Jones... raising over....

$ 85,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grade 12 Photo by Handpring Boards
  • Need Help with Moodle?
  • Year End Leadership Celebration Monday June 4th after school--CAKE and AMAZING RACE!
  • Me to We next Year --Thursday October 18th $40... need to send Heather a letter saying why you want to attend and your commitment plans to Open 4 Change... presedence given to Famine for Ecuador participants...

5 grade 9 spots-

5 grade 10 spots- Clare Gillese, Cassidy Stadel

5 grade 11 spots-Roxy Boyle, Faelan Prentice

5 grade 12 spots-

Wed. May 2, 2012
Guatemala Week Big Success!!
  • Recycle Depot $500
  • Other (donations, popcorn & jewelry sales) $638.81
  • Coin Drive Challenge  $800+

Congratulations to the GRADE 12's for winning the Midil Beach Markets Concert this Friday Block D!!

Ecuador Trip Fundraiser

Harry Potter Dealthy Hallows 1 & 2 Friday May 11th 2:30-8:30...pre-purchase tickets only   Costume contest...

Famine for Ecuador

Forms and pledges (min. $50) due in May 9th... Friday May 18th is fun evening and sleep over at Cadboro Bay United Church... Saturday May 19th morning is potluck breakfast-- get information package to take part

*students taking part in Famine for Ecuador will have priority in attending WE DAY in Vancouver next year--bring a short "essay" with you indicating what you have done this year, why you want to attend We Day and what your commitment will be next year... 5 students each grade will be able to attend (only $40 to cover transportation)

Presenation on trip to Africa by Will Vibert



Wednesday April 18, 2012
Guatemala Week
The week of April 23rd- 28th is Guatemala Week at Reynolds where we will be focussing on fundraising for children in Guatemala... see display in main foyer.
3 things will be happening:
1) Display with Guatemalan necklaces, bracelets and worry dolls for sale in the foyer each day at lunch
2) Recycle Depot on Sat. April 28th... proceeds earned will go to Guatemala
3) Grade Challenge Coin Drive:
  • Each grade will have its own jar to deposit coins in for the week. 
  • Grade with the highest score in the coin drive at the end of Friday April 27th and announced on Tuesday May 1st (Monday Pro-D) will receive a free concert by Midil Beach Markets ( last block on Friday May 4th, while everyone else is in regular classes!!!
  • Pennies added to own jar count as 1 point each and other demoniations into other jars subtracts that many points (e.g nickle is -5, loonie -100, $10  -1000 etc.)
  • Thermometers will be displayed in the foyer each day showing running total
Coin drive will be April 23-27... start saving!!   All money earned will go to support children in Guatemala!!
Evening for Ecuador
The Open 4 Change group is coordinating a Famine For Ecuador in May and are hoping for 100 students to take part in order to meet their fundraising goal of $5000 for School District #61's Adopt a Village Program through Free the Children Foundation.  Coordinating students, Karlee, Kate and Faelan are planning a very fun evening on the evening of Friday May 18th for participants raising $50 or more in pledges.  Please note that you can still raise pledges without attending this event if you are unable.  You can also get pledges on behalf of another participant if you are unable to take part  in the "liquid only" famine.
Please see the attached information letter and permission form, schedule of events and pledge sheet for more information.  Hard copies are available from me in room 33 as well. 
Flex and Leadership students who take part in this can earn 5 hours for the service it contributes to those in need. 

Wed. April 4, 2012

Focus on Global

Movie Nights for Ecuador Trip

Apr.19 IN TIME



Famine for Ecuador

  • Friday May 18--> Sat. May 19 Sleep over
  • to be elligible must earn min. $50 in pledges
  • goal is for 100 people and $5000
  • all money goes to SD #61's adopted Village in Ecuador

Guatemala Week

  • Apr. 23-28
  • Grade Challenge Coin Drive
  • Recycle Depot on April 28th
  • Goal to raise $1000
  • Guatemala Pen Pals

Popcorn for Animal Sanctuary

Wed. Mar. 7, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm in the Free the Children Club at Mount Doug, and I'm currently organizing Music for Change, a benefit concert featuring local bands. The event is aimed at high school/university students and the general community, and is scheduled to take place in the last week of April.

So far Mike Edel, Karly Summers, and Mindil Beach Markets have agreed to perform. Additionally, I'm hoping to have a small segment of the show dedicated to information about Free the Children and its programs.
This is quite a large undertaking, and I was hoping to connect with other schools' Free the Children groups to help with fundraising, advertising, and selling tickets! This event also needs a venue, so it would be great if any schools, such as Vic High, would be willing to donate their stage, as Mount Doug doesn't have one.

If you are interested in helping with Music For Change in any way (particularly if you can offer a stage for the event), please contact me!

Emily Eckard

- Famine for Ecuador May 18-19... Information Package and Pledge forms ready before Spring Break

-April for Guatemala... Coin Drive 23-27, Recycle Depot & Display April 28th, selling necklaces, bracelets, worry dolls

-Pen Pals....they are anxiously waiting...

-Popcorn for Sanctuary



Wednesday Feb. 15, 2012

Focus on Global...

  • Movie Nights for Ecuador Trip
  • Pizza Tuesdays for Ecuador Trip


** How to promote...themes?...

  • Famine for Ecuador... Friday April 20--> Sat. April 21 Or Friday May 18th-Sat. May 19th Sleep over... to be elligible must earn min. $50 in pledges... goal is for 100 people--> all money goes to SD #61's adopted Village in Ecuador

**Getting the Package together...pledge forms, permission forms, activities for the Friday... outline of requirements... setting the date

  • Guatemala Week Apr. 23-28... Grade Challenge Coin Drive + Recycle Depot on April 28th.... Goal to raise $1000
  • Selling necklaces & worry dolls

**Planning it to promote (marketing class?) ... incentive--prize for the winning grade?

  • Guatemala Pen Pals

**Matching up with the list from Guatemala --Translating site: 

  • Popcorn for Animal Sanctuary

**Setting the dates... checking equipment, supplies... talk to Graeme



Wed. Feb. 1, 2012
  • Calendars for Africa
  • Rafiki Chains
  • Coats 4 Kids
  • popcorn for animal sanctuary
  • Coin Drive for Guatemala ...Change 4 Change boxes not really working right now... what do you think?
  • Pen Pals
  • Famine for Ecuador
  • Biking for Children's Hospital
  • Other.... Emma's presentation about India?
  • Next Meeting...Will's presentation about Africa




Wed. Jan. 14, 2012
Happy New Year!!! 
Our accomplishments from Sept. to December 2011:
  • 1, 144 lbs of food for the Mustard Seed from the Halloween for Hunger Food Collection
  • 30 students participated in VOW of Silence taking a stand for children's rights world wide
  • 214 shoe box hampers to the less fortunate in Victoria
  • 150 potatoes in socks to the homeless downtown
  • 28 african AIDS angels made and sold to raise $196 for AIDS victims in Africa
  • Open House & Fundraiser for Mary's Farm & Sanctuary raising $___________
  • __________rafiki chains sold and ____________calendars sold to raise money for clean water to Africa

Plans for January to June 2012:

1. Ping's Children's Hospital Cycling Fundraiser commitee= Anna Stark, Anna Sollazzo, Olivia Curry, Cassidy Stadel, Sara Lax, Kaitlin Wiebe.

2. Coats for Kids (and adults too!) can still bring them in...

3. Guatemala Pen Pals and Fundraising (Change 4 Change to promote?, Penny Drive? Selling worry dolls and necklaces, Recycle Depot one month.... )

4. Ecuador Adopt a Village Fundraising (Famine for Ecuador in May?)

5. Mary's Farm and Sanctuary Popcorn Sales

6. Other?


Wednesday Dec. 14th, 2011
Last meeting before winter break

1.  Ping's Children's Hospital Cycling Fundraiser commitee= Anna Stark, Anna Sollazzo, Olivia Curry, Cassidy Stadel, Sara Lax, Kaitlin Wiebe.

2.  Coats for Kids (and adults too!)  See message below.

Dear friends,
It's getting really cold outside and Rose Henry is currently seeking 3,500 coats for kids and adults, in six weeks. do you have a coat you could donate? Also, shoes and boots are needed as well.
Coats, boots and shoes will be collected at Blanshard Community Centre, Hip Baby's Clothing Store in Market Square and in Vic West at 222 Langford St. Also, AVP (University of Victoria, Student Union Building B027, on unceded Lkwungen and WSANEC homelands) will be collecting shoes and coats, so please bring by your donations to any of these locations.
Thank you!
3. Shoe box did it go?
4. Potato Socks....
5. Rafiki Chains
6. Calendars for Africa...
7. In the New Year...what's up next?



Wednesday Nov. 30th, 2011
11:20-11:50 (1/2 hour in groups for planning)
11:50-12:12 (Report out... someone record all details)
Send Heather Clear e-mails to go out if needed please
*SHOE BOX HAMPERS--Due in Dec. 8th

Hey Everyone,

Around this winter season, with it getting colder outside, it is important that we remember everyone in our community, especially the less fortunate. We are going to do the shoebox hamper drive again this year, so for each shoebox made you get 3 hours of service time per shoebox (approx. 12 small items in a wrapped box). Starting now, you can start making your shoeboxes and bring them into Ms Coey’s room in flex you will be able to bring them in until December 8th, so you have just over 2 weeks. Last year we had a great response, so let’s see if we can beat it this year! Please note: if you could make the shoeboxes unisex or for a male, that would be appreciated. Last year we had too many female boxes and we needed many more male boxes. We will also have an advisory challenge again this year, but more details will come later, when we have advisory. 

Ideas for items to go in shoeboxes

- Tooth brush/ toothpaste

- Soap

- Brush/comb

- Gloves and toques

- Socks

- Scarves

- Blank Christmas cards

- A treat (candy, or a snack)

- Deck of cards

- A Christmas card written by you

Please remember NO razors or mouthwash, or anything else that can be harmful. Also, you need to wrap the lid and bottom part of the box separately so that the contents can be checked! Please help make this Christmas a more enjoyable one for everyone in Victoria!


If you have any questions feel free to ask either one of us, and we’ll be sure to answer them for you.



Angelina Hendry and Karlee Bowers

*GUATEMALA PEN PALS --letters ready for Christmas... Type up, use translater to translate to Spanish.  Send both letters to you student c/o Robert Morris 
*RAFIKI CHAINS...need payment before order can be made
*CHANGE 4 CHANGE boxes... could they use a Flash Mob for promotion??
*REMINDER...meeting about ECUADOR GALAPAGOS ISLANDS trip is tomorrow (Dec. 1 7-8:30 pm in this room)


Special Opportunity... Trip to our SD61 Adopted Village June 28-July 11 2013 Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands...CLICK HERE

Wed. Nov. 16, 2011
Ping -proposing an activity to support the Children's Hospital
Other Correspondance:

Panajachel, Solola






011 (502) 4120-0812 or 5744-2128


Dear Friends,


All of us at The Tree of Life Foundation want to thank you with all our hearts for the generous support you have given us and the incredibly needy children of Guatemala. The world economy has been terrible these last few years and we know you have had to sacrifice in order to help our students stay in school. Our appreciation for each of you is greater than we are able to put into words. Suffice it to say that we are deeply appreciative of your exceptional support when it was needed most!


We have over 200 children without sponsors. Most of these children will receive very little, and in some cases nothing, for Christmas. If you would like to change that, we invite you to make a small extra donation in any amount, so we can make this Christmas a Happy and Wonderful occasion for these so very often overlooked and neglected children. $20 will buy a child a new pair of shoes. $15 will buy pants & a shirt or a skirt & a blouse. $10 will buy a sweater to keep a child warm ( Winter is often cold & windy here ) or 15 Traditional Christmas Tamales to help fill their stomachs with nutrition and their hearts with joy and thanksgiving.


If you are able and wish to help brighten the holidays for one or more of our children, please send your donation today to: Tree of Life Foundation, 3901-A Kaimuki Ave., Honolulu HI 96816. We need to receive your donation in Hawaii by December 10 in order to buy presents in time for Christmas.


Merry Christmas --Muchas Gracias -- Aloha & God Bless You Bob/Roberto


  Report Out

  • Halloween for Hunger
  • Change for Change Boxes
  • Guatemala Display
  • Guatemala Pen Pals
  • Rafiki Chains
  • Water for Africa
  • Hot Chocolate for the Homeless
  • Mary's Farm and Sanctuary
  • 30 hour Famine
  • Potato Socks
  • Shoebox Hampers


  • Vow of Silence

Action Team Collaboration Time


Wednesday Nov. 2, 2011

  • Guest: Natalie Zachary Miss Teen Canada Finalist and Reynolds Grade 10 student-- Would like to work together on a fundraiser --% to her for pageant and 5 to Open 4 Change for Guatemala... suggest creating a 10,000 villages flyer for Christmas gifts...our job-- get the flyers out to as many people as possible and take sales...


Action Groups Report out

  • Where are you at?
  • What do you need?
  • What is your next step?



Grade 10-12 Action Groups...Next Up??

  • Halloween for Hunger  (How did it go?)-- food display and count, delivery to/pick up by Mustard Seed
  • Change for Change Boxes
  • Guatemala Display
  • Guatemala--senior Student Penpals
  • Getting ready for shoebox Hampers, potato socks...

Grade 9 Action Groups

  • Connecting to Guatemala: Mhairi, Clare, Hannah B., Kira, Rylan, Erinne-- orphanage children penpals (the Hunger site... guatemalan beads and worry dolls for fundraiser?)

  • Rafiki Chains: Annie, Sierra, Rebecca, Ryan, Jodan

  • Water for Africa: Rowan, Vitoria, Anna, Cassidy, Olivia

  • Hot Chocolate for the Homeless: Lily, Shivonne, Mel, Emily B.,Emily C.

  • Mary's Farm & Sanctuary Awareness & Support:

    Tegan, Arianna, Jasleen, Carley, Chantelle

30 hour Famine: possible larger group activity plan...discussion group...


 Fair Trade Fair

Saturday November 26th,

First Metropolitan United Church Hall

932 Balmoral Rd. off Quadra

10am till 4pm

A chance to support over 35 local fair trade vendors, make your holiday purchases with a conscience, enjoy great live music, food from the International Women’s Catering Coop, good friends and lots more!

Admission by donation, lots of door prizes,

Wheel chair accessible,

Please post widely!

More information at




Wed. Oct. 19, 2011
  • Report out...WE DAY
  • See Tessa & Katie to get connected to the Open 4 Change Face Book Page!
  • Special Guests: Otesha Workshop tommorrow 7:30 AM!!!

    --Give Heather a written start-up plan... with tasks and people

    1. what is your activity?

    2. what is/are your goal(s) for your activity?

    3. why do you want to accomplish this activity?

    4. what is the timeline for your actvity? calendar dates

    5. what tasks need to be accomplished for your activity?

    6. who will do what, when?

    7. what resources do you need for your activity?

Grade 10-12 Action Groups...Next Up??

  • Halloween for Hunger
  • Change for Change Boxes
  • Guatemala Display


Grade 9 Action Groups

  • Connecting to Guatemala: Mhairi, Clare, Hannah B., Kira, Rylan, Erinne

  • Rafiki Chains: Annie, Sierra, Rebecca, Ryan, Jodan

  • Water for Africa: Rowan, Vitoria, Anna, Cassidy, Olivia

  • Hot Chocolate for the Homeless: Lily, Shivonne, Mel, Emily B.,Emily C.

  • Mary's Farm & Sanctuary Awareness & Support:

     Tegan, Arianna, Jasleen, Carley, Chantelle

  • 30 hour Famine: possible larger group activity plan

Hot Chocolate for Homeless

Supporting Mary's Farm & Sanctuary

Rafiki Chains...stopping hunger in Africa

Clean Water for Africa

Guatemala Connection

Wednesday Oct. 5
  • WE DAY... everyone ready?  Know the schedule?  T-shirts
  • House Keeping...checking e-mail list

As you might know East Africa is having their worst drought in 60 years and thousands and thousands of kids are dying every month. Free the Children is selling rafiki chains with proceeds supplying a child with nutrition and clean water for a month.  I think this would be a neat way to raise money with the students donating getting something back. I am not sure if these would sell and if you could give feed back it would be great! The link below has more pictures dimensions etc.


Ryan Chisholm

  I just wanted to send you a link to this charity my family has been working with so that we might be able to introduce it at Open 4 Change. It is an organization that helps give underpriviledged children a chance to have an education and a brighter future.




        Monique Sekhon☺


  • Getting into Action Groups... Make Plans to Make a Difference!


Notes from last meeting...
Grade 10-12
Things to continue from previous years:
  • Potato Socks (beginning of December)-Julia, Sara, KT, Tessa
  • Shoe Box Hampers (Mid November)-Ange & Karlee
  • Letters to Elvia-Sara & Monique
  • WE DAY (Oct. 13)
  • Halloween for Hunger (Oct. 31) -Kate, Tessa, Emma, KT, Sara
  • Display for Guatemala Connection - Julia & Karlee
  • Collecting Donations in Community-- Tessa, Julia & Austin
  • Relief Beads--Julia

New things to consider:

  • 30 hr Famine- Faelan, Alexa & Karlee
  • Vow of Silence- Anna & Monique
  • Perogi Party- Jordan
  • Cahnge for Change- Austin
  • Fair Trade Coffee- Ange, Aldyn, Sara L.
  • A-Z Random Acts of Kindness- KT, Sara, Roxy
  • Elders Home- Anna
  • Cards (Christmas and Valentines)- Sara & Aldyn

Grade 9 Action Teams so far:

  • Mhairi, Clare, Hannah B., Kira, Erinne
  • Annie, Sierra, Rebecca, Rylan, Jordan
  • Rowan, Vitoria, Anna, Cassidy
  • Chantelle, Emily, Kyra
  • Tegan, Arianna, Jasleen, Carley
Ideas for Involvement:
  • cops for cancer, 30 hour famine, Halloween for Hunger, Shoebox hampers, Guatemala Connection, Women's Transition House and VIDEA volunteering, homeless connection, Vow of Silence, Potato Socks, Horse Sanctuary fundraising, Brick by Brick for Ecuador


Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011
(first meeting for this school year)
  • Signing in
  • Where we have come from--Reviewing last year
  • Where we are headed--goals for this year
  • Creating Action Groups
  • Me To We... determining who the final 4 will be!


End of the Year 2010-2011
Another great year with tremendous support locally for our homeless and finishing off globally with the Evening for Ecuador and the Recycle Depot + Information Booth in May making over $600 to send to Guatemala!
Wear your Open 4 Change T-Shirts with PRIDE!!!
Last up, our year end celebration on Wednesday June 15th in the canteen PEROGOI PARTY!!!
And hopefully our diplay boards will get up in June...
Thoughts for next year...
  • Gautemala Awareness...booth, donation jar and bracelets? at different events/places over the year....getting the display wall happening... Advisory fundraising for a student (give out profiles)... Assembly??
  • Small Group activities with a big PUNCH...
  • Open 4 Change boxes...get them happening...
  • Each person consider his/her commitment --what will you take on and do a quality job of without taking on too much :-)
  • Other???

Wednesday May 18th , 2011
  • Change 4 Change boxes
  • T-shirts
  • Me to We
  • Wrap Up Group Celebration? Wed. June 15th... after school --Perogoi Party...cook in canteen then go to courtyard -- Jordan getting ingredients to make.
  • Final Guatemala Fundraiser
  • Me to We: Members who wish to go: Sara L., Emma, Karlee, Jordan, Anna, Sara M., Julia, Tessa, Austin, Ange, Faelen, Katie, Nic, Griffin (14) + 2 grade 9's
Part A: Display in Foyer with donation jar and selling relief beads
T May 24  Katie & Tessa
W May 25 Eric & Sara
Th May 26 Karlee & Ange
Part B: Display, donation jar and selling relief beads + working at the May 28th Recycle Depot min. 9-Noon rotating through display:
Julia, Austin, Sara M., Anna, Nic, (Tessa?)


Wed. May 4th, 2011
  • T-shirts 
  • Fundraiser for Guatemala -- May 28th Recycle Depot Confirm... (Sara M.?, Anna, Austin, Ange, Eric, Julia?, Jordan?)  Faelen & Katie creating donation jar, Anna updating display board...
  • 23-28th members not able to attend recycle depot will display in foyer( donations, relief beads, display) --sign up
  • Change 4 Change boxes?
  • Devon and Joce visit
  • Display boards...almost there?
  • Me to We next year (15 spots--2 saved for gr.9)

Members who wish to go: Sara L., Emma, Eric, Jordan, Anna, Sara M., Julia, Tessa, Austin, Ange, Faelen, Katie, Nick, Griffin (14)


Wed. April 20th
  • T-shirts are here --bring in $20 
  • Feedback from Evening for Ecuador --over $4000 made
  • Fundraiser for Guatemala -- May 28th Recycle Depot (Sara M.?, Anna, Austin, Ange, Eric, Julia?, Jordan?)  Faelen & Katie creating donation jar, Anna updating display board...23-28th members not able to attend recycle depot will display in foyer( donations, relief beads, display)
  • Change 4 Change (will be out May 2nd)
  • Devon and Joce visit
  • Display boards...almost there?
  • Me to We next year (15 spots--2 saved for gr.9)

Members who wish to go: Sara L., Emma, Eric, Jordan, Anna, Sara M., Julia, Tessa, Austin, Ange, Faelen, Katie, Nick, Griffin (14)

  • Advisory Match with Guatemalan year
  • Movies for year
  • Other...Taco Tuesdays...

Wed. Mar. 2nd
  • 100% Organic Cotton tees come in: Black, White, Heather Grey, Kelly Green, Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, High Risk Red, Pale Yellow and Pale Pink. Here is a link to our online catalogue to look at available colors, you’ll find our size specs in the last couple of pages as well:


  • Evening for Ecuador...Ticket Sales, Silent Auction Basket
  • Change 4 Change boxes...
  • Relief Beads--Who will sell, when, where?
  • Date confirmed for Talent Show Evening May 13th?
  • Handprint Boards?
  • Random Acts of Kindness?
  • Vision Power Point?
  • Movie Nights Questionnaire?
  • Other?

Wednesday Feb. 16th,  2008

Tessa's Birthday :-)


-Relief beads  (ordered 50 should be here soon)

-Display board (check in with Julia)

-T-shirts (check in with Griff)

-Change 4 Change boxes (check in with Michaila, Emma, Sara) *almost ready to go

-Acts of Kindness (has Anna and others looked into retirement home visits?)

-Evening For Ecuador.. (fill everyone in on the plan for that day)-- need to be available from Noon to 9:00 pm

-Talent/variety show...collaborate with Devon and Joce (back on April 13th). *Aim to have on Friday evening May 13th after day time talent show


Wed. Feb. 2nd, 2011
  • Talent Show Fundraiser Date...subcommittee to organize Alex, Monique, Tessa, Katie, Anna End of April
  • Evening for Ecuador...Katie going tomorrow after school to get details Griffin, Tessa, Alex, Emma, Katie, Sara, Michaila, Anna, Eric, Monique   After school--9pm  Wed April 13th
  • Change 4 Change boxes? Sara, Michaila, Emma decorate box...   + Thermometer (Eric)Project Manager: Sara and Michaila Start ASAP
  • T-shirts? Griff  ASAP
  • Handprint board frames? Julia
  • Movie Nights Fundraiser Feasibility? Eric & Monique
  • A--> Z  Acts of KindneZZ  Video? Katie and Griff Deadline March 31
  • Vision  Power Point... over to Alex


Agenda Wednesday Jan. 19th, 2011
  • Vision Statement Power Point...who would like to put it all together and format it nicely?

Nic, Jordan, Austin, Julia, Emma,. Eric, Monique, Michaila...send photo and quote to Heather.... Alex will format NICE :-)


  • A--> Z  

Acts of KindneZZ how is it going?  Umbrellas in the rain?

-give away taco gift cards

-Shopping cart grocery saviours

-chalk artist befriending

.... Umbrellas???? bring an umbrella -- clear umbrellas --Jordan will look into us getting some--

  • Perogi People for the Planet Party...  YES

When? After exams... Monday Jan. 31st .... right after school --kitchen 

Getting what we need....

Making perogi's --Jordan get stuff  (everyone remind him)

at the school in the canteen...

  • Evening for Ecuador April 13th Wednesday-- Reynolds cooking dinner at Spectrum (big kitchen)....sign up and commit

Griffin, Tessa, Alex, Emma, Katie, Sara, Michaila, Anna, Eric, Monique   After school--9pm

  • Guatemal Display wall.... how is the planning going? 

Boards are in the woodshop being finished right now!

Getting glass covered display board to make our display.

  • Talent Show for Guatemala ... sign up to be on the organizing committee...

sell tickets... evening show... Grad Talent Show??

Alex: Project Manager

Committee Members: Monique, Tessa, Katie, Anna

  • Change 4 Change Boxes... Michaila getting--who wants to decorate?  (start with in Flex outside Heather's room, one outside office)...Have up for 2nd semester...keep thermometers by each box to show accumulated amounts... who wants to manage and count weekly?

Sara, Michaila, Emma decorate box...   + Thermometer (Eric)

Project Manager: Sara and Michaila

  • Open 4 Change t-shirts...Grif-- checked with Free the Children  Foundation?

Will get info by Feb. 3rd

  • Survey regarding movies in the theatre...who would like to make up survey with Heather? 

Project Manager: Monique, Eric

Video Project Project Managers: Griff, Katie

Check website to register get details:

Helpers: Sara, Jordan ... everyone!

Cuba, South East Asia, Hawaii...... Take video footage everywhere doing good things...or digita photos....

idea from Alex: everyone singing ABC's in background...

Agenda Wednesday Jan. 5th, 20ll

-Sock Potatoes (how was it, thoughts, highlights, ideas and suggestions for next year)

-more socks needed that are the size that can hold potatoes

-need a day to do... prepare and deliver

-nee more people to bake potatoes BEFORE school starts --wash and wrap after school day before and come in to bake at 6:45 am to bake in morning next day

-going to shelters is very important

-person to person delivery is best...need TIME

-Rock Bay Landing & Our Place good locations

-Shoebox Hampers... Feedback

-152 boxes this year...

-Rock Bay Landing-- donations were down this year so the shoeboxes were very important

-84 Beds at Rock Bay & 25 at Our go to street

-Need many more males thatn females... assign male and female to advisories

-Need one week in a row of advisory to do it

-list of items for advisory ---have individuals sign up for one item

-Flex/leadership boxes for hours works really well.

-Need 2 drivers

-phone ahead and make personal contact

-SEE dear next person package from this year

-Random Acts of Kindness (pick one and start organizing)

Have List....Look at it!!  Past minutes... Just get going individually and keep track of what you have done.

Start with group one

-Talk about main fundraiser for the year (change for change? or other ideas)

70% Guatemala 30% Adpot a Village

selling food... perogies...use canteen ($3 for 5).... how to serve... skewer?  bring own dishes??

once a week in Feb.

-End of Semester people for the planet party? (do we want to have one, if so what?)

-Date: Feb. 1 after school

Make perogies

Use canteen

-pictures and quotes for Vision Statement Collective by Friday...

-Guatemala Display

-Jan. 17th open leadership meeting to plan

-T-shirts with Logo?  Free the Children Foundation Order

-grif looking into`

Agenda Wed. Dec. 1

- read over a-z ideas. Want to do any?

** Each meeting if someone does something as individual or group -- check off-- finish by end of year... (Ideas -- can choose own thing for letter also)

A- Assist people

B- Baked Goods

C- Carry Groceries

D- Donate

E- Encourage others / Entertain

F- free Flowers 

G- Give Hugs

H- High Fives

I- Inspire

J- Jokes --make people laugh (Jolly)

K- Kind Words

L- Love

M- Make bracelets/ Music for the elderly

N- Nice to younger people

O- Offer Help

P- Poetry

Q- Questions "how is it going?"

R- Read to children

S- Smile/ Soup/ Seniors

T- Take time to Talk/tickle

U- Umbrella in the rain

V- veggies to homeless

W- wave/walk dogs for people

X- x-citing Party

Y- Youth

Z- Zoodle Lunch/ Zenani Hugs


- shoeboxes? How many. When will they be delivered. Advisory.

about 8 in so far... e-mial gone out... anouncement made... reminder with advisory notice

-Drop off in Room 33


- Halloween for hunger. Food amount ?

Thank you too all who helped.

1020 1lbs, 1030 items


- potato socks ! Need to order potatoes asap. Who will do announcements? Set a date.


-Everyone else bring socks and mitts

-drop off blue bin in room 33

DATE: Monday Dec. 13th... Meet in Ms Campbell's food's room at 9:50 am... will bus down at 10am


Any more Christmas ideas for the homeless?

-Flash Food Mob --see below 5pm sat. 

  • Vision Statement

Each person finding one image and one quote to represent your visions... send to Heather by e-mail by first week in January ...then we will create the collective.

  • Vow of Silence

After Christmas

  • Logo


  • Join us at the very first ever of it's kind FLASH FOOD MOB at Spirit Square DURING the Truck Light parade Warm Up event. We invite as many youth as possible between the ages of 12-18 yrs to join us by:
    1. wear your most festive outfit involving green, red or white, antlers, reindeer noses, Christmas sweaters, face paint, Santa hats, etc.
    2. bring as much food as you can for the Mustard Seed Food Bank
    3. show up at precisely 5pm at the secret mtg.. spot (tba on facebook) to drop off the biggest pile of canned food, one by one, and create a huge circle of clapping people around it.
    The Flash Mob will be kick started by 3 breakdancers disguised as Santa's who will roll up with shopping carts, place a ghetto blaster down in the pre-designated spot, turn on the music (Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis) and start dancing for food. That will be the cue for all the Flashmobbers to approach the group, drop off their food item and form a circle around the dancers and clap. Once every single person has dropped of their can and joined the circle, we'll sing Jingle Bells at the top of our lungs in honour of the Figgy Pudding Carolling contest and let the mayor and the city of Victoria know their youth care about hunger and homelessness.
    Don't miss this first of it's king event ever in THE WORLD! The first ever FLASH FOOD MOB!!! we want at least a hundred youth! not one person less.


Gary Pemberton
Child & Youth Programmer

Parks, Recreation & Culture

2275 Quadra St. V8T 4C4

City of Victoria

Phone: 250-361-0706
Fax: 250-361-0723

Agenda Nov. 17, 2010
Today's meeting is  after school (due to vow of silence)


-Vow of silence (thoughts, how was it, how did it feel not being able to communicate, what response did you get from people)


-Halloween for hunger food (help package and carry?)


-Project managers (create check list to keep up to date and on time with tasks/check in with heather)


-Sock Potatoes (confirm date, ideas on how to get more socks?)




-Share Random Acts of Kindness lists




-Evening for Ecuador


-First Report for Free the Children Foundation due Dec. 1st



> Free the Children Fashion Show


Hello Heather,




> I am Nicole Ashlee from Spectrum Community School.  I am working with

> a community group, with members from Esquimal, Spectrum, Mount Doug

> and Lambrick, who have all come together to raise money for Free the

> Children.

> Our first initiative is a Community-wide Talent Show on December 9th

> called 'The Talent of Today: performing for a better tomorrow.'

> But to be

> completely community-wide, we need to get more schools involved.  We

> held auditions at Reynolds earlier this week, but we'd love to

> advertise at all the schools.  Would your Me to We Club  be

> interesting in being involved and advertising this event?  And

> possibly, would one of your students be interested in being the

> Reynolds Representative in our committee?


> Let me know.




> Thank you for your time.




> All the best,


> Nicole

  Nicole Ashlee


> (250) 532- 6362


Agenda Nov. 3, 2010
Project Managers for Action Groups...

Halloween for Hunger (PM... Tessa)

- how many ?  (7+ people went out)

-Katie and Tessa will count up food after school today Wed.

- what will happen with the food now ? (Street Link and Our Place--put it out and display for 1 week Mon-Friday Nov. 12th...anyone else can drop off in the tower-- getting message out (announcements--BIG SIGN by display...including where the food is going)

- did the flyers work well ? How did the people respond to this ?

Good response --people had crates and bags ready at houses where flyers went out first.


Letter of Congratulations from Free the Children for Halloween 4 Hunger Campaign!


Hello Heather!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

Thank you so much for sending me these photos!  I’m so excited to hear that your Halloween for Hunger campaign was a success.  I especially love that pumpkin – it looks like it took some serious skill to carve. 

Congratulations to you and everyone who took part in Halloween For Hunger for making a difference in your community.  You are amazing!  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any resources for future campaigns.

Take Care!


Anna Crandall  |  Youth Programming Coordinator, Western Canada |  Free The Children
T: 604-875-8791 |  F: 604-875-8033  |


#301 - 291 East 2nd Avenue  |   Vancouver, BC  | V8T 1B8


Make We Day every day. For each “like” on We Day’s Facebook page, sponsors will contribute $1 to Free The Children projects.


Potato Socks  (PM Katie)

- advertisement ? Start Now for brining in Socks and Mitts..NEWS letter (Template from Heather)--Michaila for this Friday

+ Main School Homepage ---come back to Heather--> will get to right place

Announcements --- Nominate an announcement Person: Kevin Castley!! :-)

Advisory Announcement for Nov. 12th

- what is our goal ? Socks ? Potatoes?

GOAL:  last year 130 pairs of socks...this year 200 pairs of socks or mittens/gloves

- teacher? 


- date ? 

Morning Early December (tentatively Th Dec. 9th)....must check with Mr. McDonald (Grif)


We day follow up (PM Grif)

- ideas for events ? Fundraising? 

*Barefoot walk + water walk... with pledges --around Swan Lake --join others for a relay?? Money 30% Adopt a Village SD 61 Ecuador/ 70% Panajachel Guatemala

*Random Acts of hugs, notes, leaving treats --> smiles from A-Z Random Act of Kindness for each letter--make a list and Do it :-) Bring your lists to next meeting!! EVERYONE

*Bracelets to sell...Lochlan showing us how to make and then sell as a fundraiser

*Soup Kitchen volunteering for one day

*30 hour famine night out... sleep in boxes in courtyard

*Clothing Drop Off  Box


Shoebox hampers (PM Ange)

- Advisory... one box each --draw for prize when drop off-- Christmas Stocking in Box

-Create Advisory Announcement for Nov. 12th

-Individuals can do one too... Flex and leadership --individuals can get 3 hours for a whole box

-Timeline: due in by Dec. 10th

-Delivery by: Dec. 16th


SPC cards for Guatemala (PM Michaila)

- Erin and Michaila?

- recommend other fundraiser...because people usually already have them.


Guatemala Display (PM Julia)

- next Leadership Full group meeting... do at beginning of class...fill it then collect I.O.U.'s...

-Julia's mental image.... put it on paper... let Heather know when can meet.

Collaborative meeting!! (PM Sara L.)

Dec. 1st... Power point (5 slides) we day clip with calendar of activities for sem. 2



Day of Silence (PM Anna)

Firday Nov. 19th

Purpose: to give support to Children Around the World without a voice

Idea: Everyone wear black...picute of child on back...word on front like FREEDOM...

Anyone who wants to participate can

Word out??  Meeting at lunch after an announcement

Education Display?? Foyer... Free the Children great resource for info. (Katie, Sara M., Anna)

No texting, no communication ...not just stopping talking.  ... written contract that participating students sign. 

  • IDEA to share between Get REAL and Open for Change... building a new Culture ...

Culture:  is a shared, learned, symbolic system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shapes and influences perception and behaviour -- an abstract "mental blueprint" or "mental code."

Must be studied "indirectly" by studying behaviour, customs, material culture (artefacts, tools, technology), language, etc.

Creating a culture of Less & Local (note that local action can have global effects!)

People for the Planet Parties

Sample Ideas (Remember the goal is to REDUCE (LESS STUFF) and BE LOCAL

Often this might mean learning new skills or rather, old skills Re-skilling


Tessa helping Heather with Facebook!!!

         Darning socks Party

         Value Village Shopping Party (grad dresses?)

         Vancouver Island Potluck Party

         Tupperware Party for Litter-less Lunches

         Gift exchange Party but donate in the name of... (goats in Kenya, WWF, TLC, Free the Children...)

         Bike trip somewhere Party

         Bike repair Party

         Jam Party (preserves)

         Jam Party (music)

         Garden Party (do some gardening together)

         Tie-dying T-shirt Party

         Tree Planting Party

         Outdoor Concert Party

         Volunteer Soup Kitchen Party

         Make Soup for the Homeless Party

         Bake Bread Party

         Cook a meal together Party

         Lights off—Play games by candle light Party Twister in the dark...

Shopping Spree for the homeless Party

Clothing Exchange Party





Notes from Meeting Oct. 20, 2010
Action Groups:
  • Potato socks

Date: talk to c mac- morning? Dec?

Main organizers: Katie and Tessa and Julia

-Emma Hoyne, Sara Mckinnon, Ange Hendry, Griff, Anna Sollazzo, Sara Lax, Kevin, Austin, Holly, Eric, Jordan, Lachlan and Nic.

Collect socks. Announce to leadership group, advisory classes, flex students


  • Halloween for Hunger

-Donate to our place and street link

- make little groups, and go out on Halloween and collect canned food items.

Flyers: Alex

Michaila, tessa, Katie, Sara, Griff

Handprint board- needs to be finished!

-tell everyone to make their mark. Can do I owe yous to fill it.

  • Shoebox Hampers:

Main organizers: Angelina Hendry and Karlee Bowers

  • Canned food Drive:

Main organizer: Griff


Sara Lax


-Tell everyone to bring a canned food item to the dance next thurs!!!!

-Put info with ticket sales

-Reminder thurs afterschool

-Displaying food in pyramid


  • Guatemala Display

Main organizer: Julia, Karlee, Eric


Other Items:


-We Day follow up- Oct.28- 8:30-2:30

Anna, Holly, Tessa and Griff

-Staff meeting or collaborative- first Wednesday of November or second tues.

-Fundraiser Ideas:

Change for Change.

-Somewhere where people can put their change

Selling bracelets and necklaces

People pay for you to teach them how to make them

-Gift Exchange Party where each person's gift to their draw person is a donation to a cause of their choice (eg. goat for family in Kenya or donation to World Wildlife Federation...)



Click Here for FREE THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION's Action Ideas for 2010-2011



Wed. Oct. 20th at Lunch


  • Guest: Robin Wigin from Esquimalt

Open-MIC is a new group of students from high schools across the district looking for a well-rounded view of a variety of issues in the area of Victoria. Hopefully the students involved will be able to develop a general awareness and respect for the necessity of an educated and passionate youth population. The Open-MIC will be meeting every Monday at around 4 pm at a coffee shop downtown, as well as discuss different ways to obtain a fair perspective on the situations by speaking to those directly effected (ie, volunteering with a food bank to get in contact with homeless people).

  • Action Teams--- Who's doing what?

Action Team Reports:

  • Need socks or mittens/gloves for potato socks
  • Choose Date

Thank you too anyone who brought stuff in for the our place collection Thank you too everyone who helped create we day shirts - they are amazing  Thank you too everyone who spread the Word on Thursday morning  

Thanks Katie


  • Shoebox Hampers--Angelina
  • Halloween For Hunger--Angelina & Karlee
  • Food Drive--Griffin?
  • SPC Cards for Guatemala--Michaila and Erin
  • Handprint Board and Display--Tessa, Katie & Julia
  • WE DAY follow-up


Oct. 28th

As you know, We Day is only the first step in a year-long program called We Schools in Action. The next opportunity comes only weeks later at our free in-services sessions.


In-services are the cornerstone of the We Schools in Action program because they represent the action element of the program. The in-services are meant to help ground teachers and student representatives in the messages from We Day, helping to translate the inspiration into real action in your school.


For more information on the in-services, please visit:


This email is to confirm your attendance (advisor and 3 students) at the Greater Victoria in-service, as indicated in your We Day registration. This in-service will be held:

         Date: Oct. 28th, 2010

         Time: 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

         Location: SJ Willis Educational Centre, 293 Topaz Avenue, Victoria, BC


If you have any questions about the in-services, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 604-975-8791 ext 227.


Yours in change,

Carly Mayer


Carly Mayer  |  Youth Programming Coordinator, Western Canada  |  Free The Children
T: 604.875.8791 (x 227)  |  M: 604.875.8033  |


#301, 291 E. 2nd Ave | Vancouver, BC | V5T-1B8



Wednesday Oct. 6th
Open for Change
1) Me to We Plans
  • T-Shirts
  • Food Drive
  • Permission forms and Media Release Forms
2) Our Place Collection by next Tuesday!!
  • Warm Clothing (gently used or new)... toques, scarves, gloves, socks!, coats...
  • Hygiene items (new)... soap, shampoo, tooth paste, toothbrushes...

Open for Change To Do list


1.      Anna – Making Announcement for advisory classes.

2.      Austin – Getting Anna statistics on homeless for Anna.

   Making movie

   Checking out TV

3.      Sara – Profile announcements over P.A.

4.      Katie – Doing dropoff bins

5.      Emma – Coordinating welcome door stations for tomorrow


Team for Guatemala Board









3) Guatemala
  • Finishing Handprint board
  • Creating plaque and picture display
  • SPC card fundraiser: Michaila and Erin
  • Next Fundraiser... Goal amount yearly?  $1,000  ???
4) Free the Children SD 61 Adpot a Village in Ecuador...
  • District Project proposal
  • After WE day will have other potential activities
5) Brainstorm on Promotion Ideas
  • our biggest hurdle right now is getting the word out about what we are doing so that people can contribute and be aware...


-         Guatemala display in change room hallway

-         Announcements at school functions/events

-         TV ads

-         Morning greetings (with candy)

-         TV in the foyer (movie)

-         Facebook – event

-         Flyers

-         Announcements over P.A. ( profiles)

-         Short presentations in Advisory

-         Groups of 2 or 3, spreading the word at lunch

-         Flashmob/Freeze (lunchtime)

-         Posters


5) Potato Socks & Shoebox Hampers
6) Other

Open For Change Meeting

September 22, 2010


Introductions:  Katie G, Tessa F, Sara M, Julia V, Nic R, Emma H, Holly P, Monique S, Karlee B, Ange H, Jordan W, Kendra U, Tabitha B-L, Anna S


Regrets: Griffin M., Austin S.



History of group- Mission statement (purpose):

Our mission is to help others both locally and globally through fundraising, awareness, collections and activities, focusing on our global connection to Panajachel Guatemala and locally with our homeless initiatives, while maintaining a relationship with Free The Children Foundation.



Guiding Principals:


1.    As many volunteer activities as able to do

2.    Limit activities requiring fundraising to no more than 3 + one emergency each year

3.    Open for Change coordinates activities to take to leadership for larger participation

4.    Local Traditional: potato socks, Our Place Collection, Shoebox hampers

5.    Global Traditional: Guatemala student sponsorship & letter writing (Eliva), SD61 Adopt a Village in Ecuador, Free the Children Annual activities

6.    Additional activities proposed are adopted when enough group support + don’t extend beyond fundraising limit of group



Me to We: (oct.15)

Cost this year. Need to pay $20, leadership is covering the other half.... watch e-mail for annoucement to get together and make T-shirts for the day


Trip Next Year **: 

Need to know committment level to fundrais to go and build a house in Ecuador with Free the Children Foundation


2nd Handprint Boards:

Monday 27th, finish up last board at leadership meeting.

Announcement to go out to remind people to bring $1-10



How they’re run. Business/Fun.

1st and 3rd Wednesdays at lunch in room 32 unless extras called for special activity planning