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The Coey Communicator



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" Make IT Happen"

Our mission is to gather together as a group of individuals and through teamwork, skill development and training, engage in the organizing, planning and follow-through of events and activities in order to contribute to both our school and broader community, while in the process undergoing personal positive growth. 

Our Motto:" Make a Difference, Make it Happen! "

Leadership Sub-Groups
Get REAL (Reynolds EcoAction Leaders)
Environmental Initiatives
-Eco-ethical products
-Courtyard Garden
-Native Species Garden
-Solar Panels
-REDUCING campaign
Spirit Fingers
Fun School Activities
-Spirit Days
-Pumpkin Carving
Open For Change
Social Awareness...Local and Global Action
-Me to We Vancouver
-Adopt a Village with Free the Children in Ecuador
-Campaigns for Causes (e.g. Cops for Cancer)
-Homelessness Support (e.g. potato socks and shoe box hampers)


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Course Requirements Summary 2013-14

Ativity/Project Planning Guide

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Camp Thunderbird 2011 Photos:

 Meeting Locations:

         Full Group Leadership Meetings are in the Theatre (usually 1st Monday of Month)

         Open 4 Change Meetings are in Room 32 (Usually 1st Tuesday of Month)

         Get REAL Green Group Meetings are in Room 31 (Usually 1st Wednesday of Month)

         Spirit Fingers Meetings are in Room 32 (Usually 2nd available Monday of Month)

         Focus Group Meetings-- Cameron (room 36) Coey (room 31) McDonald (room 32) (Usually last Monday of Month)

Therefore each students will have a minimum of 3 monthly meetings for Leadership.  Each student needs to engage in a minimum of 30 hours of additional time engaging in organizing, planning , skill development throughout the year which will likely include additional time meeting with fellow leadership students and leadership teachers for guidance as needed.




2013-14 School Year



W Sept. 4                            Full Group Leadership –Theatre

 F Sept. 6                              Corn Roast

 M Sept. 9                            Full Group Leadership—Theatre (Magazine Fundraiser Kick-Off)

T Sept. 10                            Open 4 Change

W Sept. 11                          Get REAL Green Group

Th Sept. 12                          Focus Group Meetings (course outlines)

M Sept. 16                           Spirit Fingers     

Sa Sept. 28                          Recycle Depot

M Sept. 30                          Focus Group Meetings (Moodle Set Up)

M Oct. 7                              Full Group Leadership –Theatre

T Oct. 8                                Open 4 Change

W Oct. 9                              Get REAL Green Group

M Oct. 21                            Spirit Fingers

F Oct. 18                              Me to We in Vancouver

Sa Oct. 26                            Recycle Depot

M Oct. 28                            Focus Group Meetings (workshop 1)

W Oct. 30                            School Halloween Dance   

 Sa Nov. 2                             9am-9pm Leadership Team Building at School

M Nov. 4                             Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Nov. 5                               Open 4 Change

W Nov. 6                             Get REAL Green Group

M Nov. 18                           Spirit Fingers

M Nov. 25                           Focus Group Meetings (workshop 2)

M Dec. 2                              Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Dec. 3                                Open 4 Change

W Dec. 4                              Get REAL Green Group

M Dec. 9                            Spirit Fingers

M Dec. 16                            Focus Group Meetings (Moodle)

Dec. 21-Jan. 5                     WINTER BREAK

M Jan. 6                               Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Jan. 7                                 Open 4 Change

W Jan. 8                               Get REAL Green Group

 M Jan. 13                            Spirit Fingers

M Jan. 20                             Focus Group Meetings (Workshop 3)

Sa Jan. 25                             Recycle Depot


M Feb. 3                              Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Feb. 4                                Open 4 Change

W Feb. 5                              Get REAL Green Group

M Feb. 17                            Spirit Fingers

Sa Feb. 22                            Recycle Depot

M Feb. 24                            Focus Group Meetings (workshop 4)

M Mar. 3                             Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Mar. 4                               Open 4 Change

W Mar. 5                             Get REAL Green Group

Mar. 8-23                            SPRING BREAK

Sa. Mar. 22                         Recycle Depot

M Mar. 24                          Spirit Fingers

M Mar. 31                            Focus Group Meetings (workshop 5) 

M Apr. 7                             Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T Apr. 8                               Open 4 Change

W Apr. 9                             Get REAL Green Group

M Apr. 14                           Spirit Fingers

Sa Apr. 26                           Recycle Depot

M May 5                             Full Group Leadership—Theatre

T May 6                               Open 4 Change

W May 7                             Get REAL Green Group

M May 12                           Spirit Fingers

M May 26                           Focus Group Meetings (workshop 6 --repeat)

W May 28                           Year End Assembly with Service awards & Talent Show

M June 2                             Full Group Leadership—Theatre CAKE

                                              3:30 after school AMAZING RACE

T June 3                               Open 4 Change

W June 4                             Get REAL Green Group

M June 9                             Spirit Fingers

T June 10                            Focus Group Meetings (Moodle/Final Grades)

 Sa June 28                          Recycle Depot


Four Components to Leadership Course(refer to Moodle for Course Requirements and Assessment)

1. Knowledge Foundation & Connection to Practice

2. Commitment & Participation

3. Reflection & Growth

4. Activity Planning


Leadership Modules (min. one per year required for course 

1. Leaders in History

2. Marketing and Promoting Events

3. Team Building

4. Decision Making Process Consensus

5. Leadership Styles

6. Motivating and Inspiring Others

7. Communication Skills inc. Public Speaking

8. Planning and Organizing

9. Leadership Qualities and Responsibilities

10. Empowering Others & Delegation

11. Balance & Stress Management

12. Problem Solving

13. Vision, Mission, Direction, Goal

14. Positive Attitudes

15. Facilitating Meetings

16. Time Management


Practical Options

  • Lead a workshop at the Middle School Conference
  • Lead cooperative games workshop at Middle School Conference
  • Participate in Leadership/Team Building Retreat at Camp Thunderbird
  • Participate in Special Interactive Seminar

 Reynolds Leadership—Tips for Success


  • Learn from other people…join experienced leadership members to help out with their activities to learn the “ins and outs” before taking on something yourself.
  • Look over the file folders of past activities to see what has been done before.
  • Pace yourself—don’t take on too much all at once…but don’t limit yourself either…you get more out of taking on a new challenge that pushes you to learn new skills.
  • Keep informed…come to the Monday meetings and check the website regularly for updates as well as the LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION bulletin board in the hallway!
  • Check the information board often for updates and messages.
  • Check your e-mail often for messages.
  • Don’t feel foolish if you don’t know something…everyone else started off that way too!
  • Use a planner to keep track of what is going on.
  • Attend as many workshops as you can to learn new skills and to get to know other people—to feel part of the ‘larger group’.
  • Don’t feel pressured by worrying about a mark—if you satisfy the criteria you will get a mark otherwise it will be like a club.
  • Sign up, Show up! J
  • Come to a retreat…great FUN and an opportunity to get to know more people better.
  • Set personal goals to achieve.
  • Tour our storage room to be aware of all of our supplies.
  • Take a look at all the resource materials for ideas…
  • Ask questions. 
  • Ask questions.
  • Smile…you are part of a great group of people doing great things…you are part of the,  “MAKE IT HAPPEN” team!





1. Create your focus group planning team

2. Check Calendar for a good date to run activity

3. Work through the 11 W's of Project Planning for your project (use mind mapping, sticky notes, and other tools as needed to help with your planning)

4. fill out BLUE PROPOSAL SHEET –with all signatures and hand in to Heather/Courtney

5. fill out GREEN PLANNING SHEET to organize tasks to be done

6. make a planning CHECK-LIST/TIME LINE and check over with SPONSOR TEACHER for activity

7. Follow time line and carry out activity…don’t forget to MARKET/PROMOTE it well

8 Follow through with clean-up, thanks yous etc.

9. put together your PLANNING FOLDER for the activity including:

       Title page with title of activity, organizers, contact phone/e-mail

       Dear Next Person Letter

       Forms…W's, Blue, Green, Time line/Check List

       Contact numbers

       Promotion samples

       Special information/ photos if possible


Plan....Put into Action...Reflect.... (don't forget to reflect--that's where you learn!)
These questions ask, "What are we doing, what have we accompolished?"
So What?
These questions ask, "What diffenece does/did it make, why should we do it, how is it important, how do we feel about it, what have we learned?"
Now What?
These questions ask, "What's next, where do we go from here, what has this prepared us for?"

CAMP THUNDERBIRD RETREAT Oct. 14 & 15!  (Friday and Saturday)....Full Program Leadership Students (9-12) + Flex Service-Leadership Students (9-11) are eligible for this trip...40 spots


 "How far that little candle throws his beams!  So shines a good deed in a weary world."
~William Shakespeare


Sierra Club BC

Amnesty International in Canada

Oxfam Canada

David Suzuki Foundation

Living Ocean's Society

Free the Children (Craig Keilburger)

Kindness Crew