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The Coey Communicator

Leadership Course Outline






Our mission is to gather together as a group of individuals and through teamwork, skill development and training, engage in the organizing, planning and follow-through of events and activities in order to contribute to both our school and broader community, while in the process undergoing personal positive growth. 

Our Motto:" Make a Difference, Make it Happen! "


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Reynolds Leadership Course Requirement  Summary


Requirements for course for year:

  • Attend all Group Monday Leadership Meetings (1 per month)  *if you have a legitmate reason to be absent talk to a leadership advisor
  • Be involved as a facilitator/planner in at least one individual or team project/activity (BIG or small)
  • Complete at least one Skill Development Module
  • Commit to membership in at least one Leadership Subgroup: Spirit Fingers/Open For Change/Get REAL 
  • contribute a minium of 30 hours towards leadership planning/organizing/follow up/training

Spirit Fingers—School Tone & Culture Building

Our mission is to bring joy, fun, motivation and spirit to the Reynolds school and community. 

Main Advisors: Julianne Cameron & Chris McDonald

Monthly Meeting: Next Monday after full group meeting each month room 32


Get R.E.A.L.—Reynolds Eco-Action Leaders School Green Group

Our mission is to provide leadership to the staff & students at Reynolds for engaging in eco-friendly and responsible activities which impact both the school and broader community, and to connect with the staff E-Team for coordinated efforts.

Main Advisor: Heather Coey

Monthly Meeting: 1st Wednesday after full group meeting each month at lunch room 32


Open for Change --Social Awareness...Local & Global Action          

Our mission is to help others both locally and globally through fundraising, awareness, collections and activities, focusing on our global connection to Panajachel Guatemala and locally with our homeless initiatives, while maintaining a relationship with Free The Children Foundation.  

Main Advisors: Heather Coey, Julianne Camerson  & Chris McDonald 

Monthly Meeting: 1st Tuesday after larger group meeting each month at lunch in Room 32


If the minimum requirements are met, the grade for the course will be determined based on achieving personal goals set according to the following.


Part 1: GOALS

Requirements for course for year:

  • Attend all Group Monday Leadership Meetings (~ 1 per month)


  • Be involved as a facilitator/planner in at least one individual or team project/activity


  • Complete at least one Skill Development Module


  • Commit to membership in at least one Leadership Subgroup: Spirit Fingers/Open For Change/Get REAL



1st Semester... get your feet wet... get involved... find your interest...start logging your involvement...

2nd Semester... set your goals, assess and achieve them

Everyone is on their own personal journey with leadership and will be assessed  based on that personal journey.


Everyone needs a minimum of 30 hours of logged volunteer/activity planning...organizing...running/leadership skill developement (may include team building at Camp Thunderbird for example) time, over and above Monday meeting time.


Please fill out the goal statements below being very thorough and giving reasons/background for your goal setting.

Choose goals that are right for you and push you just enough to accomplish something meaningful.


      My personal goal for increased involvement in leadership through umbrella groups such as Get REAL, Spirit Fingers and Open 4 Change is...






     My personal goal for Activity Planning and Involvement is...






      My personal goal for leadership skill development is... (include  modules (minimum one module) you would like to work on and why) *see attached list of available modules






     Other goals I have are...





Part 2: Self Assessment

Choose one of the three categories below to place yourself in according to how well you attained the goals that you set for yourself.  Clearly indicate why you believe you are in the chosen category.




I did a good job (73-79% range) of attending to my personal leadership goals (Explain below)

The mark I believe I earned based on this achievement is __________________


I did a very good job (80-89% range) of attending to my personal leadership goals (Explain below)

The mark I believe I earned based on this achievement is __________________


I did an excellent job (90-100% range) of attending to my personal leadership goals (Explain below)

The mark I believe I earned based on this achievement is __________________


Full Explanation for choice:
















Skill Development Modules Available:

Leaders in History

Marketing and Promoting Events

Team Building

Decision-Making Process & consensus

Leadership Styles

Motivating & Inspiring Others

Communication Skills

Planning & Organizing

Leadership Qualities & Responsibility

Empowering Others & Delegation

Balance & Stress Management

Problem Solving

Vision, Mission, Direction and Goals

Facilitating Meetings


Time Management


Practical Leadership Opportunities:

Lead a workshop at the Middle School Conference

Lead cooperative games workshop at Middle School Conference

Participate in Leadership/Team Building Retreat at Camp Thunderbird

Participate in Special Interactive Seminar

Participate in planning school activities


Commitment & Participation:

Approximately twice per month on Mondays full group 9-12 leadership meetings are held in order to share information, hear from guest speakers and engage in team development.  Specific project planning and goals are set during sub-group meetidngs.  It is important for all members to make every effort to attend these meetings as the success of the group requires the collective skills, knowledge and understanding of the individuals.


Reflection & Growth:
Becoming a leader is a personal journey.  Along that journey, ask yourself these questions in order to guide your next steps.




These questions ask, "What are we doing, what have we accompolished?"
So What?
These questions ask, "What diffenece does/did it make, why should we do it, how is it important, how do we feel about it, what have we learned?"
Now What?
These questions ask, "What's next, where do we go from here, what has this prepared us for?"


Tracking Personal Growth in Skill Development:

One of the goals of the leadership program is for you to undergo personal growth, taking your leadership skills and abilities from where they are presently, and moving them forward.  This chart of specific skills can be used to track this growth and make yearly goals. 


Leadership Action



No, not consistently

I have maintained a positive attitude throughout leadership activities & I enthusiastically encourage participation in leadership events/activities



I work respectfully with others (both younger and older)



I work with others as a team player



I attend all required meetings



I arrive on time to meetings



I am respectful during meetings, listening while others speak and not speaking myself until it is appropriate to do so



I complete projects that I begin



I have been involved with/initiated a process of receiving feedback and evaluating projects/activities that I have been part of



I have created (or co-created) a folder for an activity/activities that I have been part of



I have taken on a leadership role for a project as a main coordinator



I have taught others leadership skills that I have previously learned by mentoring other leadership students



I have put myself in the position to stretch my leadership skills and learn new things by choosing some activities/projects which are out of my comfort zone



I ask questions of those with more experience than I have in order to successfully complete project/activity tasks



I have attended leadership workshops to inspire further personal growth in leadership skills



I may get involved in many things but I am working on determining my focus area—my passion



I use the project planning forms appropriately



I handle money requisition forms appropriately



I  have advertised/marketed my project/activity effectively



I have given out “thank yous” quickly and appropriately at the end of projects/activities





Planning Process:

1. Create your focus group planning team

2. Check Calendar for a good date to run activity

3. Work through the 11 W's of Project Planning for your project (use mind mapping, sticky notes, and other tools as needed to help with your planning)

4. fill out BLUE PROPOSAL SHEET –with all signatures and hand in to Heather/Courtney

5. fill out GREEN PLANNING SHEET to organize tasks to be done

6. make a planning CHECK-LIST/TIME LINE and check over with SPONSOR TEACHER for activity

7. Follow time line and carry out activity…don’t forget to MARKET/PROMOTE it well

8 Follow through with clean-up, thanks yous etc.

9. put together your PLANNING FOLDER for the activity including:

       Title page with title of activity, organizers, contact phone/e-mail

       Dear Next Person Letter

       Forms…W's, Blue, Green, Time line/Check List

       Contact numbers

       Promotion samples

       Special information/ photos if possible



 "Make a Difference, Make it Happen! "