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Get REAL Green Group Meeting Agendas and Notes 2010-2011-2012


Wednesday May 9th, 2012
  • Tap into Sustainability from now until June 15th (Tasia)

  • Friday May 11th Secret Garden Party #2  (Marketa)
  • Wed. May 23rd Meeting in Computer Lab...Leadership Assessment  (room 111)
  • Friday May 25th Off the Grid (permission forms)
  • Friday June 8th Secret Garden Party #3 (Marketa)
  • Monday June 11 Year End Picnic Potluck... Courtyard Mondays May 7, 14, 28 June 4,11 in the Courtyard Work Parties...summer?
  • Tuesday June 26th 9-Noon Recycle Station Clean up for Summer


  • Alex Lemonade Stand?


Wed. April 25, 2012
Front Page Saanich News
Planning for remainder of Year:
  • Sat. Apr. 28th Recycle Depot
  • Wed. May 9th Meeting
  • Friday May 11th Secret Garden Party #2
  • Wed. May 23rd Meeting in Computer Lab...Leadership Assessment
  • Friday May 25th Off the Grid
  • Friday June 8th Secret Garden Party #3
  • Choosing a Day for our Year End Picnic Potluck... Christmas Hill? 
  • Mondays May 7, 14, 28 June 4,11 in the Courtyard Work Parties...summer?
  • Tuesday June 26th 9-Noon Recycle Station Clean up for Summer

One last Project.... Tap into Sustainability Campaign... 

Ideas and Plans for Next Year...

  • Food Security Continued--- Garden growing for Salad bar, Salad Bar, chickens again, food box program?, Seed Starts, Preserving
  • The Story of Stuff Campaign... Reduce, Reduce, Reduce... Free Store, Bring back the Tap,...
  • Other??

Minutes April 11th meeting


At School

         Organizing and setting up Display Boards etc....                                  Erinne & Heather

         Copying all hand outs                                                                     Heather

         Putting up Posters Monday Apr. 16th after school              Alex

         Hosting Display in Foyer on April 20th                                       Klara, Hannah, Erinne

         Lights out Canada for the day                                                     Heather



         Sat. April 21st Victoria’s 31st Annual Peace, Earth & Justice Walk gaterh at Legislature 11:30am ...walk  12-12:30 to Centennial Square Speakers: Bob McDonald (Quirks & Quarks; Tria Donaldson (Wilderness Committee), ‘Occupy’ Victoria; Entertainment: Uvic Drummers, Samba Masala; Information Tables

         Fri, Sat, Sun. April 20, 21, 22  Creatively United for the Planet

Friday, April 20th

(7-9:30 pm)

(7-9:30 pm) – All Ages Disco Meets Mardi Gras DJ Dance Party with Candu Music and DJ Grandpa Phunk. Alcohol-free event. Costumes and lanterns welcome.  FREE

Saturday, April 21st

(1-9:30 pm)

Please join us after the 31st Annual Earth Walk (11:30 am-2:30 pm) which starts with a walk at noon from the Legislature to Centennial Square and enjoy the rest of your day at the
First Annual Creatively United For The Planet Festival at 600 Richmond Rd at Richardson

(1-7 pm) – Special Guest Artists and Speakers, Creative Children’s Events, Displays, Music, CRD, Food Carts and Fun.  FREE

(3-5 pm) Keynote by Ann Mortifee with World Renowned Flutist Paul Horn, Photography / Multi-Media Presentation by Photographer Garth Lenz (International League of Conservation Photographers), Music by Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright (Folk/Pop Rock Your World) and The Gettin’ Higher Choir. TICKETED EVENT/PLEASE SEE TICKET PAGE

(5:30-9:30 pm) Local Designers Fashion Show featuring live music by Woodsmen and local designers: Linda Ferguson, Nikki Babie, Not Just Pretty Modern Clothing/Victoria Green Collective, VSHoEN, Muse Clothing, Kazen Hair & Beauty, EiraShay & Vic High fashion students, Hemp & Co., with MC Sally Glover, DJ Rowan and a dance with special guests Funk/Soul/R&B party band The Soul Shakers. Alcohol free event. TICKETED EVENT/PLEASE SEE TICKET PAGE

Sunday, April 22nd/Earth Day

(1-5:30 pm)

(1-5:30 pm) – Special Guest Artists + Speakers, Creative Children’s Events, Displays, Music, CRD, Food and Fun.  FREE

(1-2:30 pm) Art School Victoria Annual Student Charity Art Auction.  FREE

(3-5:30 pm) Keynote Speech by World Renowned Artist Robert Bateman followed by John Lennon Tribute Concert with Daniel Lapp, Mae Moore, Anne Schaefer, Colleen Lee Eccelston, Jean Paul Maurice, Lola Parks, Justin Hewitt, Geoff Lundstrom, Gareth Hurwood, James Kasper/Geoff Howe, Roland Barrett, Caroline Spence, Jeremy Walsh, backed by: Mike Demers on guitars and vocals, Chris Van Sickle on keyboard, Ian McElroy on bass and Murray Creed on drums. TICKETED EVENT/PLEASE SEE TICKET PAGE


         Off the Grid Festival Royal Roads all day... bike there and back Friday May 25th ...register here We will go as a group!

Off the Grid Music & Art Festival
May 25, 2012 - Victoria (Colwood), BC

General Information Summit/Festival Agenda

YesBC (Youth for Enviromental Stewardship), in collaboration with Parks Canada,Royal Roads University Continuing Studies, BC Hydro PowerSmart, the Capital Regional District, and multiple community partners, is hosting the Greater Victoria Youth Climate Action Summit and “Off the Grid” Music and Art Festival on Friday May 25, 2012. Our music festival will be powered by clean, green energy provided by People Power Productions.

The Youth Climate Action Summit is a youth-driven, regional event, where schools from throughout the Capital Regional District and other parts of Vancouver Island will have an opportunity to showcase their climate action successes, share their stories and celebrate together as a vibrant and growing youth culture of sustainability.

Highlights of the day-long event include:

Youth Climate Action Summit at Royal Roads University

         Keynote address by internationally renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman

         Prominent guest speakers, inspirational presentations and scientific experts

         Workshops led by students and top-notch resource people, with relevant content based on student input

         Eco-hikes led by experts, including Ken Wu and TJ Watt of the Ancient Forest Alliance, Ethnobotonists, First Nations Guides and Naturalists

         Photo Safari led by renowned Victoria Photographer Frances Litman

         Bike train of students via Galloping Goose Trail, meeting enroute to Royal Roads University

Off the Grid Music and Art Festival at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site

         Off the Grid Music Festival at Fort Rodd Hill, with soundstage powered by clean, green renewable energy from People Power Productions

         Headline act Mindil Beach Markets

         Student performers, selected by students

         On-site art project: Bowker Creek Pennant Printing Workshop - a popular art-making event on an urban watershed renewal and stewardship theme

         Exhibits by environmental organizations and sustainability-focused businesses

         Food Vendors

         Sustainable practices modeled throughout the day to ensure the event has the lowest possible environmental impact

Wednesday April 11, 2012
1) Celebration of Success
Both BC Green Games Entries WON!
$1000 for Salad Bar (Thanks to Emma)
$1000 for Chicken Fostering Program (Thanks to Meaghan)
Reynolds Won a $25,000 Computer Lab by entering Staples Environmental School Contest (Thanks to Meaghan)!!!!
2) Preparing for EARTH DAY... at Reynolds
Take it up for EARTH DAY
Find out why these actions are a good idea to take up!


Plant-based diets are better for the environment and a vegan diet has the smallest environmental impact of all. Eating veg has never been easier! Learn more 


You may know that drinking plenty of water is good for your health, but did you know that drinking tap water (and conserving water elsewhere) is crucial to the health of the planet? Learn more 


If lipstick contains lead and common antiperspirants and shampoos contain chemicals linked to cancer, is it safe to be using them daily? Prevent adding these to your body and the environment! Learn more 


Do you find it challenging to make time to exercise, choose active transportation, and unplug from your favourite activities? We’ve got some ideas! Learn more 

Have Secret Garden Party on Friday April 20th... Earth Day April 22nd
3) Next Garden Work Party Monday April 16th after school... great if some people could stay 3:15-5:00pm


Wed. March 28th, 2012
Final Voting for GREEN GAMES

This April 2012, is Earth Month! Me to We Style has designed a limited edition Earth Tee printed on our super-soft organic cotton.

By purchasing our organic Earth Tee, your group is demonstrating a personal investment in the conservation of our planet while providing funds to Free The Children the world‘s largest network of children helping children through education.

This Earth Month wear your values on your sleeve and support Me to We Style in reaching our goal of planting 500 trees and saving 165 lbs of pesticides from entering our environment.

For every t-shirt sold a tree will be planted and 1/3 lbs of pesticide will be saved from entering our planet. You can make a difference by:

  • Engaging students / staff to make environmentally responsible consumer choices
  • Supporting environmental responsibility to reach the socially-conscious consumer
  • Organizing student-wide earth month events and wearing our earth tee in style
  • Offering our Earth Tees as prizes, give-aways or student / staff incentives

On orders of 12 or more shirts, you'll enjoy:

  • Our special price of $14.50/t-shirt (+ Taxes)
  • A flat 7% shipping and handling fee within Canada*
  • = $17.15 with tax and shipping


Wed. Feb. 22, 2012
  • Hot Chocolate and Bake Sale next W/Th
  • Chickens... two families have contract in...Chicken coops (materials about $120 each)
  • Garden... meeting with Emma Lansdowne Monday Feb. 27th after school
  • Recycling... need someone to take over from Meaghan next year... Recycle Depot this Saturday
  • Terra Cycle?
  • THANK YOU to Tasia for putting posters up for FREE STORE
  • Green Games... Chickens are DONE... Emma putting final touches on video...upload today?!.... Get everyone to vote Mar. 1-31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Other??

Focus for Semester 2
  • Eco-Days   (Alex)

-W Feb. 29 Hot Chocolate & Bake Sale for Chicken Coops  (Alex & Emma)

 -F Apr. 20 REYNOLDS EARTH DAY... Sun Apr. 22nd is world Earth DAY   9 (Apr. 20-22) Creatively United for the Planet --check it out

-W May 30th Final Eco Day

  • BC Green Games (Meaghan, Emma)
  • Courtyard Garden (planning day coming up soon) (Hannah, Erinne, Olivia, Matthew, Klara, Marketa) Seedy Saturday Sa. Feb. 18th
  • Secret Garden parties with SLUGS workshops F Apr. 13, F May 4, F June 8 (Marketa, Klara)
  • Terra Cycle possible fundraiser (Tasia & Austin)
  • Recycle Depot (Austin)
  • Promote Free Store
  • Chickens (Meaghan) Building Coops (Lochlan)
  • Eco Flick Night(s) for a toonie...
  • Final EcoGathering...local potluck picnic top of Mt. Doug--date to be determined



Wed. Jan. 11 2012!...Follow-up Wed. Feb. 8
Priorities for New Year
1. BC Green Games Entries due by Feb. 15th... video for salad bar and power point for Chicken Fostering Program ...others?
2. Incubating Chickens...weekend and Spring Break Chick Care?
3. Hot Chocolate and Bake Sale again from Chicken Coop Materials
4. Free Store
5. Secret Garden Parties
6. Courtyard Planning
7. Next Eco Potluck Gathering... Making recycle plastic wallets?
8. Other?
Victoria Conference Centre Saturday February 18, 2012          10-4

There is plenty of activity at Victoria's annual community seed and garden show: 60 exhibitors with seeds, plants, small fruits, nut trees; displays and demos; seed exchange (if you are donating or trading your own seeds, please ensure they are clean and labelled - thanks!); Master Gardeners; children's learning activities; cooking demos; new garden products; food samples; seedy cafe; and expert speakers on a wide range of topics. Whatever your growing skills, come and find out why gardeners look forward to this event every year: a welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic environment with lots of networking and information sharing. Admission $7 cash at the door, under 12 free. Hosted by the James Bay Market Society.


  • Speaker Talks/Presentations
  • Exhibitors
  • Open-pollinated Seeds
  • Seedlings, Plants, Roses
  • Seed Exchange
  • Displays & Demos
  • Garden & Food Products
  • Kids’ Activities
  • Master Gardeners
  • Seedy Cafe

Also.. this goes on during the event...

Workshop:  Food from the Hood: Backyards, Boulevards and More

From the Seedy Saturday website:  “Opportunities for growing food in cities abound, and neighborhoods are getting active using urban lands in creative and cooperative ways.  Gabe Epstein will moderate a conversation addressing the rise of neighbourhood-based food producing and food security groups around Victoria.   Participants will include representatives from Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers (GTUF), Vic West Urban Farmers (VWUF), Jubilee Urban Farmers (JUF), and Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability (HUFFS).   Amongst other things, we’ll talk about the history and nature of our groups – what it is we believe, what we do, what we’ve learned, what we can and can’t achieve, and more.”
Time:  3:00 - 4 pm
Moderator:  Gabe Epstein

o     Other UA & Food Security projects organized other ways (e.g. Haultain, Springridge, Bamfield commons; allotment gardens; etc.)


Wednesday Dec. 7, 2011
  • Chickens.... incubator is HERE!!  Need the family package info., pricing building materials for coops...
  • FREE CYCLE/ FREE STORE... set up semi-permanently in Flex hall?? BIG SIGN??
  • In the New Year...


Wednesday Nov. 23, 2011
Guests: Daniel Geselbracht
              Darren Copley
  • How did the bake sale/hot chocolate day go?
  • Next Eco Day??
  • Getting Prizes
  • Reminder: Eco Potluck this Friday 5-8pm Local food potluck, bracelets with Lochlan, movie?
  • L.U.N.C.H. Program... video this Thursday??
  • Free Store??
  • Other??
  • CHICKENS... feedback from Darren Copley


Wed. Nov. 9, 2011
(Heather not here: Callie & Meaghan facilitating)
  • Reminder of Eco-Potluck Date: FRIDAY NOV. 25th..mark your calendars, book it off work, etc. -- 5-8pm at Reynolds (movie, games, hemp bracelet making) everyone bring Local Potluck Item.  Can invite friends (Reynolds or other schools) but they must contribute something to the potluck
  • FREE STORE IDEA... every month staff and students can bring in useable items and clothing to a particular spot (room 34 in Flex?) and anyone can go in and take what they want...on the last Thursday of every month at lunch take items to foyer?? if things aren't picked up over time they can be taken to the salvation army.... do you like the idea (pretty simple)? does anyone want to coordinate??

Jonathan Horowitz, FREE STORE, 2010

  • ACTION GROUPS... Heather needs timeline with Dates, tasks and people... don't forget to plan for photos or video of everything for use in the Green Games.
  • IDS (Independent Directed Studies-- programs developed with students for graduation out of the regular offerings)... Salad Bar Program is an IDS, running the Recycle Room is an IDS... looking for 6 students who want to take on courtyard as an IDS (does not prevent other students from being involved but gives some solid continuity with credit to its organization and operation)--See Heather if you are interested...
  • Monthly ECO DAYS... what to do each day...  Alex is organizing...who will help him on the day?? ...ideas...

Food for thought EDUCATION: 

Food for thought ACTION 


  • NOV.......Thursday 17th  EDUCATION [e.g. Life Cycle of Products?] ...OR FRIDAY Nov. 25th is Buy Nothing Day...

    On November 25th, 2011, spend a day without spending!  The first Buy Nothing Day was organized in Vancouver in 1992 to draw attention to the role played by advertising in overconsumption in the developed world. It has since grown into an international Source: http://thecouponproject.comeffort to underscore the environmental, ethical and social consequences of consumerism.  Celebrated on the day after American Thanksgiving, Buy Nothing Day marks what has traditionally become known as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. It is an excellent occasion to stop and think about the serious effects that 'what' and 'how much' we buy are having on the environment and on those living in the developing world where much of what we consume is produced. In anticipation of Buy Nothing Day 2011, teachers and students from around the world will be exploring the benefits of consuming less, re-using more and challenging companies to clean up and be fair.    


  • DEC.......Thursday 15th  ACTION (e.g. re-useable lunch containers? ..or Dec. 5th is International Volunteer Day...coordinate a day to pick up garbage around the school)
  • JAN........Thursdays 19th  EDUCATION [e.g. Transportation Choices or World Arbor Day celebrations...get seedlings to donate and plant]
  • FEB........Thursdays 16th ACTION [e.g.  reskilling workshop...darning socks? ]
  • MAR.......Thursday 8th EDUCATION [e.g. Energy Use--ECO-FLick in the Theatre...?]
  • APR.......Thursday 19th  ACTION [e.g. Garden Party--local food?... or last week in April is TV Turn-Off Week ]
  • *Sunday April 22nd is World Earth Day
  • MAY.......Thursday 24th EDUCATION... (guest speaker in the Theatre?... get in VIDEA 2nd week in May for World Fair Trade Day...give out fair trade chocolate) 
  • JUNE...June 5th is World Environment Day 
  •  + What about FLICK OFF FRIDAYS... try to promote lights out on Fridays...random checks on classes and award free treat if lights are out??


Wed. Oct. 26th

  • Guest... Sushil Saini...

Good Food Box Program 

The Good Food Box
A non-profit alternative distribution system for sustainably produced fruits and vegetables including local, regional, unsprayed, transitional, and organic produce. 


  • Sustainable High Schools Sign up
  • Review Action Groups from Last Meeting
  • POTLUCK... Tasia: Hey guys. So we should have a Potluck soon. The things we have to work out are 



What will we do?


Last meeting it seemed most people agreed that after school one day would be best. Does a tuesday or friday around 5 work for everyone? 

Ms. Coey has offered up her house for a potluck, but if the sun is out it might be best to pick a place outside. Some possibilities for that could be the school field, or one of the parks around reynolds. Any other ideas work too.

As to what we will do, we could macrame bracelets for the fundraising. Or we could walk the lochside trail for a bit and have a picnic potluck. Different ideas are welcome :)


Another thing is my grandma has said we could have a potluck at her house. She lives out in the highlands and has a huge property surrounded by forrest. She has a small lake in her front yard that we could swim in or canoe in depending again on the weather. Her house would be a really good place to go for hikes from, and she knows all the trails. The potluck could be indoor or out door. The thing is we would all have to get a ride/ carpool out there because there is no bus that goes near her house. If parents wanted to drive they could be welcome to stay and hike/canoe etc as well. What do you guys think?



Notes from Meeting on Oct. 12
Recycling Program...ongoing
L.U.N.C.H. Salad Bar program....ongoing
Courtyard Garden
-Stage/Deck -recquisition for job has been sent in, money has been earned...waiting for district to start
-Ultimate Goal--Supply our salad bar with greens
-This year-- Beef up the beds, get compost functioning, more Art in garden, Edible Garden Tour at Sooke Harbour House
Courtyard Garden Work Parties Planned
Monday Oct. 17th.... Compost
Monday Oct. 24th... Compost + Soil in Beds
Monday Nov. 7th... Soil in Beds + Mulching
Monday Nov. 14th... Finish Mulching...
-Tasia sending out some options via e-mail
-built... Jade working out a plan for testing in Spring for contest entry
-guest speaker on Oct. 26th
-start program with online ordering likely in January 
DEC.......Hot Chocolate if you bring your own Mug Th Dec. 15
JAN........Green Transportation Thursdays container lunch Thursdays
MAR.......Home-made Lemonade if you bring your own mug Th Mar. 8
APR.......Green Transportation Thursdays
MAY.......RESKILLING MONTH  Thursday Workshops
-Get Draw Prizes... each Thursday for a month if student can demonstrate they have participated, put name in for draw at end of month
-Have chickens at school ??....Foster Chickens in Community??
-Goal: Free Range Security
-checking cost to build chicken "Arks" , where will they be?, who will look after them?, who will build arks?
-incubating chicken eggs at school?
-working out a plan for money,chickens, people, contruction, motivation
-Lochlan getting supplies... will bring to all activities to make at all time in all places :-)
-where and when to sell?
-what will money go to?


Wednesday Oct. 12, 2011
**1st Salad Bar Success!!

Are these in the products you currently use? It's time to check. Go grab your containers of skin care products and check them against the following …





Heavily used preservatives in the cosmetic industry; used in an estimated 13,200 cosmetic and skin care products.

Studies implicate their connection with cancer because their hormone-disrupting qualities mimic estrogen and could disrupt your body’s endocrine system.

Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum

These petroleum products coat the skin like plastic – clogging pores and creating a build-up of toxins. They can slow cellular development, creating earlier signs of aging. They’re implicated as a suspected cause of cancer. Plus, they can disrupt hormonal activity. When you think about black oil pumped from deep underground, ask yourself why you’d want to put that kind of stuff on your skin…

Sodium laurel or lauryl sulfate (SLS), also known as sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

Found in over 90% of personal care products! They break down your skin’s moisture barrier, potentially leading to dry skin with premature aging. And because they easily penetrate your skin, they can allow other chemicals easy access.

SLS combined with other chemicals may become a "nitrosamine" – a potent carcinogen.


Found in many facial creams.

Linked to mammary tumors.

Propylene glycol

Common cosmetic moisturizer and carrier for fragrance oils.

May cause dermatitis and skin irritation. May inhibit skin cell growth. Linked to kidney and liver problems.

Phenol carbolic acid

Found in many lotions and skin creams.

Can cause circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, and even death from respiratory failure.


Hidden in ingredients such as PEG, polysorbates, laureth, ethoxylated alcohols. Very common in personal care products.

These chemicals are often contaminated with high concentrations of highly volatile 1,4-dioxane that’s easily absorbed through the skin. Its carcinogenicity was first reported in 1965, and later confirmed in studies including one from the National Cancer Institute in 1978. Nasal passages are considered extremely vulnerable, making it, in my opinion, a really bad idea to use these things on your face.


May be very poisonous! Made from petroleum and coal tar… found in most synthetic fragrances.

Chronic exposure linked to anemia, lowered blood cell count, liver or kidney damage…May affect a developing fetus.


         Some potential good stuff...


         Sweet Orange Oil

A valuable herb that originated in India. This essential oil is refreshing, fruity, tangy – as if you've just peeled a fresh juicy orange. It lifts your spirits at the same time it calms you. Its light and airy aroma is cheering, refreshing and uplifting, at the same time contributing to your tranquility.

I'm sure you know oranges are rich in vitamin C. They also contain bioflavonoids like hesperidin that continue the work of vitamin C. In other words, the hesperidin complements the antioxidant effects of vitamin C.

But the oils found in the orange peel also contain a phytonutrient called limonene which does some remarkable things for you, like providing antioxidants.

Sweet orange oil is considered an excellent skin tonic and supports rejuvenation.



Calendula is a versatile herb with fiery red and yellow petals, similar to a marigold, although a different variety from the marigolds you commonly see in gardens.

Calendula dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. Yet even today it remains one of the most popular herbs for supporting healthy-looking skin. When mixed with other oils such as olive oil, calendula becomes even more nourishing.

It's widely used to moisturize and soften all skin types, rejuvenate your skin and reduce the appearance of the natural signs of aging.

Relaxation is an additional benefit of calendula.



Lavender is the most popular and widely-used essential oil, enjoyed by both aromatherapists and individuals. It's very versatile, with many different uses.

Lavender's smooth and sometimes sweet floral aroma has a definitive calming effect, helping you forget about everyday stresses in your life.



Chamomile is considered by many to be the world's most soothing herb. Its sweet, herbal and fruity scent promotes relaxation.

Not only that …it also soothes your skin. And it's generally regarded as safe — with few or no known side effects.

Constituents include the bioflavonoids apigenin, luteolin, and quercetin.



SierraLife: Parks to Protect and Carbon to Count

Protect Quadra Island’s provincial parks

The B.C. government has already promised to acquire critical land that connects Octopus Islands and Small Inlet provincial parks on Quadra Island. A popular trail and portage route on the private lands between the two parks is even featured on a B.C. Parks website that promotes the parks! But delays and a lack of political will are stalling crucial negotiations to protect this paddling paradise. Write a letter to Premier Christy Clark and ask her to protect and complete the Small Inlet and Octopus Island provincial parks.

B.C. legislation inks promised development ban

Long-awaited legislation to ban mining and energy development in the Flathead River Valley was introduced by the B.C. government this week, only hours after the new session began. “This promised legislation inks what was previously in pencil,” said Sierra Club BC spokesperson Sarah Cox. An error in the government’s own press release (an amended release was issued later in the day) named the Flathead as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve designated in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park – clearly pointing to a logical next step in permanent protection for the Flathead.

Funding for coastal planning process pulled

After working for almost a decade to develop a plan for B.C.’s North Coast and ocean, in September the federal government pulled out from an agreement which would have ensured adequate funding to complete the plan by December 2012. The planning table brought together representatives from communities and government to chart a future for our coast that includes both a healthy ocean and sustainable livelihoods. We must protect our coast and ocean before it's too late. Write to the federal government and ask them to reinstate funding for the Pacific North Coast marine planning initiative so that we can establish a truly sustainable future for our oceans.

B.C.’s uncounted carbon emissions

The provincial government's latest information on carbon dioxide emissions quietly notes a small decrease – but ignores rising emissions from fossil fuel extraction and forest lands. According to the government's official report (Excel file), released in August, our car exhausts, mine shafts and chimneys belched 67 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, inching down 3 per cent in 2009 from the previous year. However, if we include uncounted sources of emissions originating in B.C., the province's total emissions would be 241 million tonnes – more than three times the official number. Sierra Club BC is calling for full reporting of all B.C. carbon emissions, and for a government plan to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel exports and forest lands. Read our press release.

|make a donation
|about us


Sierra Club BC's mission is to protect B.C.'s wilderness and wildlife, especially in light of global warming.

OCTOBER 8, 2011 - ISSUE 103       | make a donation
SierraLife comes out every other Saturday morning

Oct. 16-19, 2011 -The Wolverine Way on Tour, Quadra Island, Comox Valley, Victoria and Vancouver. National Geographic author and explorer Doug Chadwick speaks about the feisty wolverine.
Oct. 23, 2011 - Sierra Outing to Mt. Braden, Sooke. Enjoy the fall colours and get your heart rate up on this vigorous hike to Mt. Braden in the Sooke Hills.
Oct 27, 2011 - Sierra Social 2011, Victoria.  Reconnect with Sierra friends and hear author Wade Davis speak at our event featuring a fabulous silent auction, cocktails and light bites.

Tar Trek: A teenage take on Alberta’s Tar Sands
In 2011, Liam and Daniel took a summer vacation to Fort McMurray, Alberta to see the Tar Sands operations for themselves.

   Tar Trek     

Also, keep an eye on our YouTube channel for Sierra Club BC's videos.

The Call of the Whales — by Caitlyn Vernon

Asking Leaders to Cut Nukes, Not Clean
Energy — by Global Zero

Sierra Club BC is gearing up for our annual Sierra Social on October 27th in Victoria. Thank you to everyone who has donated items for our silent auction (click here to see a list of some of the amazing things up for bid!). If you or your business would like to support us with a donation of an item or gift certificate, please contact Zuzanna Szkudlarek at 250-386-5255 ext. 224 or by email.







Photo Credits (top to bottom, left to right): Jean-Pierre Lavoie; Sarah Cox; Garth Lenz, iLCP; Jens Wieting; Bonny Glambeck.

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Action Project Funding 2011-2012 

Dear Heather,


LSF is now accepting action projects funding applications! There is less than a month left before the November 1st deadline. There are two programs you can apply for:  



A youth empowerment program that aims to inspire Canadians to save

the planet by engaging in sustainability action projects.  

  • Up to $400 in funding is available per school for an Action Project 
  • Note: Teams that include a multimedia submission with their action project will be eligible to win the 2012 Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability.  

Find out more about EcoLeague, and download the application form by visiting   


Project FLOW: For the Love Of Water 

An initiative that engages elementary and secondary school students in hands-on water related action projects.  

  • Individual School Water Action Projects (up to $500 in funding per school)
  • Comprehensive Water Action Projects (up to $3000 in funding for projects involving multiple schools)  

Find out more about Project FLOW and download the application form by visiting 


Deadlines to apply for both types of funding: November 1st, 2011


Learning for a Sustainable Future

ECO Canada

Participate in GREEN High Schools and Gain National Recognition for Your School

Now that the school year is underway, have your students started their newest environmental project?


Gain national recognition for your school by becoming one of 50 participants in this year's GREEN High Schools pilot program and win one of three $1,000 prizes towards your environmental initiative.


Developed in partnership with the SEEDS Foundation, GREEN High Schools is a flexible and simple program designed to promote both environmental education and career awareness to secondary students.


As a successful participant, your school will be listed on the ECO Canada and SEEDS Foundation websites, among other benefits.


If your project goes above and beyond the minimum requirements, your school could also win one of three $1,000 cash prizes, be profiled on the ECO Canada website and featured in national and local media press releases.


To participate or for more information, please contact Rebecca Dickson at or visit



Thank you to Waste Management, a proud sponsor of the ECO Canada GREEN High Schools Program.  



--Give Heather a written start-up plan... with tasks and people

1. what is your activity?

2. what is/are your goal(s) for your activity?

3. why do you want to accomplish this activity?

4. what is the timeline for your actvity?  calendar dates

5. what tasks need to be accomplished for your activity?

6. who will do what, when?

7. what resources do you need for your activity?


Next Week: Otesha Workshop here at lunch! 


Notes from last meeting...
Ongoing groups... L.U.N.C.H. + Recycling
Start-up Action Groups for this year:
(Courtyard Garden, Local Potlucks, Solar Oven Challenge, Local Produce Food Box Program)
*Erinne & Hannah (Courtyard Garden)
*Jade (Solar Oven Challenge)
*Klara (Food Box Program)
*Tasia (Local Potlucks)
Olivia, Rowan, Alex, Hannah, Aldyn, Callie, Meaghan
Meaghan, Callie, Tasia, Klara, Douglas, Jade
*Liticia & Alex
Rowan, Austin, Hannah, Erinne
*Aldyn, Callie, Meaghan
Olivia, Matthew, Tasia, Austin, Douglas

Wed. Sept. 28
  • Meaghan and Callie...meeting facilitators
  • Green Games Entry this year
  • Ongoing Inpsiration/Opportunities 

-Eco Learning Hive , Eco Explorer (link below),Sooke Slow Food Cycle Sun. Oct. 9th  

  • Solar Oven Contest...Take the Challenge!
  • Registration is now open for the 2011/12 Solar Oven Challenge. GreenLearning Canada hosts this popular renewable energy challenge for Canadian classes every year. Students build, test, and bake with solar ovens using the solar oven construction plan provided at, or using plans of their own design.

    The Solar Oven Challenge is open to all Canadian students. Past participants have ranged from grade 3 through to grade 12, and from science classes to environmental clubs. To participate:

    1.     Teachers, register your class by sending an email with your name, school, grade, address, and phone number to Kathy Worobec at GreenLearning Canada. She will send you a copy of the Teacher's Guide.

    2.     Build, test and bake with solar ovens!

    3.     Email us photos and descriptions of your creations by June 8, 2012 to be eligible to win prizes.

    4.     See your recipes and photos showcased at — GreenLearning's renewable energy website.

    To see our Showcase of past winners and submissions (like Queen Elizabeth High School in Edmonton, featured here) and learn more about the Solar Oven Challenge, click here.

  • Creating Action Groups and getting going.... setting dates

Click Here for ECO Explorer Opportunities

Notes from last meeting:
Ideas for this year:
  • Earth Day every month
  • Hemp Bracelet Fundraiser...for_________________
  • Bike Trip field Trips/outings
  • Local Potlucks and cooking class
  • Outdoor potluck picnics
  • Courtyard Garden
  • Local them recycle
  • Chickens....may have to wait a while...but could speak with Mrs. Puckett
  • Fair Trade Organic Coffee Shop with Tim Horton's leaving ...use re-useable mugs...
  • Good Food Box Program

+ 2 Subgroups:

  • L.U.N.C.H. Salad Bar Program
  • School Recycling Program


Wed. Sept. 14, 2011
The 1st Get REAL Green Group Meeting for this year!
1) Welcome!
2) This group
  • As a club
  • As a subgroup of leadership
  • As a course credit with modules --Environment & Sustainability
3) Where we've come from?
  • Recycling
  • Solar Pannels
  • Green Spaces Project
  • Green Games
  • Eco-Workshops and potluck local dinners
  • People for the Planet Parties
  • Earth Days....
  • Less & Local
  • Secret Garden Parties
  • Reskilling workshops (making chutney, making cheese, bike maintenance...)
  • Gary Oak Front
  • Reusable containers
  • Clothing exchanges
  • Lights off campaigns
  • connecting with Swan Lake, Glendale Gardens and U-Vic
4) This year
  • Courtyard
  • L.U.N.C.H. Salad Bar
  • Connecting with local farms
  • Otesha Oct. 19th
  • Carrying on the Vision of a Sustainable School
  • Mason Bees and Worm composts
  • Other????


  • Field Trips (cobb house, Eco-Village at Shawnigan,...
  • Potluck Local Dinners?
  • Guest Speakers
  • S.L.U.G.S. 
  • Bike Trips to.... park picnics, value village shopping, local farms...
  • Documentary viewing...
  • Nature Hikes
  • reusable lunch sets for salad bar
  • Guest Speakers...
  • Book Clubs

Sign ups:

  • Recycle Depot Sat. Sept. 24th
  • Madrona Farms Chef Challenge Event Sun. Oct. 2nd
  • Courtyard Work Party..Next Tuesday After School? Sept. 20th


The End of 2010-2011 School Year...
Thank you to everyone involved in the Get REAL Green Group this year...what a fantasitc year!  You have accomplished a lot!  Wear you new "Less & Local" T-shirts with PRIDE!!
Our final activities for this year:
  • RAIN or SHINE --our eco-picnic at the top of Mt. Doug -- starting our walk/hike there after school 4pm Thurday June 2nd
  • Thursday June 9th at Lunch Marketa has coordinated a canning workshop with food & Jade will hopefully be able to demo her solar oven if we have SUN!!!
  • Meaghan and Callie are maintaining their WORM COMPOST... if you have veggie waste add it to the container just outside room 33 in Flex..."feed the worms!"
  • Marketa, Meaghan and Callie are working on Mason Bees for our courtyard...we have their HOME now...
  • Mondays after school we GARDEN in the COURTYARD... Everyone welcome...bring your friends...
  • RECYCLE STATION CLEAN-UP DAY-- June 28 Noon until its done :-)
  • Our Future Visioning... will be taken to the staff for participation on Tuesday June 7th (Callie and Meaghan will be leading the staff in the process)!  This will help us plan our next journey...


Wed. April 27
  • Welcome Guests from Campbell River
  • Canadian Environment Week ~ May 30-June 4
  • May 29th Secret Garden Party #2
  • Photo is it going?
  • T-shirts have been ordered...
  • Friday May 6th --Claremont Eco-Fair and cc350 Bike Relay Quadra Bus Stop 11:30am to 1:10pm
  • Friday May 6h-- 1:45pm By Hydro Award at Haliburton Farm
  • Solar Oven... try it out on June 2nd?  
  • Thursday June 2nd...Final Eco Workshop... hike to Mt. Doug and Island Potluck Picnic at Top with guitars... Leave Reynolds at 4:00pm
  • Eco Out-reach ideas...
  • Watch:


The Post Carbon Institute (PCI) condenses the story of our dependence on the remnants of ancient sunlight to five minutes in "300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds." 

"Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies," says PCI, "we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real risk that we'll fall off a cliff, there's still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future." "300 Years" is a lively and engaging recapitulation of how we got to where this roller coaster ride has taken us, and why remaining on it is no longer an option.

The video, written and narrated by Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg and designed by San Francisco's Monstro Design, won Best Video in the Small Nonprofit category in the recent YouTube/See3 DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards. PCI received one of four top prizes in that competition, in which thousands of organizations participated.


The Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP) provides youth (14-17 years) with a hands-on summer outdoor immersion. Participants experience outdoor activities while developing their leadership skills and gaining knowledge of both environmental issues and local ecology. LEAP is an experiential program that focuses on the skills associated with living well and being in the outdoors. LEAP is free for BC residents and is worth 4 secondary school credits in Leadership 11 or 12. Dates are July 4-12 or July 19-22. For more information call 604-414-4734  email or visit

HASTE's MyTravel calculator has received rave reviews from teachers and students it's a fun, smart and easy to use tool that helps calculate the environmental impacts of trips to and from school. A few changes have made it more powerful and accessible. The new calculator runs on most computers, including  the  "vintage" models found in some schools. Secondly, MyTravel can now help your students figure out how many apples they'll have to eat to have enough energy for Bike to School Week or how many trees it would take to remove the amount of Green House Gasses they're saving by carpooling.


Students at Esquimalt High School in the environmental and human rights club ESCAPE invite your participation. A club member recently travelled to Zambia and she was astounded by the rampant deforestation. The clear-cutting is largely due to charcoal burning (charcoal is a sought-after material used for cooking and heating). ESCAPE decided to help the Zambian people stop this rapid destruction. A Zambian-based organization called Women for Change has developed workshops to help educate school children in Zambia about the importance of sustainable forestry practices. The cost for one school/community centre to receive a workshop and plant 250 trees is $813.00 Esquimalt High School plans to raise enough money for a school to have a workshop and plant 250 trees. If your school would like to support Women for Change in their goal contact Geoff Orme at


Wednesday April 13th
  • Group Photo
  • $1,000 cheque
  • Review Earth Week
  • Finalize details for the Off the Grid Youth Summit... Declaration
  • Photo Contest
  • May 6th Eco Fair and Bike-a-thon at Claremont

Our communities face a future where we must do things

“differently” to succeed. Past practices have produced a myriad of

outcomes such as loss of open space, environmental degradation

and choking congestion that are unsustainable and inconsistent

with citizen’s hopes and expectations.

The Natural City is a visionary, comprehensive and thought

provoking approach to a better future for today’s residents and

those who come after us.

7:30 - 9:00 PM, Thursday, April 14 in the Reynolds School Theatre, 3983

Borden Street (Doors open at 7:00)

Vic Derman presents The Natural City

Presentation sponsored by the office of MLA Lana Popham

Get REAL Minutes Wed. March 30th


-April 4-April 15th Energy Photo Contest

                -Marketa and Danielle (with Brandon’s Tech Help) get advertising going

                -Goal is to have photos up for display on Earth day and ready to send to Canadian Gallery

-Off the Grid for Earth day April 21st (Lochlan, Marketa, Danielle, Brandon, Callie, Meaghan, Griffin, Heather) or bus

                -Make sure to register online as a delegate

                -Brandon checking on our display

                -Brandon and Griff 10 minute presentation –What Reynolds is doing (from Green Games +Fidel’s            video on Recycling)

                -Callie & Meaghan writing out declaration draft to be looked at and signed at our Meeting April                                 13th.

-T-shirts: Heather Ordering through depot funds

-Earth Week



M April 18th –Cheese Making workshop room 104

T April 19th –Bike to School + Bicycle Maintenance workshop at lunch basketball court

W April 20th—Low Impact Day (lights off, paperless)

Th April 21st—Photo Energy Display + Sustainable Cities Display and Rap in foyer at lunch



-Callie and Meaghan--Worm Compost & Mason Bee Houses 

-Danielle- Outreach Volunteer Activity Planning

-Marketa--May/June Secret Garden Parties

-People for the Planet Parties—e.g. Picnic Dinner top of Mt. Doug

-Possible Denman Island Chocolate Fundraiser



Wednesday March 30th, 2011
  • Last Chance to Vote for the BC Green Games tomorrow
  • PhotoSensitive’s The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens...launching the contest showing Marketa and Danielle's video in the foyer as promo...

  • Sign up Sheets for Community Outreach...Danielle
  • Thursday April 21st 8:30-4:30... Greater Victoria Youth Climate Action Summit/Off the Grid Festival
  • Off the Grid Music and Art Festival

-Sign up to attend

-10 minute Presentation... Reynolds Green BC Green Games documentation off website... Brandon speaks to composting, Griffin speaks to Green Spaces Project

-Display... tweak one we already have... take shifts (8 total to fill): 12:00-12:30, 12:30-1:00, 1:00-1:30, 1:30-2:00, 2:00-2:30, 2:30-3:00, 3:00-3:30, 3:30-4:00

-learn dance for flash mob

-Create Reynolds Youth Declaration...

"We, the undersigned youth believe that..."

"We will support leaders who..."

"We will lead the way to advocate for a just and sustainable future because..."

"We will consider future generations in all our decision making..."

....create and get signatures from students around the school...

  • Worm Composting (Callie and Meaghan)
  • People for the Planet Party... local food picnic dinner top of Mt. Doug??
  • Denman Island Chocolate Fundraiser for Secret Garden Party food April 1, May 6, June 3
  • Less & Local T-shirts
  • Earth Week 

*Ideas.... photo display,  JJ's sustainable cities display, worm composting workshop, Un-plugged music in the courtyard, bicycle repair workshop, bike to school, Lights Out, Darning socks workshop , Mr. Downing to do Cheese making workshop?, Emma Lansdownd to do a gardening workshop? Contact SHS (think re-skilling)....keep simple--bring others in to conduct workshops...

- Mon. April 18

-Tues. April 19

-Wed. April 20

-Thurs. April 21 (off the grid Youth Climate Action Summit)

-Fri. April 22 

  • Thursday June 2nd will be final Eco-Flick and Local Potluck--mark your calendars now!

Wed. March 7th, 2011


Voting March 1st -31st

Goto:  and register...

or just login if you have voted in the past...

Goto: Gallery-- 2011 Entries on top Menu

Goto: Filter by School and type in Reynolds Secondary

Click on SEARCH—top right

See our 4 Entries

         Sustainable Cities

         Visual Impact...Energy

         Reynolds L.U.N.C.H. (Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest) Program

         Reduce...Building a Culture of Less & Local

VOTE... make sure to use all your votes...hopefully on Reynolds Entries

We could win up to $1000 for an entry

Thank You!

  • Other goals for remainder of year?  Earth Week Planning

Wednesday Feb. 23rd
  • Black & White Photos for Green Games
  • Getting the Contest Planned
  • Off the Grid Youth Summit April 21st... who is going?...Judy coming to next meeting March 9th to finalize with us...
  • 68 pairs of jeans for Teens 4 Jeans
  • ECO-workshop & Pot Luck Dinner next Thursday 4-8pm

Vote for the BC Green Games

Voting March 1st -31st

Goto:  and register...

or just login if you have voted in the past...

Goto: Gallery-- 2011 Entries on top Menu

Goto: Filter by School and type in Reynolds Secondary

Click on SEARCH—top right

See our 4 Entries

         Sustainable Cities

         Visual Impact...Energy

         Reynolds L.U.N.C.H. (Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest) Program

         Reduce...Building a Culture of Less & Local

VOTE... make sure to use all your votes...hopefully on Reynolds Entries

We could win up to $1000 for an entry

Thank You!

Wednesday Feb. 9th, 2011

-need a video of the Green Men spreading the word

-need our black and white photos to music.

  • Danielle's Wiki idea
  • Vision Statement Power Point

  • National Sweater Day Feb. 17th... Staff approved... posters? Other advertisements... TV's

  • Posters Advertisements Teens for Jeans... Phone to get drop off box...
  • Photos Project...lets go find some photos now... Ideas from Jade: 1) Bad energy source being an empty classroom or hallway with lights on, then good being that photo of the green group infront of our solar pannels.
    2) Bad energy source being cars idling outside the school in the morning, and good being all the Reynolds kids cramming on to the busses after school.

Let's make a list ...



Wednesday Jan. 26th
morning exam (block B) 9-11 am
Get REAL Meeting 11:15-12:00
afternoon exam (block D) 1-3pm
  • Welcome guests from Lansdowne
  • Green Games Entries

1) Photo Project & Display on Energy---sharing photos (Marketa & Danielle putting together with music)

2) Our Group Vision Statement Power Point & how we have evolved---sharing photos & quotes (Marketa & Danielle putting together)

3) Courtyard -- Secret Garden Parties and L.U.N.C.H. Program set up (Heather with Meagan & Callie)

4) REDUCE... buidling a culture of LESS & LOCAL (t-shirts, People for the Planet Parties and Eco-Workshops, Green Men... Eco Day photos... creating a video (Griff & Brandon?)

Due by Feb. 23rd!!!!!



National Sweater Day

On February 17, turn down your thermostat and put on a sweater to show your commitment to the planet. Lowering your heat by even 2C lowers your ecological footprint.

In fact, if every Canadian turned down his or her thermostat by 2C in the winter, we would save the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road for a year in greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit for more information on how you can get involved.


My name is Geoff LaPlante. I am the store manager for Aeropostale in the Mayfair Mall.

We have started our annual "Teens for Jeans" donation drive in which we collect customers donated jeans at the store and in return we reward them with a 25% off coupon towards a new pair of our popular Aeropostale denim.

Your school can benefit from this by entering the contest in the link below. Grand prize for the school with the most donations is $5,000 towards your school and a party for the kids!!

The collected jeans will go towards a charity in our area.

We are trying to raise 1,000 pairs this year and I would like your help!

If you have any questions, please call the store!


Thanks for your time,

Geoff LaPlante

Store manager

Aeropostale, Mayfair

Wednesday Jan. 12th, 2011 room 32

  • Focus Areas Second Semester

    1) Photo Project & Display on Energy

    2) Courtyard -- Secret Garden Parties and L.U.N.C.H. Program set up

    3) REDUCE... buidling a culture of LESS & LOCAL (t-shirts, People for the Planet Parties and Eco-Workshops, Green Men

    4) Green Games Entries  

  • Recycle Revolution Part 3 -->the GREEN MEN

  • Buidling a Culture People for the Planet Parties Including Eco- Workshops

  • L.U.N.C.H. Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest

  • Photo Project on Energy

    5) Off the Grid Youth Summit planned for April 21, 2011

    6) Complete Vision Statement Power Point 

  • wintervegetables.jpg


    Wednesday Dec. 8th

    • Thursday 8 am -- Planting Trees at the School Front!!  --Leave you Legacy...


    •    Judy Fainstein guest
    1) the Off the Grid Youth Summit planned for April 21, 2011 - how 
    high schools throughout the CRD are getting involved in the planning and execution of this event
    2) YesBC video project with Cisco Systems
    3) online presentation training with YesBC and Cisco Systems
    • Photo Project
    Photos should ideally be black and white, but we can also convert them.
    Image resolution: 300 dpi.

    For their images, the students will need to provide a caption, which should also make for a good exercise. In a paragraph,  have them explain what's in the photo, why they took the picture and what energy means to them. They should also include their name and the name of the school. 

    If they can name their photos like this, that would also be great: firstname_lastname1.jpg, firstname_lastname2.jpg, etc.
    • Green Games Entries

    1) Recycle rEevolution Part 3

    2) Secret Garden Parties ~ but everyone is invited--> People for the Planet Parties

    3) Green Men

    4) L.U.N.C.H. Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest

    • People for the Planet Party
    • IDS...

    We are really thrilled that your students will be participating in PhotoSensitive’s The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens. 


    To help get your classes excited about the project and thinking visually, we have just launched an Energy Project microsite, at


    Here you will find videos by two of our photographer-videographers, Tory Zimmerman and Anne-Marie Jackson, that can be used to help facilitate classroom discussion. The first, viewable on both the main page and in the gallery, poses the question, “What is energy?” The second, in the gallery, is a thoughtful piece on wind energy that takes viewers to the top of the wind turbine at Exhibition Place in Toronto. 


    Also on the website:

    - A gallery of some of the early submissions received from some of the 100 professional photographers participating in The Energy Project.

    - Under “submit,” our online uploader. It is here where both teachers and students can create an account and submit their photos and captions. (Photos and captions can also be emailed to or mailed to us on a CD.)

    - Downloadable release forms.

    - Image specifications (ideally black-and-white, 300 dpi, 16 inches by 20 inches).

    - In the months leading up to the June 2011 deadline we will also be launching The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens gallery, searchable by school and photographer.


    We hope your students are excited about taking part in The Energy Project: Through a Lens.  We look forward to seeing what energy means to them. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 




    Tanya Workman

    Education Coordinator




    *When: After school... around 4:00pm - whenever
    *Bring: vegetables to add to a broth based vegetable soup
    *Bring: Music to play (insrtuments...)
    *Lochlan will show us how to make his bracelets after 5:30pm when he can arrive


    Wednesday Nov. 24, 2010
    Action Team Reports
    • Green Calendar.... Marketa (not doing this year)
    • Documenting the Journey... Griffin (Judy coming to next meeting)
    • Courtyard Garden...Lochlan (frozen right now)
    • Photo Exhibition...Austin (Jade will help-- collecting photos right now)


    • Biosphere Designation CRD (interesting... not sure about the gains for the effort)
    • Vision Statement Power Point (each of us is committed to sending Heather one photo/image and one quote that connects with a personal vision for the get REAL group-- due by first week back from Winter break or EARLIER :-)... when we have them all we will make them into a video with music to represent our collective vision.
    • People for the Planet Parties...should we have one ourselves?YES... choose from Monday 6th, Thurs 9th or Tues. 14th... send choice to Heather...will be at Heather's House...bring ingredients to make a collective broth based vegetable soup... + Heather will make bread... Lochlan will show us how to make bracelets :-)


    Notes from Nov. 10th Meeting

    Project Managers for Action Groups

    • Green Calendar.... Marketa?
    • Documenting the Journey... Griffin
    • Courtyard Garden...Lochlan
    • Photo Exhibition...Austin

    Giffin, Brandon, Felix, Jade, Elizabeth... part of photo exhibition Action group... Austin will coordinate a meeting to determine

    • Who is taking photos...inviting photography class to participate
    • When the display will launch
    • Brainstorm ideas for Energy Shots
    • Have a conversation about display format

    Griffin, Aldyn, Felix and Meghan will go with Heather on Tuesday Nov. 23rd to the Biosphere Forum at U-Vic... PLEASE MEET TUES. NOV. 16TH AT LUNCH IN ROOM 33 TO DISCUSS PLANS

    Think about ideas for and  hosting PEOPLE FOR THE PLANET PARTIES... check out the resources for ideas to promote LESS & LOCAL culture building... Griffin helping Heather create a Facebook Event Page for this...


    Wednesday Nov. 10th
    • Project Managers for Action Teams--report out
    • Calendar Progress
    • Nov. 18th Eco-workshop--who's coming



    Reskilling Workshop Ideas:

    1. Bicycle tune up/repair  
    2. Tool Sharpening 
    3. Bicycle generated electricity
    4. Soap making
    5. Cold Food Storage 
    6. Bee Keeping 
    7. Knitting 
    8. Weaving 
    9. Crocheting 
    10. Darning Socks 
    11. Felting 
    12. Managing wild edibles and medicinal (stewardship), wild crafting 
    13. Elder Wisdom – stories of place  
    14. Axes and Saws (tools) and how to use them - See tool pool page
    15. Making medicines from Herbs 
    16. Gathering/preparing local clay for bowls, etc. 
    17. Canning (jams, perserves, pickling)
    18. Making home-made bread
    19. Making Solar Ovens  Raising Chickens 
    20. Raising Chickens
    21. Making Shoes
    22. Cob Houses, Natural Building 
    23. Small Engine Repair 
    24. Learning to Tell Stories 
    25. Fermenting Foods (e.g. Sauerkraut, Kim Chee)   
    26. Cheese making
    27. Raising goats
    28. Fruit tree pruning,
    29. Homestead development 
    30. Foraging for your own wild edibles 
    31. Wilderness skills 
    32. Alternative medicine  
    33. Drying beans
    34. Gardening skills
    35. Basic carpentry 
    36. Post and beam Construction workshop 
    37. Compost building workshop


    Getting involved in global environmetntal issues

    So what is Shout?

    Shout invites educators and students to take an active role in global environmental issues. Connect online with experts in the field, share ideas, and collaborate with people around the world committed to solving environmental challenges.

    YES BC Meeting Notes...Story Boarding our journey and more

    Thanks for meeting with me today.  Just to recap:

    1) Tree planting - Saanich Tree Appreciation Day, this Sunday November 7, from 10am to 1pm.  There is a notice posted on the board right outside of the classroom we met in today.  (I've also attached a map that shows the planting area).  Some of you said you might be able to come - that would be awesome.  There are 2 locations in Saanich where they will be planting - I'm planning to go to Mt. Doug at about 12 noon and hope to see you there.  Wear boots and bring gloves (and a shovel if you can).

    2)  Here is the link to Cisco Systems, so you can check out their latest technology, eg Webex:

    This is just one aspect of their technology.  Cisco is the leader in emerging communication technology.  YesBC is working with Cisco to develop an online training course where students get trained to give a 30 minute environmental presentation.  Everything you need (materials, slides, script) would be provided to you (no charge). You can receive the training (and certification) right from the comfort of your own home.  This is just getting off the ground and you are the first students I have invited to participate.  More info to come.

    3)  attached are resource materials for you, incl Storyboarding, some YesBC info and ideas for potential involvement

    4) please have the permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Coey (permission slip is attached in case you lost yours)

    5) Video project - just start getting some raw footage, eg greenmen, eco-day (this Thurs?) and any other environmental activities and fun stuff you are doing.  Reynolds has an amazing green story to tell - you will need video, still images, music - the storyboarding document will give you lots of ideas.

    6)  I am excited that you are interested in helping plan and execute the regional Youth Summit on April 21, 2011.  We will need lots of Event Staff for this ambitious undertaking.  Keep thinking of ideas for bands/ensembles, etc for the off-the-grid music concert.

    Please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions or ideas that I might be able to help with - I have a lot of resources and a large network.

    Let me know what you want to be involved in and we will go from there!  I should come back and see you before the end of November - if you can give me a date/time, that would be great.

    Whew!!!  Did I forget anything?

    Knew I'd forget something!  Check out Hayley Sales:


    P.S. Heather, what a stellar group of students!  They know how to have an efficient meeting and ask the right questions!  I am lucky to be working with them (and you)!

    Judy Fainstein
    Founder, YesBC
    (Youth for Environmental Stewardship)
    phone (250) 592-1387
    cell (250) 744-7615

    Click Here: YES BC Opportunities List

    Click Here: Yes BC overview

    Click Here: Yes BC Parent Permission

    Click Here: Yes BC Story Boarding Worksheet

    PhotoSensitive... Black & White Photo initiatives & issues


    Dear Principal Charlton,


    My name is Tanya Workman and I am the education coordinator for PhotoSensitive, a not for profit organization of photographers that, for 20 years, has been harnessing the power of black-and-white photography to raise public consciousness of critical issues around the globe. 


    We have just launched the Energy Project, a major new photographic exhibition that will focus PhotoSensitive's collective lenses on a wide range of energy initiatives and issues, including sustainable and renewable energy as well as ways in which we use, abuse and conserve energy. 


    From now until next June, we are inviting schools across the country to participate in our side exhibit specifically for students, called The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens.  When I saw that two projects from Reynolds Secondary were winners in the BC Green Games -- and that your school has an E-team, solar panels on the roof and a Greenspace project --  I thought your students might be interested in participating. 


    The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens will contain images created by school students across Canada, which will tour schools and communities across the country. Mini exhibitions organized by individual schools or groups of schools are also possible. All student submissions will appear in The Energy Project web gallery and a select number of submissions will be displayed in a physical exhibition in September, 2011, in Toronto before also appearing in Vancouver and Montreal.


    We would love for Reynolds Secondary students to be a part of The Energy Project. I have included our information sheet below along with sample photos to inspire your students.


    If you are interested in participating, please register your interest to me.  I hope you will be in touch if you have any questions. 


    Best regards,



    Tanya Workman

    Education coordinator, PhotoSensitive


    P: 905-282-9074

    F: 905-272-0474



    See the video from our 20th anniversary celebration, Field of Vision: 


    ECO TIPS from

    Also, check out for a contest to enter by Nov. 15th  


    Top 10 Actions

    What You Can Do

    How to be Green


    Green Living / Sustainable Living

    Simple Living

    Community Greening & Tree Planting Create Your Own Green Job

    Environmental Activism


    IDEA to share between Get REAL and Open for Change... building a new Culture ...

    Culture:  is a shared, learned, symbolic system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shapes and influences perception and behaviour -- an abstract "mental blueprint" or "mental code."

    Must be studied "indirectly" by studying behaviour, customs, material culture (artefacts, tools, technology), language, etc.

    Creating a culture of Less & Local (note that local action can have global effects!)

    People for the Planet Parties

    Sample Ideas (Remember the goal is to REDUCE (LESS STUFF) and BE LOCAL

    Often this might mean learning new skills or rather, old skills Re-skilling

             Darning socks Party

             Value Village Shopping Party (grad dresses?)

             Vancouver Island Potluck Party

             Tupperware Party for Litter-less Lunches

             Gift exchange Party but donate in the name of... (goats in Kenya, WWF, TLC, Free the Children...)

             Bike trip somewhere Party

             Bike repair Party

             Jam Party (preserves)

             Jam Party (music)

             Garden Party (do some gardening together)

             Tie-dying T-shirt Party

             Tree Planting Party

             Outdoor Concert Party

             Volunteer Soup Kitchen Party

             Make Soup for the Homeless Party

             Bake Bread Party

             Cook a meal together Party

             Lights off—Play games by candle light Party


    National Geographic's Green Guide:

    Mitchel Plessis & Students from Lansdowne Middle School visiting during our Nov. 24th meeting...looking for ideas and wanting to be inspired...



    Notes from Wed. Oct. 27th meeting:
    Green Calendar
    -Looking into photos (Heather has some if needed)
    -Looking into printing at U-Vic
    Documenting the Journey
    -Meeting Tuesday Nov. 2nd at lunch room 32
    Courtyard Garden
    -The garden belongs to ALL of us... check it out often
    -Check out the signs in the tool area for things to do in the garden..
    Sustainable Highschools
    -Meaghan & Callie went last Tuesday...good info... may give presentation next meeting on assessment tools.
    REDUCE CAMPAIGN focus for Year
    Motto: Less & Local ... come Hell or High Water... or both...
    First Step: Advisory this Friday... focus on where to recycle and on Eco-Day next Thursday
    Pizza Prize for class who brainstorms best idea for Reducing at Reynolds this year...
    Eco-Day next Thursday Nov. 4th
    -Jordan making announcemnts for T, W, Th
    -Find the Source display coming togther on Monday
    -Other displays done
    -Quinn, Griff, Jordan, Evan, Meaghan & Callie will be at display and eco draw on T, W, Th
    -Thursday hot chocolate and cookies--Quinn and helpers
    -Demo eco-gift wrapping: Marketa
    Brainstorming Ideas for Reducing campaign:
    -Better hand driers in bathrooms
    -Challenge the school--cut back waste 50%
    -Random Rewards for people caught doing good
    -Recycle Olympics
    -Shop Less Campaign... ideas
    -Sewing used clothing fundraiser
    -Model Good Local Food
    -Eco Friendly Store Map


    Wednesday Oct. 25th, 2010
    Report Out from Action Teams
    1) Green Calendar
    Members: Anika, Marketa, Steven, Danielle, Lochlan, Allan
    2) Documenting the Journey with YES BC (Judy)
    Members: Brandon, Marketa, Jordan, Aldyn, Griff, Meaghan
    3) ECO-Day Nov. 4th
    Members: Brandon, Klara, Elizabeth, Kendra, Austin, Quinn, Marketa, Danielle, Tabitha, Kaymi, Daisy
    -Kendra, Tabitha and Klara creating Comsumerism (Stuff) Display--to be done ideally for next meeting Oct. 27th
    -Kaymi & Daisy creating REDUCE... Happiness with less stuff display--to be done ideally for next meeting Oct. 27th
    -Quinn looking for donations of hot chocolate and cookies to give to people who bring their own mug that day
    -Marketa and Danielle putting on an eco-gift wrapping demo table for the day
    -Green Men will be present
    -Marketing campaign outlined at the Oct. 27th meeting to make people aware of day...focus on REDUCING...get stamp on hand when  commit to reducing for day
    -Heather looking into HOUR WITHOUT POWER for day with staff and admin... choosing an hour for lights out, no computers, no photocopier, etc. for awareness building.
    4) Find the Source... peeling layers of the onion
    Members: Austin, Aldyn, Elizabeth, Griffin, Erich from SHS
    -each has a task for finding life cycle of certain items so it can be displayed for ECO DAY
    5.) Courtyard
    Members: Klara, Marketa, Meghean, Callie, Lochlan, Danielle
    -work parties next Tues and Thurs. after school
    Members: EVERYONE!
    BRAINSTORM ideas for getting the population of Reynolds to REDUCE....
    7.) Sustainable Highschools REPS

    Members: Meaghan Dinney and Callie Warden

    Meets at Johnson Street Office Tuesday 4-6pm  (burritos!!!)


    Opportunities & Food for Thought


    Next Eco-Workshop Thursday Nov. 18th

    4-4:30 arrive and store food and chat

    4:30-5:30 Workshop by on Urban Homesteading by Cali Jae Olleck from Compost Education Centre 

    5:30-6:00 Get Food -- Vancouver Island Potluck

    6:00-7:30 Film "Island on The Edge"

    7:30-8:00 Discussion Time



    Hello GORP Folks,

    Here is an interesting item to keep an eye out for.


    REPORT: Broom biocontrol? Look for galls in broom!

    During our outings on Observatory Hill (Saanich), we noticed interesting galls on broom. They look like tiny witch brooms - small clusters of pinkish, hairy egg shaped outgrowths:


    Microscopic examination reveals tiny mites, Aceria genistae.  They were experimentally introduced in Australia and one web page reports them from King County, Washington (Seattle). According to Becky Brown, BC Invasive Plant Coordinator, there are a few sites of Aceria genistae in coastal BC, where it came on its own, unassisted. We would like to know the extent of the Aceria genistae infestation, and we would like to hear about your sightings.


    From: Adolf Ceska

    Source: Native Plant Society of BC





    Mayor Frank Leonard has proclaimed Sunday, November 7, 2010 as Tree Appreciation Day in Saanich.  Many benefits and values come from trees including a very specific sense of place, aesthetics, air quality, property value, soil and water conservation and protection of the environment.  The planting and preservation of trees is an action that yields long range benefits.

    Saanich’s Significant Tree Advisory Committee and Saanich Parks, in cooperation with BC Hydro and Pacific Forestry Centre are looking for volunteers in our community to help plant trees and shrubs as detailed below.  No experience is necessary.

    1.    Cuthbert Holmes Park (see attached map) – located beside Tillicum Mall.  Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Approximately 450 native trees and shrubs will be planted in areas that the Friends of Cuthbert Holmes and Gorge Tillicum Community Associations (GTCA) volunteers have been removing invasive species.  GTCA received a community matching grant in 2009 for the purchase of trees and shrubs to be planted in areas where invasive species have been removed.


    2.    Mt. Doug Park.  Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Marshalling area for planters will be in the Churchill Drive parking lots and by the washrooms in the main parking lot off Douglas Parkway. Main priority is to plant approximately 1,000 trees and shrubs along Irvine, Norn and Whittaker trails and on the banks of Douglas Creek.


    Drinks, snacks and planting tools will be provided.  However, if any of the volunteers can bring a shovel and gloves it would be appreciated.  Please remember to bring rain gear and boots since we will be planting rain or shine.


    If members of your group are interested in participating, please advise the total number of participants and at which location. This will allow us to make arrangements for food, etc.


    If you have any questions please call me at 250-475-1775, extension 3506 or e-mail  It would be appreciated if you would approach your members as soon as possible regarding this invitation.  I look forward to hearing from you.




    Cathy Weston

    Clerk to the Significant Tree Advisory Committee





    Saanich wants feedback on putting a BMX track into Cuthbert Holmes Park. I vote NO.
    The head of Saanich Parks, Rae Roer, emailed me that Saanich will be speaking with the students at Spectrum and Colquitz schools this month regarding a BMX track proposal  and recreational uses for Cuthbert Holmes Park.

    We are struggling to find recognition for this park, as a natural haven for wildlife and native species.  To preserve it as a natural area, where children can recreate with nature, and become stewards of the park with their families.   
    Saanich has other areas much more suitable for racing bikes.  Destruction of the park is truly a concern as these racing bikes are likely to be taken off track, disturbing wildlife and r
    iparian zones.  The park is zoned as a natural area, and I believe that a BMX park is incompatible with that zoning.

    Many environmental groups are very enthusiastic about the return of wildlife to Cuthbert Holmes, and are coming to see these natural wonders in the park for themselves.  UVic students, specializing in native and invasive species are making the park their degree project.  Volunteer workparties are trying to get the ivy and other invasive species under control as it is affecting the entire park ecosystem.  The provincial Species at Risk Biologist has been travelling from the Nanaimo area to help monitor the heronry, which only four years after re-establishing in the park, is now the largest on Vancouver Island. This summer, wildlife biologists monitored a Cooper's Hawk nest, and banded each of the five babies. The salmon run is not only seeing record Coho returns, but also seals, otters and mink are returning to the Colquitz River within the park.

    I have been to the local schools, seniors organizations and the Native Friendship Centre to teach them about the spawning salmon and great blue heron nesting areas in our park.  There are now school trips coming into Cuthbert Holmes to understand and learn about the incredible miracles in our urban park.

    Instead of spending money hauling in tons of foreign dirt, building bare hills and valleys, and threatening the river with runoff, perhaps you have some suggestions where that money might benefit the park to help restore its more natural state, a proposal which was not even suggested on the Saanich FactSheet.

    Please, without delay, email your thoughts on this to and  or call 250 475-5522.   Although we are encouraged to speak via their on-line comments survey, there is no way to actually send your comments in after you fill out the survey. The Gorge Tillicum Community Association email is .

    Pass this along, encourage others to have their voices heard and help preserve this greenspace.

    Thanks for your time.

    the photos below were taken this week in the park.
    Saanich Fact Sheet  more photos in the park.


    Sierra Club BC: 



    BC Sustainable Energy Association: 



    The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

    The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces. The film concludes with a call to take back the tap, not only by making a personal commitment to avoid bottled water, but by supporting investments in clean, available tap water for all.

    Our production partners on the bottled water film include five leading sustainability groups: Corporate Accountability International, Environmental Working Group, Food & Water Watch, Pacific Institute, and Polaris Institute.

    And, for all you fact checkers out there,
    http://storyof... more


    The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

    The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products.


    The Story of Electronics (2010) -- Teaser ---- The Story of Electronics, releasing Tuesday, November 9, employs the Story of Stuff style to explore the high-tech revolution's collateral damage—6 billion tons of e-waste and counting, poisoned workers and a public left holding the bill. Host Annie Leonard takes viewers from the mines and factories where our gadgets begin to the horrific backyard recycling shops in China where many end up. The film concludes with a call for a green 'race to the top' where designers compete to make long-lasting, toxic-free products that are fully and easily recyclable.

    Our production partner on the electronics film is the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, which promotes green design and responsible recycling in the electronics industry.groups:




    Hi Griffin, Aldyn, Jordan, Meaghan, Callie, Brandon and Marketa:

    It would be great to meet with you again soon and talk more about creating and sharing the Reynolds green story and other YesBC projects on the horizon.  We are planning a large regional Youth Summit for Spring 2011 and it would be great to have Reynolds involved in this event.  We will bring schools together from 3 school districts in the Capital Region.

    Would you please advise me of a time that would be convenient for you to meet with me early in November?  I can come to the school whenever works for you - lunchtime perhaps? 

    Here are some dates I can suggest:

    Nov 2, Nov 4, Nov 5

    or any day the following week (except the 11th which is a holiday).

    Griffin, since I've got you down first on the list, would you please talk with the others and coordinate an agreeable date/time?  Thank you very much!  If there are more students interested, please invite them, although 7 is a great number to work with for now!


    Judy Fainstein
    Founder, YesBC
    (Youth for Environmental Stewardship)
    phone (250) 592-1387
    cell (250) 744-7615



    My name is Cali and I work at the Compost Education Centre.  We are offering a Garlic Growing workshop on Tuesday October 19th from 4-5:30pm in front of 838 Princess Ave. There will also be a bread baking workshop later this month (the date is undetermined at this point). I am in the process of creating the month-by-month workshop schedule, and am looking for input from interested youth. So if any of you have anything in particular that you want to learn about (related to gardening and/or sustainability) please let me know!

    The workshops are by donation and require pre-registration. Youth can pre-register by emailing, or calling 250-386-9676.

    Thank you so much for your time,


    Notes from Oct. 13th Meeting:
    ACTION TEAMS Created:
    1) Green Calendar
    Members: Anika, Marketa, Steven, Danielle, Lochlan, Allan
    -to be finished first week in November
    -Allan in Journalism will help with layout of photos etc.
    -Marketa and Lochlan will each create an artisitc rendition of a future sustainable Reynolds for the calendar
    2) Documenting the Journey with YES BC (Judy)
    Members: Brandon, Marketa, Jordan, Aldyn, Griff, Meaghan
    -Heather will contact Judy to initiate a meeting
    3) ECO-Day Nov. 4th
    Members: Brandon, Klara, Elizabeth, Kendra, Austin, Quinn, Marketa, Danielle, Tabitha, Kaymi, Daisy
    -Kendra, Tabitha and Klara creating Comsumerism (Stuff) Display--to be done ideally for next meeting Oct. 27th
    -Kaymi & Daisy creating REDUCE... Happiness with less stuff display--to be done ideally for next meeting Oct. 27th
    -Quinn looking for donations of hot chocolate and cookies to give to people who bring their own mug that day
    -Marketa and Danielle putting on an eco-gift wrapping demo table for the day
    -Green Men will be present
    -Marketing campaign outlined at the Oct. 27th meeting to make people aware of day...focus on REDUCING...get stamp on hand when  commit to reducing for day
    -Heather looking into HOUR WITHOUT POWER for day with staff and admin... choosing an hour for lights out, no computers, no photocopier, etc. for awareness building.
    FInd the Source... peeling layers of the onion
    Members: Austin, Aldyn, Elizabeth, Griffin, Erich from SHS
    -each has a task for finding life cycle of certain items so it can be displayed for ECO DAY
    Members: Klara, Marketa, Meghean, Callie, Lochlan, Danielle
    -work parties next Tues and Thurs. after school
    Members: EVERYONE!
    Next meeting on Oct. 27th... report out + brainstorm ideas for getting the population of Reynolds to REDUCE.
    Tuesday 4-6pm Sustainable Highschools meets at Johnson Street Office  (burritos!!!)... who will be the REP for REYNOLDS???

    Oct. 13, 2010
    Brainstorming and Organizing for this year...
    GREEN MEN THIS WEEK... Waste Reduction Week!
    Welcome to Catherine Beaulac

    Focus Areas for this year??

    1) REDUCE campaign

    2) Courtyard Garden--> L.U.N.C.H.

    3) Finding the Source and Where does it go? 

    4) Ongoing Awareness Building: Nov. 4th Eco Day  April 22nd Earth Day

    5) Documenting the Journey (Green Games + Documentary with Judy from YES BC)


    Other Ideas:


    Ecoleague entry by Annkia

    Work Parties in the Garden T Oct. 19 and Thurs. Oct. 21


    SEPT. 29, 2010
    • Guest:  Judy Fainstein Founder, YesBC (Youth for Environmental Stewardship)
      IDEA to create a documentary of  Reynolds' green story and/or create training videos to be shared with others in the community.  
      Lots of schools are wanting to implement new recycling initiatives.  Many schools wish to learn Reynolds' system.  Documenting these events would be powerful.

    Judy may have a great opportunity to share the Reynolds story with help from Cisco Systems and their technology...

    Brandon, Grif, Aldyn, Jordan, Meaghan, Callie--Documentary Team to meet with Judy and create Reynolds Green Story Documentary... including past graduates... what they remember, where they are at now... Heather will e-mail you :-)

    • This year I am hosting 4 Eco-Workshop + evenings at Reynolds for Environment & Sustainability Students plus Guests (staff and students)

    The days for these evenings are:

    Thursday Sept. 30th...first one tomorrow!!

    Thursday Nov. 18th

    Thursday Mar. 3rd

    Thursday June 2nd


    The evenings will be held at Reynolds in room 32 (same room as our meetings)


    The Schedule for Thursday Sept. 30th  will be:

    4-4:30 Arrive, mingle, store potluck food (Sourced from VANCOUVER ISLAND)

    Potluck – (To the Irish, a potluck was a meal with no particular menu. Everyone participating brought a dish for all to share. The term comes from a time when groups of Irish women would gather together and cook dinner. They only had one pot so they cooked the meal together with whatever ingredients they happened to have that day.)

    Sources: Local Farms (Madrona, Haliburton, Healing Farm);  'For Good Measure' in Cadboro Bay has local flour from Mechosin and will also fill your own containers without using plastic bags!  Right beside For Good Measure, Peppers has local island/naturally raised meat and so does the Red Barn.  Qualicum Cheese, Wild Fire Bakery, Portofino Bakery.  If you have other ideas let me know and we will build our list!

    4:30-5:45 Eco-Flick : The Great Squeeze ( )

    5:45-7:00 Get Food Ready...while eating Discussion time (film, Modules, books, projects)

    7:00-8:00 Workshop Sierra High Schools (great connection for Sierra High Schools Youth Committee Members)


    Please e-mail me at to let me know if you will be joining us....and start sourcing your VANCOUVER  ISLAND potluck item J

    • BC Green Games Entries this year

    4 entries reserved--what will they be?   Our Green Story... L.U.N.C.H. (Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest) salad bar program... GREEN MEN CRUSADE on Recycle Awareness... marketing campaign?????

    • ECO Day 1st semester to balance EARTH Day second semester--idea from Quinn

    Plan for Nov. 4th--- committee to organize... Ideas: bring own mug get free hot chocolate and local baked cookie, awareness display...including RETHINK... using recycled paper.... etc.

    CHECK out links that are sent out for IDEAS and catalysts for REDUCE campaign...

    All week...first appearnce of the GREEN MEN...

    • Erich is the new Sierra Club BC's Sustainable High Schools Coordinator for the 2010-2011 school year.  They are starting up their Youth Steering Committee for this year and are  looking for any students who would be interested in getting involved. The Youth Steering Committee is intended to bring students together from the Greater Victoria area to collaborate on sustainability initiatives in their schools. The Sustainable High Schools Project provides students with the skills, resources and support necessary to create positive change in their personal lives and school communities. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 5th at 4pm, at the Sierra Club BC office at 733 Johnson st on the third floor. It will be informal and fun and a chance for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. We willl be sharing food, playing games and discussing what you hope to accomplish this year.

    •  Volunteers needed on Sunday

    Focus Areas for this year??

    1) REDUCE campaign

    2) Courtyard Garden--> L.U.N.C.H.

    3) Finding the Source and Where does it go? 

    4) Ongoing Awareness Building: Nov. 4th Eco Day  April 22nd Earth Day

    5) Documenting the Journey (Green Games + Documentary with Judy from YES BC)

    6) School-Wide Clay Mosaic for Front of School!!!!



    Get Real Reynolds EcoAction Leaders
    First Meeting Thursday Sept. 16, 2010
    1) Sign In
    2) Purpose of Group
    The purpose of the Get REAL (Reynolds EcoAction Leaders) group is to provide leadership to the staff & students at Reynolds for engaging in eco-friendly and responsible activities which impact both the school and broader community, and to connect with the staff E-Team for coordinated efforts.
    3) What we have done so far
    • Kick butt recycle program
    • Courtyard Garden & Secret Garden Parties
    • Native Plants at school front
    • Solar Panels on the roof
    • Some Eco-Friendly Products
    • Tracking Eco-Actions through SEEDS
    4) Env. & Sus. Course
    • Self Directed--Modules and book club + Eco-Involvement
    • 4 Vancouver Island Potluck/Eco-Flick/Discussion/Workshop evenings:  Th Sept. 30, Th Nov. 18, Th Mar. 3, Th June 2         4-8pm
    • Why take it?  Good overall grounding in primary topics, future careers will almost all connect to the Environment and Sustainability somehow...engaged in eco-action within Get REAL anyway... go the next step and get 4 credits.
    5) This year:
    • Meeting Times: suggest 2nd and 4th Wednesdays Lunch (extra meetings called when needed)
    • Areas of Interest Groupings: Recycling, Courtyard Garden (coordinate work parties, secret garden parties, farm to school program-- salad bar), Coordination (SEEDS tracking, Green Games Entries, promotion/awareness eg. Earth Week, Reynolds Green Map), Eco-Store (items, sales, fundraising), Eco Outreach,                                                                                                   
    • Focus for everyone this year: REDUCE (coffe cups, energy use, paper use, transportantion by gas power )...ideas

    -"Green Men", Operation coffee Mug revisited, Other--Brainstorm

    • Other ideas.... Eco Fair? 
    • Ideas for Green Games Entries this year: Recycle Evolution Part 3, Secret Garden Parties, Farm to School, Green Men and REDUCTION CAMPAIGN... other??