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The Coey Communicator

Yes BC Overview


YesBC (Youth for Environmental Stewardship)


Our Vision:


To increase awareness and find solutions to critical environmental issues by inspiring and empowering youth to lead the way to a sustainable future.




To deliver highest quality programming in schools that gives students the tools to be environmental leaders.




We believe that environmental education and visible youth action are key to creating a sustainable future and promoting a culture of conservation.  We take a collaborative approach and strengthen our programs by partnering with many community organizations, business leaders and members of the public and private sectors.  We need to provide young people with the best tools, knowledge, technology, resources and ongoing support to empower them to take action in ways that are relevant to them.  Youth need to be connected to their peers and have opportunity to reach out to their communities and beyond – to be a part of the global movement of social change. 


YesBC Programs are tailored to the needs of the schools and students, with offerings in the following modules (with more in development):


Program Modules:


Climate Project Canada presentation

Project Planning and Execution

Science and the Media – Who Do we Trust?

Community Based Social Marketing

Visioning and Community Green Mapping

Documenting your Story/Storyboarding/Videography

Technology and Social Media

Preparing for the Emerging Green Economy

Calculating our Carbon Footprint

Event Planning

Media training


Collaborators and Supporters include:


The Climate Project, founded by Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, David Suzuki Foundation, Steve Nash Foundation, One Million Acts of Green, Inconvenient Youth, GreenNexxus, Green Schools Alliance, Small Feet, Inc., Sierra Club of BC, FUN Society, UVic School of Earth and Ocean Science, UVic Dept of Geography, UBC Dept of History, Cisco Systems, Etraffic Solutions.


Funders include:


Steve Nash Foundation, City of Victoria, Corporation of the District of Oak Bay, Municipality of Saanich, Capital Regional District, BC Hydro




YesBC programs have been introduced to over 4,000 youth in BC schools, via workshops, climate presentations, district and provincial student leadership conferences and other environmental events.

Currently active in the following schools in 3 school districts in Greater Victoria:  Claremont, Belmont, Vic High, Mt. Doug, Oak Bay, Reynolds, Lansdowne, Glenlyon-Norfolk


High school students engaging with elementary and middle feeder schools (their ‘family of schools’) expands the reach (from hundreds to thousands) and provides powerful opportunities for student mentoring, student-led training/presenting and sustained grassroots action.


In the Spring of 2011, YesBC will, in partnership with multiple collaborators, coordinate a youth-driven regional event (youth summit) to celebrate the student’s accomplishments and engage the community in climate action.