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The Coey Communicator

Leadership Midway Reflection


Leadership Skill Development Reflection 





Leadership Action



No, not consistently

I have maintained a positive attitude throughout leadership activities & I enthusiastically encourage participation in leadership events/activities



I work respectfully with others (both younger and older)



I work with others as a team player



I attend all required meetings



I arrive on time to meetings



I am respectful during meetings, listening while others speak and not speaking myself until it is appropriate to do so



I complete projects that I begin



I have been involved with/initiated a process of receiving feedback and evaluating projects/activities that I have been part of



I have created (or co-created) a folder for an activity/activities that I have been part of



I have taken on a leadership role for a project as a main coordinator



I have taught others leadership skills that I have previously learned by mentoring other leadership students



I have put myself in the position to stretch my leadership skills and learn new things by choosing some activities/projects which are out of my comfort zone



I ask questions of those with more experience than I have in order to successfully complete project/activity tasks



I have attended leadership workshops to inspire further personal growth in leadership skills



I may get involved in many things but I am working on determining my focus area—my passion



I use the project planning forms appropriately



I handle money requisition forms appropriately



I  have advertised/marketed my project/activity effectively



I have given out “thank yous” quickly and appropriately at the end of projects/activities



I cleaned up and store away project materials



# of yes’s divided by 4 gives score (round to closest)


5              Skill Development is in refining stage – keep working at maintaining your skills and pushing yourself into new territory to build new skills and sharpen ones you have, as well as pass your skills on to others

4              Skill Development is in stable growth stage —a few things for self-improvement—be intentional about working on them

3               Skill Development is in active growing stage—make a plan for step by step improvement and growth over time (find a mentor to work with you on projects/activities) Learn from your mistakes…

2              Skill Development is in beginning stage—evaluate your goals for the leadership course and choose one area at a time to work on (find a mentor to work with you on projects/activities)




It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Name 3 main activities/projects that you have been involved in through leadership so far this year.  What role did you play in these activities?  What tasks did you personally complete?




What main area(s) in Reynold's Leadership Program are you most interested in and why? Open for Change, Spirit Fingers, Get R.E.A.L., Health Team.


From the list on the back, name two leadership actions that you have identified which you consistently do.  How did you get good at these?



From the list on the back, name two leadership actions that you have identified that you do not consistently do and give reasons why you think that is so.



What activities are you planning to be involved in, before the end of the year which will enable you to practice the leadership actions that you are not consistent in?


For which leadership project will you be part of creating a planning folder?


What else do you require to grow in your personal leadership development this year?


Is it your intention to get a formal grade in leadership this year?  Why or why not? If yes, do you have a plan to get there?