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The Coey Communicator

Light Bulb Orders



BC Hydro Lights for Learning Program

The Get R.E.A.L.  (Reynolds EcoAction Leaders) GROUP at Reynolds is selling packages of 3 compact fluorescent light bulbs (60 W equivalent) for the price of regular retail ($5 per package of 3) to promote reducing energy consumption…


If you would like in on this great deal, please fill out the order form below and bring to the school with your payment.  Orders can be given to Heather Coey in room 33 directly and light bulbs picked up immediately or you can put it in her mailbox and the light bulbs will be delivered to your class. 




Name of student at Reynolds picking up light bulbs __________________________


B Block Class Teacher and Room # (or alternate class if block B spare) _________________________


Number of packages ordering ________ x $5 = _________________(total payment)

*please make cheques payable to Reynolds Secondary School.


Thank you!

Heather Coey