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The Coey Communicator

Time Line with due Dates for 2008 Graduates

Graduation Transitions-- 2008 Graduates (these are graduation REQUIREMENTS)

v      All required documentation and forms can be found at:

v      Hand in completed documentation to Heather Coey, room 34 in Flex Alley or e-mail:



OCTOBER (complete by Oct. 31)

Complete your Healthy Living Plan and hand in

JANUARY (complete by Jan. 31)

Complete your work experience and/or community service (30 hours) and get forms in 

  • Paid jobs count
  • Career Prep Program Work Experience
  • Help with Cops for Cancer kick off Sept. 25th/Car Wash Sept. 29
  • Participate and help with Terry Fox Run Sept. 28th
  • Help with Remembrance Day Assembly Nov. 9th
  • Get involved with Christmas Hampers and/or other collections in November/December
  • Volunteer at a Soup kitchen
  • Help an elderly neighbour
  • Check out Volunteer Victoria
  • Check for other Opportunities

FEBRUARY (complete by Feb. 29)

Complete your 80 hours of physical activity and get documentation in

  • P.E. Classes in grade 11 and/or 12 count
  • Sports Teams count
  • General log of own activity raising heart rate
  • Walk or ride a bike to school and back
  • Join friends and walk at lunch for hour 3 x per week (~33 hours by end of Feb.)

MARCH  (complete by Mar. 31)

Complete your Transition Plan 

~ preparation for life after high school (resumes, cover letters, applications)

  • career, life, learning goals
  • transferable skills
  • budget
  • personal accomplishments

APRIL (presentation evening Wed.  April 23)

  • showcase/share your personal accomplishments + your Transition Plan Document and Summary
  • showcase 2-5 personal accomplishments from in or outside of school which you are most proud of/learned from/had an impact
  • bring your transition plan and any additional planning documents in a well organized binder
  • you must supply what you need for your showcase (e.g. if you wish to use technology you must bring a video camera or computer to show videos, slide shows, websites etc...)

IDEAS for showcasing your accomplishments: photo albums, samples of work (art, woodwork, poetry...), bring an instrument to play, do a small performance (drama, dance) by your table, certificates, awards, medals, trophies, letters...



For the Presentation evening, students will be given a spot at a table in the gym to showcase their own items and display their transition plan. 


Invited guests (parents/community members), teachers, other students will have 2.5 hours to tour the tables and talk with the students about their plans


3-4 pm              -time to set up

4-6 pm              -dinner break

6-8:30 pm          -time for circulation

8:30-9:00pm      -clean up

**if you choose not to do this, you must make a one-on one appointment to complete this requirement before this presentation evening**



Progress will be maintained on Integrade


Interim Reports will go home Nov. 27th and Feb. 8 and April 28th Report Cards






25%                Personal Health

12.5% Healthy Living Plan  

12.5% 80 hours Physical Activity

25%                Community Connections 

(30  hours +  reflection with employability skills check list )

25%                Career & Life Transition Planning

25%                Share and Showcase