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The Coey Communicator

Math 11 Course Outline




Sept. 4, 2007


Dear Principles of Math 11 student,


Welcome to FLEX PRINCIPLES OF MATH 11.  The Flexible Studies ~ Leadership in Learning Program at Reynolds follows the Principles of Math 11 Ministry format, designed for students intending to continue their education at University, or a similar post secondary institution.  The Principles of Math 10, 11 and 12 program is a rigorous math program (P. Math 11 is accepted for post secondary entrance).  Success is met through perseverance and steady effort over time.


To that end I have designed the FLEX MATH 11 program as a steadily paced program.  Greater flexibility is achieved by working ahead while still achieving good grades.  Increased flexibility and freedoms are granted if and only if a student shows personal responsibility and initiative towards achieving to the best of his/her ability in a timely fashion.  This student will then gain the opportunity to personalize his/her learning and take more control over time management for their course.


Math 10, 11 and 12 are much different from previous math courses.  They are much more rigorous and require you to stay on task for the duration of the course. Both Math 10 and 12 have provincial exams at the end; math 11 does not. You will find that I am much more directive of your time in these courses because there is not enough “room” for you to get “rope burn” and recover. You will stay on my pace for the daily schedule unless you get ahead on your own.     I would like for you to get your work done in class and not have homework as I know you are involved in so many other things outside of school—that means, staying on task!!





For this course you will be assessed in the following manner:

Final Exam: 20%                        Class mark:80%


Class mark

20 % Weekly Assignments/Assessments

30 % Unit Tests/Projects

50%  3 cumulative tests


The cumulative tests will contain everything up to and including the last unit.  The purpose of these tests is to ensure that review of all the material is occurring for the duration of the course rather than just cramming for the final exam at the end.  Learning is a process and sometimes it takes a while for something to sink in.  The cumulative tests also give you an opportunity to demonstrate you have learned “old” material later on.  In fact, if your final cumulative test is a better score than the average of all 3 I will omit the first 2 scores!


For this course you will need the following:

       Regular scientific calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30Xa is recommended)

       Graphing calculator (these will be available for use in class or you may purchase your own).  There are online ones available for use at home.

       Loose leaf paper in a binder for notes and assignment work

       Pencils, eraser, ruler

       Graph paper

       Addison-Wesley Mathematics 11 text book (loan from library)


Lessons and class schedules as well as good Math Links are posted on my website regularly

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I’m looking forward to a positive year with you all, and hope you are too!





Heather Coey