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The Coey Communicator

Finance Project Outline



 Financial Planning Unit


Go to my Planning Link on my website to find the links for all the information you are to collect.  Please note that you may find other sources if you like--even phoning directly :-)


Part A: Scenario: Imagine you are in grade 12 this year and next year you will be going to school somewhere to get the education/training you will require for one of your 5 Career Choices in the Career Cruising Project.  You must pay for your schooling as well as living on your own.  Assume that you have $1,000 in savings before you begin and that you will have a job earning you ~$1675 per month.  Work through check-list A collecting your information in a word document on your computer to show me when you are complete.  The budget to complete is linked at the very might want to copy and paste into a word document and fill it out as you go.


Part B: Scenario: Some time in the future you would like to purchase your own house.  To do this you will need a 15% down payment saved up and be able to get a mortgage and pay the monthly payments.  Work through check-list B collecting your information in a second word document to show me when you are complete.


Part C: Scenario: You really want to travel either before or after high school.  Plan a trip, including your budget.  Describe where you are going and what you are planning to do (include a picture of your destination).  Work through check-list C collecting your information in word document # 3 to show me when you are complete.


Part D: Scenario: In our world, Ethical Purchasing is becoming increasingly important.  Research our options locally for a given item and complete the worksheet D with your gathered information.  Save in word document #4 to show me when you are complete.