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Links for Career Exploration, Volunteer Service, Awards, Scholarships


Resources for Students

1. Programs for Career Exploration & Experience Resources



Encounters with Canada is a one-week program of Canadian studies held at The Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre, in Ottawa. From mid September to early December and from late January to early May, more than 138 high school students per week, aged 14 – 17 come from across the country to our Nation’s Capital for a once in a lifetime opportunity.


What sorts of people come to the Shad Valley program?
Our candidates tend to be creative and talented individuals—musicians, inventors, and young businesspeople—with strong leadership skills, the ability to work in a team, and solid academic records, particularly in math and science.

Participants spend the month of July at one of twelve excellent universities across Canada, where they attend lectures and workshops, and get involved in group projects. Some go on to five weeks of paid work with Shad partner companies, combining their own talents with the skills honed at Shad to tackle real-world challenges.


The BC Cancer Agency′s Trev & Joyce Deeley Research Centre (DRC) opened in Victoria in July 2003 and is the first cancer research centre on Vancouver Island. This state-of-the-art Research Centre is supported solely by the BC Cancer Foundation through generous contributions by donors. A research facility of this calibre offers many opportunities to the surrounding community, the DRC is pleased to be able to offer High School Programs that are geared towards Grade 11 and 12 students.

These programs have been designed to offer high school students the opportunity to explore cancer research from the front lines and learn the latest techniques being used today in the fight against cancer.

High School Outreach Program

The High School Outreach Progam (HSOP) was developed to bring the science research to the schools. This year we are taking the program to all the secondary schools in the Greater Victoria Area. To find out about when this program is coming to your school please go to the HSOP page


Secondary Schools


Company Program – A Student Venture


Dream Big - A Life Lesson with Tiger Woods


JA Titan


The Economics of Natural Disasters

Online Programs

The Economics of Staying in School Online Follow-Up Activities


2. Volunteer Service Resources


How Students Who Care works.

Five local high schools have formed youth advisory committees of students which are supported by a teacher advisor and the Victoria Foundation. During the school year they:

           Visit and learn about community organizations
          Give grants to local charities as determined by the students

It’s a hands-on and hearts-on experience for young people – and most importantly, it promotes the lifelong value of giving back to the community.

Any interested high school can participate in this program by contacting the Victoria Foundation at 381-5532 or


All about the YVCP

The Youth Volunteer Connections Program (YVCP) is for all youth 15 to 29 who are looking for volunteer experience in their community and need some help finding the right fit.

We offer:

                       One-on-one support 

             to youth

                       Assistance to service

             providers in finding

             youth volunteers

                       Workshops and

             presentations to Youth 

             Groups and Schools


Saanich Volunteer Services Society (SVSS) is a non-profit agency that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Society provides coordinated volunteer assistance to persons living within the Municipality of Saanich.

We provide service to people of all ages; however, most of our clients are seniors who need help to remain in their own homes, apartments or condominiums. Some are experiencing temporary mobility impairment or awaiting placement in a supported living site, all are trying to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Our volunteer services include:

                       Companion Visiting

                       Supported Transportation

                       Telephone Visitation

                       Walking Companion

                       Yard Work

                       Minor Home Repairs

                       Personal Shopping


                       Income Tax Form

            Completion, etc.




Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the Victoria Hospice program as an essential part of our interdisciplinary team. Over 500 people are active as trained Victoria Hospice volunteers, providing companionship and practical support to our patients and family members. Volunteers may work in people’s homes or on our in-patient unit, or may make contact regularly by phone.

All volunteers, except for our Thrift Boutique volunteers, complete 35 hours of classroom training followed by 15 hours of on-the-job training on our unit. Victoria Hospice offers three volunteer training programs per year.  Read our volunteer commitment guidelines before applying, and then complete the volunteer application form.

2010 Legacies Now


For further information about these and other volunteer opportunities with the Canadian Red Cross contact the BC Coastal Region Office located at 909 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC V8V 3A3  Telephone: 250-382-2043 or 1-800-661-9055, E-mail:



Operation Trackshoes (OT) is a provincial sports festival held at the University of Victoria for the citizens of British Columbia who have a mental disability. Operation Trackshoes includes a full-length competitive track and field meet, events for athletes in wheelchairs, and many fun and recreational events as well.


We see thousands of cats, dogs, and small animals every year and we need YOU to help make their stay more comfortable. Please consider volunteering!


Patient Support Youth Volunteer
This is a year-round, program for high school students between the ages of 14 and 18 years.  The volunteer will provide patient support through visiting, library service, escorting patients to Hymn Sing or other leisure programs and office helpers. 


Volunteering at the NEED Crisis & Information Line gives you the opportunity to meet caring, like-minded people. There are social events, guest speakers and advanced training workshops throughout the year.


The Dragon Boat Festival - “Duan Wu Jie” in Chinese - is traditionally celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.   Each year hundreds of volunteers and committed event organizers whose tireless efforts make this event such a tremendous success.


Victoria AM is a non profit society, incorporated in 1984, with the mission “to enhance and support Tourism in Victoria”.  Students are always welcome to volunteer as greeters for cruise ships visiting Victoria


The Mustard Seed relies on our volunteers to provide many of the services we offer to our guests. In 2004 we had over 9,987 volunteers that gave of their time and energy on either a weekly, monthly, quarterly or one-time occasion. We are most thankful for each and every one of them and what they gave to The SEED.


You can give the gift of time.  If you would you like to volunteer to help the Queen Alexandra Foundation For Children, simply fill out an online Volunteer Application Form and send it in to the Foundation at:

2400 Arbutus Road, Victoria BC V8N 1V7
Phone:  250-721-6843  Fax:  250-721-6715



3. Community Awards & Recognition Resources


The Youth in Action Award Program was started in 1990 as a way to recognize the positive contributions of young people in the community. Initially, it was a program of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the winners from School District #61(Greater Victoria) were recognized with a plaque presentation at a Chamber luncheon.

Originally, there were five categories of recognition – Academics, Athletics, Community Service, Performing Arts and Perseverance. In 1994 a sixth category of award was added to recognize the Practical Arts since it was felt that the trades and technology areas of study were being ignored.

                     The Student Entrepreneurs’ Program, initiated in the Spring of 1995, provides students with real world business issues and challenges for resolution. Students participate in partnership with business people and teachers, enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the business world, and in the process, sampling potential career options including entrepreneurship.


Do you know a Vancouver Island Amazing Kid doing great things in school, sports or the arts? A kid that has overcome adversity, volunteers his or her time or has done something heroic?

We want to celebrate the accomplishments of these Amazing Kids by highlighting them every Thursday on A-Channel News with Hudson Mack and awarding them a $1,000 scholarship!


Youth Now Volunteer Leadership Awards | Every year we hold a gala event to recognize the amazing contributions youth make to our community. Individuals and groups from ages 11 through 24 who have provided extraordinary community service are nominated, and winners are selected by United Way’s Youth Advisory Council. Four individuals and one group receive the award each year.


The Youth Recognition Program recognizes Saanich youth between the ages of 11 and 19 years for noteworthy achievements in the face of adversity,
and for community service dedication. All nominated candidates will receive a certificate acknowledging their nomination.

The District of Saanich will present both cash and awards in two categories:

Recognizes a youth or youth group that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the face of adversity. This award also recognizes youth who exhibit exceptional achievement in life.

Recognizes a youth or youth group that has made significant contributions to the community. Contributions made while working with neighbourhood groups, school groups and other non profit organizations or volunteer agencies will all be considered.


4. Scholarships and Bursaries Resource


Welcome to BC Awards Online, the online database of scholarships, bursaries, and awards for B.C. students. BC Awards Online includes awards for Grade 12 students from governments, post-secondary institutions, private industry, and non-profit organizations and is searchable by school district, career area, keyword, or deadline date.

BC Awards Online will help you find scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to you and will assist you in successfully applying for them:

See Reynolds Career Centre Site for other resource links

See Oak Bay’s Career Centre site for more resource links