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The Coey Communicator

Grade 12 Transition Plan (3.1)

Transition Plan


Name: _____________________________________


Date:  ______________________________________


Current Resume 

Reference Letter

Application for Employment and/or Application for Post Secondary Education





1.      Are you on track to graduate? __________________________________

2.      Are you considering higher education? ___________________________

        Apprenticeship Program?___________________________________

        Two to four years trade school/college/University?_______________

3.      What is your area of interest?___________________________________

        Have you had the opportunity to job shadow in your field of interest? _____________________________________________

        Have you completed career cruising?  ______________________

  1. What schools are under consideration? ___________________________________________________________

        Do you plan to visit and check them out?         _____________________

        Do you know their admission criteria? _____________________

5.      How do you plan to pay for school? ______________________________

        Have you looked into scholarships?____________________________

        Grants? (Employers, high schools, local churches, organizations)____

        Work-study?        ___________________________________________

        Loans?     ________________________________________________



1.      Are you currently employed?_____      If no, skip to question #8

  • What do you do?       __________________________________________
  • Do you have benefits?          _____________________________________

2.   Do you like what you are doing? ___________________________________

3.      What do you like about your job? ___________________________________

4.      What don't you like? ____________________________________________

5.      How many hours per week are you able to work? ______________________

6.      What type of notification does your employer require for sick/personal time? _____________________________________________________________

7.      Have you matched your income, expenses and budget?  ________________

If not currently employed:

8.      What is your plan to find employment? ______________________________

9.      Do you have a social insurance #?__________________________________

10. Do you have previous work experience? _____________________________

11. What do you need in order to pursue future career goals? ________________________________________________________________



1.             Have you had any experience with using a budget? ___________________

2.             What is your current income?_____________________________________

3.             Do you have a job? ____________________________________________

4.             What items have you considered regarding a budget? (estimated monthly cost)

Housing___________ Food___________ Transportation______________

Utilities___________  Clothing_________  Medications________________

Laundry__________   Vitamins_________ Entertainment______________

Insurance__________ Daily Living_______School Expenses __________

Income Tax________Savings___________Other____________________

5.             Do you have a savings account? _________________________________

6.             Do you have a checking account? ________________________________

7.             Do you have any existing debt? __________________________________

  Credit cards? _______________________________________________

  Loans? (Personal and otherwise) ________________________________

  Other? ____________________________________________________

8.             Summary:

-Estimated Income all sources:___________________________________

-Estimated Expenses (above): ___________________________________

Savings? ____________________________________________________

Not enough? What is your plan?__________________________________



1. Where do you currently reside? _________________________________

2. Given your financial resources, how much rent can you afford to pay? ____________________________________________________________ 

If you are Looking for a place to live:

3. Is there transportation (public transit)? Is it close to school or work? ________________________________________________________________

4. Will you need a roommate to make it affordable? _______________________

5. Will you have to sign a lease? ______________________________________

6. Security deposit amount? _________________________________________

7. Utilities included? ________________________________________________

8. What condition is the apartment in? __________________________________

9.             Is it safe?  ___________________________________________________



1.      Are you currently on medical and dental plans?          _____________________

2.      Do you know how to sign up for your own plans? ______________________

3.      Do you know the name / number of your doctor and how to schedule a doctor's appointment? _____________________________________________

4.      Does your employer / school offer extended health / dental benefits that you could take advantage of? ____________________________________________




1. How do you get around now? ______________________________________

2. Do you have a driver’s license?

3. If not, is public transportation available?  Cost? ________________________

4. Are you interested in buying a car?  _________________________________

        Do you know where to go to get credit to buy a car?__________________  

        Do you know how to get insurance?           __________________________

        Assistance with car repairs?           ________________________________


Support Systems:


When you need to talk something through, or need someone to lend an ear, whom do you turn to?

        Friends, Siblings, Parents/Birth & Foster, Teachers , Counselors,

     Relatives, Mentors, Pets , Church Community, Other




Leisure Time/Recreation:


1.      What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?             _____________________

2.      How do you spend your leisure time?               __________________________

3.      Interests? ____________________________________________________

4.      Hobbies? ____________________________________________________

5.      Sports/Exercise?            ___________________________________________

6.      Quiet activities? ________________________________________________

 Part II Goals

         For Part II, discuss your goals in the areas discussed in the above questions:



In six (6) months

In one (1) year

In five (5) years
















Support Systems

















In six (6) months

In one (1) year

In five (5) years





















 Part III.  Needs


What do I need to help me reach my future goals?

For this section, think about the goals you have listed above and identify those areas in which you may need more training, skills development, financial aid, etc., in order to help you succeed. 

For example, you may have a goal to get a job in six months, but aren’t quite sure how to work in an office environment because you have worked in restaurants only.  Consequently, a “need” you have is to learn basic office skills and behavior.







Support Systems: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Leisure Time / Recreation:


Other: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________