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The Coey Communicator

Link Emotional Well-Being to Personal Health--Flour Baby Project (6.4)


Aspect 6.4    Personal Health

                        Link Emotional Well-being to General Health

                        (Modified to focus on Personal Relationships Flour Baby Project


Criterion #1

Keep a journal of “parental” interaction regarding care of ‘flour’ baby.  Keep notes on the decisions that had to be made and how you went about making them with your ‘partner’.


Criterion #2

Identify and discuss the stressors involved in sharing the care of the “baby”.  Think about stressors on relationships with others as well (e.g. money, time, sleep, stigma, priorities…)
























Criterion #3

Research and list methods, strategies and resources for assisting with the stress.  Include references where you found your information.
















Criterion #4

Identify concrete steps that could be taken in general to reduce emotional stress in young people.















Criterion #5

Analyze the long-term impact on prolonged stress on an individual, family, baby…