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The Coey Communicator

Make Health Enhancing Decisions- Crystal Meth Workshop (6.5)



Decision-Making Model

Portfolio Choice: Aspect 6.5

Make health enhancing decisions

Demonstrate an understanding of how to apply a decision-making model to a health decision.


Seven Steps in a decision-making Model

1)     Identify the Issue

2)     Identify the alternative(s)

3)     Gather Information

4)     Analyze the information

5)     Make a decision

6)     Take Action

7)     Evaluate the Decision


  1. Attend the seminar on Crystal Meth
  2. Notes (attach brochure)













  1. Follow the decision-making model (see above) to complete the following:

I)                    Identify the issue a real or hypothetical choice/decision you might have to make around the topic of Crystal Meth






II)                   Identify the alternative(s)






III)                 Gather Information

  1. Describe the situation/lifestyle of a Crystal Meth User





  1. Describe Crystal Meth.  What does it look like and how is it made?





  1. What are the negative effects of using Crystal Meth?





IV.Analyze the information (weigh pros and cons)







V. Make a Decision (Real or Hypothetical)




VI. Take Action (if this situation has NOT arisen for you yet you may say so as your answer)






VII. Evaluate the decision (if this situation has NOT arisen for you yet you may say so as your answer)






  1. Identify 5 other health related topics that are important to teenagers.  Identify the long-term health consequences for each.