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The Coey Communicator

Customized Aspect 6.6 Physical and Mental Challenge Expedition



Organizer: Personal Health

Aspect 6.6 Customized Aspect— Participates in a Physical and Mental Challenge through a planned Expedition


Criterion #1               

Documents participation in an expedition over a minimum of 2 days and 1 night averaging 6 hrs per day spent journeying, navigating and route finding, setting up and striking camp and other activities related to the purpose of the journey.







Criterion #2               

Identifies the purpose for the expedition (i.e. clearing a trail, environmental assistance in an area etc.)








Criterion #3               

Documents engagement in basic training and a practice journey for the expedition such as emergency planning, first aid, map reading etc.








Criterion #4               

Connects healthy eating, drinking water, sleeping etc. to successful completion of the journey.








Criterion #5               

Analyzes the mental challenge of the journey and how it was of benefit through keeping a journal on the trip.