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The Coey Communicator

Customized Aspect 5.5 High-End Use of Technology

Organizer: Community Involvement & Responsibility

Aspect 5.5 Customized Aspect--  High-end use of Information Technology


Criterion #1               

Documents the use of software to create a presentation for a specific school report/project, personal interest project and/or community initiative.








Criterion #2               

Uses complex technology to present the information (multi-media CD, website, movie, etc.)








Criterion #3               

Explains why the choice of technology is appropriate for the intended audience.









Criterion #4               

Includes documented response/s to your presentation format, content, and skills, from your audience. (classmates, teachers, community group) – this should be in the format of a web blog, video feedback or other technological media.








Criterion #5               

Evaluates the impact of your chosen technology on your ability to communicate effectively with your intended audience.