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The Coey Communicator

Customized Aspect 2.5 Trip/Travel

Organizer: Community Involvement & Responsibility

Aspect 2.5 Customized Aspect--  Describe a trip that you went on (may be used up to 2 times with unique travel experiences learning new things.


Criterion #1               

Describes (using a scrapbook of photos, travel guides, etc.) a trip that was taken, including Where? When? Why? How? With Whom? What the travel agenda was?








Criterion #2               

Compares & Contrasts the culture(s) and community(ies) visited with our own.








Criterion #3               

Identifies a social need in the community or something our community could learn from the one visited?









Criterion #4               

Recommends a project that could be devised to build a connection between the community visited and our own (perhaps to satisfy the need or to learn something from each other).








Criterion #5               

Describes how the experience had a personal impact.