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The Coey Communicator

Customized Aspect 2.5 Community Service Focus

Organizer: Community Involvement & Responsibility

Aspect 2.5 Customized Aspect— Community Service Focus


Criterion #1               

Documents participation in one or more activities over a minimum of 2 years (grades 10-12).








Criterion #2               

Documents participation in a minimum of 80 hours of community service during grades 10-12, including a log documenting the authenticity of the activity.








Criterion #3               

Reflects on the experience of being involved in community service over time and how it has impacted you and those who benefited from your service.








Criterion #4               

Recommends a project that could be devised as a follow-up to something you have been involved with that could provide for continued or greater service.








Criterion #5               

Describes a plan (or intention) for continued community service beyond grade 12.