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Portfolio Scope & Sequence ...or..."What should be done by When in order to stay on track"


“The future is not some place we’re going to, but one we are creating.

The paths are not found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.”

John Schaar


Always having the end in Mind…

  • Demonstrate thoughtful selection of portfolio evidence
  • Demonstrates effort initiative & commitment
  • Demonstrates meaningful reflection on portfolio evidence
  • Demonstrates meaningful reflection on the portfolio process and learning
  • Demonstrates meaningful reflection on the Graduation portfolio experience and how it might affect future life choices


Grade 9


      Health & Career Education 9

       Introduce to Reflective Analyzing

      Portfolio information Start-up Package


Grade 10


          Planning 10 teacher (initial portfolio coach)

          Students select a secondary coach from their lives (e.g. a parent) who will assist them in achieving their portfolio goals

          formal interim assessing and reporting (2x per year)

      Planning 10

       Reflective Analyzing throughout

       PRO  (Purpose, Reflection & Outcomes) Skill Training

       Initial Transition Plan 

-         Career Cruising

-         Resume

-         Course Selection

       A Willock’s updated report should be given out each reporting period

       Complete CORE Information Technology by building Website on Willock’s aspect 5.1

       Complete CORE Art & Design aspect 1.1

-organize a planning 10 class performance etc. and have them do a response

-Resource form for IDEAS

-Response form for aspect 1.1

       Complete CORE Community Involvement & Responsibility aspect 2.1

-organize a  planning 10 class service project to engage in and have them do a reflection on the experience

-Resource form for IDEAS

-Reflection form for aspect 2.1

       Peer Assessment and Reflection Time

       For CORE aspect 3.1 Employability Skills (30 hrs. Work/Volunteer) students will complete as many hours as possible + have a written game plan to show how they plan to finish the 30 hours and reflection by Christmas in grade 11 or by the end of their Career Prep. Program if they are enrolled in one.

       Complete CHOICE Aspect 3.2 Research education, career, and life information

       Total 15 pts CORE complete (minimum)

       Total 15 pts CHOICE complete (minimum)

       Total 30 pts completed (minimum) for portfolio by the end of grade 10

Grade 11
  •       Students assigned a portfolio coach through grade 11
  •  formal interim assessing and reporting (2x per year)

Portfolio 11, Career Prep. Course, “Other”

-Portfolio Coaching

       Reflective Analyzing throughout

       Reinforcement of PRO skills

       Expanding Transition Plan

       A Willock’s updated report should be given out each reporting period

       Go to Gr. 12 Presentation Day

       Complete CORE aspect 6.1 (80 hrs. of Physical Activity)

       Complete CORE aspect 3.1 (30 hrs. of Work/Volunteer experience and Reflection by Christmas

       Presentation Skill Building/Practice

       Look at what was done in grade 10, reflect on it, look to grow and expand

       Peer Assessment and Reflection Time

       Material scanned/uploaded (evidence) entered into Portfolio website on ongoing basis

       Total 15 pts + additional 10 pts (25) completed for CORE

       Total 15 pts +additional 10 pts (25)  more for CHOICE

       Total 50 pts completed for portfolio by the end of grade 11


Grade 12


       Students maintain contact with coaches

       Can sign up for appointments 

  Portfolio 12 Seminar/Coaching Appointment

     Reflective Analyzing throughout

     Completing Transition Plan

         -Complete CORE Education & Career Planning Aspect 3.1

           by Christmas

     Have all portfolio evidence complete & updated to portfolio website/CD by Christmas

     Willock’s updated reports given at each reporting period

     Seminar Session (all students in September)

           -Keynote Speaker

                  -transition plan

                  -application process


                  -presentation format/sign-up


     Seminar Session (all students in November)

               -Keynote Speaker

               -transition plan

               -application process


               -presentation format/sign-up


     1st 2 weeks in December release time for Portfolio Coaches –students sign up for reflection time/ presentation feedback and to add any final material to portfolios

                Early 2nd Semester Portfolio presentation Day! Celebration!




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