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The Coey Communicator

Portfolio Reflection Journal Guide


The Portfolio is really a process of reflecting on your learning and products of learning (evidence) over time…


Ultimately you are to:

  • demonstrate thoughtful selection of portfolio evidence;
  • demonstrate effort, initiative & commitment;
  • demonstrate meaningful reflection on portfolio evidence;
  • demonstrate meaningful reflection on the portfolio process and learning and;
  • demonstrate meaningful reflection on the Graduation portfolio experience and how it might affect future life choices. 


To honour this process you need to periodically review your portfolio and ask yourself the questions listed on the back of this sheet, keeping notes in this REFLECTION JOURNAL.  You do not have to restrict yourself to these questions.  You also do not have to write specific answers to each question…it is probably best to use them as a guideline as you just write in your journal.  Bloom’s Taxonomy has been used for a long time to help people use vocabulary to meet higher levels of reflective thinking.  Take a look at it to help you with words you might use in your reflective writing J  Don’t expect this to necessarily come easily (it may or may not).  It is a process over time and YOUR process.  Try to avoid comparing with others.  Just try YOUR BEST—you are uniquely you and that is what this is all about.




  1. Take a look at your chosen items.   Why did you choose the particular item for the aspect?

2.       Have you modified your selection?  Have you chosen something new and different?  Why did you make the change?  Has something changed for you?  Have you learned something more? What have you learned about yourself from the experience(s) associated with the evidence?

  1. What makes you proud of your chosen work?  How is it special to you?
  2. Are you able to identify specific skills, attributes, attitudes that are reflected via your selected evidence or the activity?
  3. How much effort have you put into your portfolio so far?
  4. How have you shown initiative in your work?  Have YOU taken part in the selection of items?
  5. Does your portfolio represent YOU?  Who you are? What you have learned? What your interests are?  Where your strengths are?  How you are working to improve any areas that are not strengths?
  6. What is your commitment to your portfolio?  What value do you think your portfolio has for you?  For your future?
  7. How do you feel about what this evidence represents and why?
  8. Has your view of your portfolio changed?  How?
  9. What have you learned since your last reflection?  Have you identified any areas for further growth or development as a result of the understandings associated with this evidence?
  10. What do you think about reflecting on your evidence? Why is it important?  What does in mean to be INTENTIONAL about something?
  11. Did you face any particular challenges in being able to demonstrate this evidence?
  12. Have you done anything through your portfolio that you otherwise might not have tried?  If so, how was it?
  13. What are your future hopes and dreams right now?  Have they changed significantly over the last 3 years?  Have they changed significantly recently?
  14. What part has your portfolio journey/experience played in looking at your future?  How does this evidence and the learning associated with it relate to your other interests or experiences?  Is there a potential linkage to career interests?
  15. What things do you think you want to change about your portfolio? Why?
  16. Any ideas about how and what you want to present yet?
  17. How is/are your accomplishment(s) understood or seen by others (peers, parents, teachers)?
  18. Anything else worth mentioning?