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Experiments and Scientific Method
Choosing your personal experiments: 
Check these links to help you find an experiment...remember to check the experiment outline for time and cost and choose accordingly :)

Science Fair Projects 

Steve Spangler Science Experiments


Science Bob Experiments


What If??? ideas 


Myth Busters



One thing everyone likes best about Science is Experiments!   Researching and presenting a demo for the class which illustrates a science concept is a great way to learn and have fun too!

You can do the Demo LIVE for the class or video your demo and  show the class electronically or take photos doing your demo at home and create a power point to show the class.


         Choose demo

         Get equipment for demo & Practice Demo

         Perform for class (Live or electronically)

         Be able to explain the Science involved (research this ahead of time)


Personal Experiment Template


Science 9 Specific Resources

Science 9 Final Assessment Outline

Click Here for the BC Science 9 Learning Centre Resources (includes link to online text) Get User Name and Password from Heather

Science 10 Specific Resources

Click Here for the BC Science 10 Learning Centre Resources (includes link to online text) Get User Name and Password from Heather

Click Here for the Science 10 Provincial Exam Specifications

Click Here for the BC Science 10 Exam Data Pages

Click Here for the Science 10 Curriculum Document

Unit 1: Ecology
  • 1-1A Observing Patterns in World Biomes p. 11
  • 1-1C Analyzing Climatographs p. 30-31 (you also do in SS10)
  • 1-2C Predator-Prey Simulation p. 49 (needs a full class to do)
  • 2-1B Comparing Available Energy p. 65
  • 2-2A Understanding Nutrient Cycles p. 70
  • 2-2B The Amazing Nutrient Cycle Race p. 87
  • 2-3A Simulating Toxic Effects in an Ocean Ecosystem p. 93 (would need to coordinate the class to participate...could be a teaching lesson)
  • 3-1A Adaptations to Aquatic Environments p. 109
  • 3-1B Modelling Succession in Ecosystems p. 118-119
  • 3-2B Be a Media Wathdog on Environmental Issues p. 135
  • 3-3B Can Island Invaders Be Stopped? p. 145

*Deeper Project Ideas:

  • Reducing Your Ecological Footprint p. 152
  • Assessing Electronic Products from Cradle to Grave p. 153


Unit 2: Chemistry
  • Calcium Metal in Water p. 165
  • 4-1A Observing Chemical Changes p. 169
  • 4-1B Modelling Compounds p.181
  • Unknown Gases Experiement (Heather's Binder)
  • 4-3A Investigating Mass Changes in a Reaction p. 203
  • 4-3B Observing Chemical Change p. 213
  • 5-1A Acid, Base or Neutral p. 221
  • 5-1B Properties of Acids and Bases p. 230-231
  • 5-2A Three Salts p. 235
  • 5-3C Using Models to Represent Oganic Compounds p. 249
  • Single Replacement Micro Reactions (Heather's Binder)
  • Double Replacement Micro Reactions (Heather's Binder)
  • Reaction Rates with Glow Sticks (Heather's Binder)
  • 7-1C Modelling Radioactive Decay p. 299
  • Radioactive Decay of Candium (Heather's Binder)
  • 7-3B Modelling Chain Reactions p. 322

*Deeper Project Ideas:

  • Evaluating Nuclear Waste Storage p. 323
  • Chemicals Among Us p.331
  • Chemical Reaction making the Human Body Work
Unit 3: Motion
  • Think Fast p. 341
  • 8-1B Distance and Displacement p. 352
  • 8-1C Graphing Motion Data p. 352
  • 8-1D Analyzing a Position-Time Graph p. 355
  • 8-1E Toy Car TIe Trials p. 356-357
  • 8-1F Slow Motion and Fast Motion Trials p. 358-359
  • 8-2B Slope and the Position-Time Graph p. 367
  • 8-2C Determining Average Velocity p. 370
  • 8-2E Walk This Way p. 372-373 (Need 11 students with timers on watches--- could be used as a teaching activity)
  • 9-1A What is happening to this Motion? p. 381
  • 9-1B Change in Velocity p. 383
  • 9-1C Accelerated Motion p. 387
  • 9-2A Crash-Test Eggs p. 393
  • 9-2B Analyzing Motion on a Velocity-Time Graph p. 396
  • 9-2C Acceleration Due to Gravity p. 401

*Deeper Project Idea:

  • The Physics of Sports and Human Motion p. 411
Unit 4: Plate Tectonics
  • 10-1B Condcution in Action p. 432 (modifications)
  • 10-1C Coloured Convection Currents p. 433
  • 10-2A Temperature in Earth's Atmosphere p. 437
  • 10-2D Build a Barometer p. 457
  • 11-2A What's All the Hot Air About CO2? p. 483
  • 11-2B Calculating Carbon Emissions p. 497
  • 12-1C Piecing Together Pangaea p. 515
  • 12-2B Cardboard Tectonics p. 521

*Deeper Project Ideas:

  • Minimizing the School's Carbon Footpring p. 542
  • Climate Change, Where do we go from here? p. 543

Other Science Resources by Topic


Lab Safety (9&10)


(General Lab Safety)

3) (hazardous materials symbols)

Chemistry (9&10) (general Chemistry topics) (Harry Potter Singing Element Song) (interactive periodic table) (another interactive periodic table) (periodic table of videos) (Khan Academy- Chemistry topic videos)
Bozeman's Video Balancing Equations (11:08)
Bozeman's Video Physical vs Chemical Changes (11:07)
Bozeman's Video Covalent vs Ionic Bonds (8:57)
Bozeman's Video Naming Compounds -1 (10:51)
Bozeman's Video Naming Compounds-2 (5:38)

Mrs. Chen's Science 10 Review Lesson Chem. 10 

Biology--Reproduction (9)
Genome Journey used in class 
Khan Academt Biology Topic Vidoes
Blood Basics

Biology--Ecology  (10)

Bioremediation:  3:53


DDT:  4:01


Experimental Lakes (acidification/flooding):  7:00


Fraser Valley pollution:  5:40


Insects (alien species effect): 7:12


Methane Emissions (cows): 7:27


How Ecosystems Work…cycling nutrients:  3:24


Song for Food Chain and Trophic levels: 2:46


Bioaccumulation & Biomagnification Pac Man Style: 1:45


Species Adaptation : 7:00


Human Influence on Ecology Mapped:  3:10


Biomes: 7:55


Eutrophication: 3:37


Traditional Management of Garry Oak Meadows:  6:39


Ecosystems and Biomes 15:55


Biotic Interactions –Types of Symbiosis  5:16


Energy Transfer in Ecosystems: 14:12


Biotic Interactions: 1:14

Drawing a Climate Graph :57


Nitrogen Cycle: 6:01


Nitrogen Cycle Made Simple 5:14


The Cycle Series—Nitrogen Cycle: 14:04


Carbon Cycle:  2:34


Carbon Cycle Made Simple:  1:05


The Cycle Series—Carbon Cycle  11:08


Phosphorus Cycle Made Simple: 1:05

Trophic Levels and Energy transfer: 6:44


Bioaccumulation & Biomagnification:  4:09

Succession Song: 3:59

Ecological Succession of the Climax Forest: 6:22

Invasive Species: 8:11

E-Flora BC--Invasive Species List:

E-Fauna BC--Invasive Spciesl List:

Invasive Plant Species in Saanich:

CRD Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species:

Saanich Invasive Species Brochures:

BC Frog Watch

Environmental Sustainability Saanich BC: 

Sustainability Animation: 2:02

Jack Johnson's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Song 3:27

Sustainable Earth Song: 3:48

Lover Earth Original Song: 5:17

 Flash Cards: 

Physics--Motion (10)
Khan Academy Physics Topic Videos
Kinematics (Motion) online tutorial
Motion Graphs
Moving Man Motion Simulator
Minute Physics You Tube Clips...neat ideas to ponder

Mrs. Chen's Class Review Video Lessons for Physics 10 
    Electricity (9)

    Earth & Space Science
    Khan Academy Earth & Space Science Videos
    Plate Tectonics video
    How Stuff Works Volcanoes (3:02)
    How Stuff Works Earthquakes (2:17)
    Bill Nye Volcanoes (23:01)
    Bill Nye Earthquakes (23:01)
    Bill Nye Earth's Crust (23:01)

    Broad Scope Resources
    BBC Science
    Bozeman Science Videos
    Science Documentaries
    Science & Nature Documentaries on Netflix
    Heather's DVD Library