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The Coey Communicator

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          Work does not yet meet grade-level expectations

          New concepts and skills are not yet mastered or sufficiently understood

Corresponds to:

Incomplete (I)

          Evidence of meeting outcomes is inconsistent

          Lack of understanding in applying concept/and or skill often apparent

          Further support and practice to ensure success are required

Corresponds to:

Minimally Acceptable Performance (C-; 50-59%)

Satisfactory Performance (C; 60-66%)

          Work meets grade-level expectations

          Evidence that relevant learning outcomes have been met

          New concepts and skills are understood and applied consistently

          New Concepts and Skills are mastered, applied and extended

          Using skills to help others


Corresponds to:

Outstanding Performance (A+: 95-100%)

Getting the job done but not reaching

Working to best of ability

Actively engaged in improving skills and learning to a higher level

Corresponds to:

Good Performance (C+; 67-72 %)

Very Good Performance (B; 73-85%)

Excellent Performance (A: 86-94)


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