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The Coey Communicator

Letter to Pages and Parents


Flexible Studies – Leadership in Learning

Reynolds Secondary School






Dear Pages and Parents,


The Flex team would like to take this opportunity to remind students and parents that the Flex program accommodates students who are away by excusing students from class time, ensuring that they receive assignments and have access to lesson material and providing extensions for assignments. However, it is still the responsibility of the students themselves to get their schoolwork done in a reasonable amount of time. The page program is just like any other extra-curricular activity or after school job in this respect; if students who are missing instruction on a regular basis are having difficulties keeping up with the curriculum, then it is up to their families to decide whether or not they should continue to work or whether a private tutor might be required.


Part of the Flex commitment to our students is to support them as they take advantage of opportunities such as the page program.  However, as their teachers, our first commitment, must be to their education as it is defined by the Ministry of Education.  This is particularly important with our grade 10 students, as they face provincial examinations at the end of three courses (English, Math, and Science).  We want our students to be successful and will do what we can to support them.  The real effort, however, must come from them.  Thus, the page program is best suited to strong students who are self-directed and capable of accessing needed resources.


We look forward to continued connection between school and home, and welcome any questions you might have about student progress or about this letter.  Thank you for taking the time to give this some thought. 






The Flex Team