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The Coey Communicator

Page Program Information and Application


Page Program:
The Page Program through Flexible Studies ~ Leadership in Learning is an excellent way to gain employable skills, learn about Canadian politics and obtain work experience while earning a respectable wage.  Students can earn in the neighbourhood of $1,000 in a semester (depending on how often the house sits).  


Specifics regarding Page Program


  A job application must be made to the program to be a page (including a resume and cover letter--use the links below for description of page duties and other information regarding the program)

  Applications may be taken as soon as acceptance into the Flex Program has been received and are due no later than the first week in September

  Interviews occur during the second week in September (generally 14 students will be accepted)

  Students are paid approximately $9.00 per hour and work 5.5 hour shifts

  Students are required to report to duty for their shift at 12:45 and leave for home at 5:40 pm (they are paid from 12:30-6:00 and are also paid for training time and fitting days as well)


The Program is looking for the following qualities in individuals:

  Willing to commit to one full year of paging Sept.-June

  Strong work ethic


  “go-getter”, takes initiative

  Available two afternoons per week

  Attentive, alert, and able to focus

  Interested in Canadian Politics

  Able to manage time well in order to make up for missed school time and able to do missed work in a self-directed manner (students may do school work during breaks while working)

  Ability to cope with tedium at times J

Link to: Flex letter to Pages & Parents

Link to: Page Duties

Link to: Page Information Sheet from Legislature