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The Coey Communicator

11 Common Sense Learning Principles


11 common-sense learning principles:

  • Tell stories. We remember good stories, and the lessons endure.
  • Play games. Games involve the learner and many senses, foster high-level thinking, reinforce the value of goals and rules, and show outcomes.
  • Explore and experiment. Immediately engaging learners motivates them to discover what they need to know more about.
  • Use pictures. Visuals add meaning, a framework, and relevance.
  • Have a coach. Learning is incomplete without one.
  • Learn with others. Interaction among peers is when ideas are discussed, reality is checked, and lessons are applied and adapted.
  • Focus on what's important. Limit in-depth teaching to a few key ideas. Take recess. Understanding can't be rushed. It must evolve within the interaction of information, ideas, time, and the situation.
  • Have lunch. Learning can be fostered in casual and informal settings.
  • Be passionate. Passion can have a direct bearing on motivation to learn. Keep learning. The quicker you can learn, the more valuable you are

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