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The Coey Communicator



Introducing a NEW activity to the LEADERSHIP CALENDAR


Person Introducing Idea: ______________________________


Name of Activity: ____________________________________


Brief Description of Activity: 






Check all that apply:


Spirit Building _____      School Connections_____ 


Social Responsibility_____ Community Connections _____



Where on Calendar would it fit in?




How large a leadership team is required to accomplish?




Who is a staff (adult) support person for the activity?




Special requirements?



What do you do if you have a great idea and don’t know where to start to make it happen?  READ ON….


Sometimes we have ideas that we put forward and you help us accomplish them…but, one of ourjobs, in the position(s) we hold in the school is to EMPOWER (to provide individuals and or groups with skills, information, authority and resources in order to carry out their responsibilities 


Step 1:  Write out your “IDEA” to clarify what you are thinking about.  What is the goal of the project?

Step 2:  Do some initial research (internet is often fine) to get some examples of what you are thinking of…often a picture is worth a thousand words.  Where has this been done before?  How did it work there?

Step 3: Rate your activity on a scale of 1 to10 as to how involved it would be (1 very low amount of work and commitment, 10 extremely high amount of work and commitment.

Step 4: Is this an activity that you could do by yourself?  Would you need others to help you?  How many? What would they have to do?

Step 5: Now you need to decide if you wish to invest your time into making this idea happen…if your answer is YES, move to step 6…

Step 6: Make an appointment with a leadership advisor or e-mail initially and show him/her your steps 1-5.

Step 7: Sit down with  a leadership advisor and using your goal, create a task/needs analysis (chart below)

Step 8: Determine who will accomplish each task and by when

Step 9: Start proceeding through the tasks one by one to accomplish your goal and check in with a leadership advisor if you need to ask questions (use a day planner or ‘things to do list’ to keep you on your timeline).

Step 10: Complete your project and follow-through



People Required

Further Information Required/from where?

Resources needed to carry out task (equipment, money, skills…)


Permission Required

Who is responsible for completing and by when?