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The Coey Communicator

Reynolds Enters Green Games Contest


Voting ENDS March 15th!!!!!
Vote for Reynolds Projects by following the instructions so that we can win $500
We will also be entered into the judging category where projects can win $1000 each
1. go to  (people are voting from all over BC--if you can't get on--try again later)
2. go to REGISTER--top left
4. Choose correct category--student, parent, supporter...
5. Fill in information (choose own login and password)
6. You will be e-mailed your confirmation (can only register to make your 5 votes once per e-mail account)
7. Now you can vote: 
Our Projects are at the following links:
11. Click on VOTE (top right) to register your vote.... you may vote for up to 5 projects...we hope you will give one vote to each of ours!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS AT REYNOLDS...receiving some money from this contest would be VERY HELPFUL for keeping our green projects going!!
Heather ("green" coordinator: )