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The Coey Communicator

Flex Service Semester 1 Reflection


Flex Service Reflection #1 of 2

(No formal grade until end of second semester)

What? So What? Now What?


Name: ______________________ Grade _____  Advisory Teacher: __________

What? These are questions that ask, "what are we doing, what have we accomplished?"

So far this year I have engaged in ______ hours of Service (work done by one person or group that benefits another and for the purposes of this program, without pay)


*Keep your Log sheet with signatures until the end of the year*

Summarize from you Log Sheet Here:












   • So what? These questions ask, "what difference does/did it make, why should we do it, how is it important, how do we feel about it, what have we learned?"

Some other guiding questions that may help you:

What impact do you think you had through your service activities?

What needs did your service contribution help fill? What are the causes of those needs?

Do you have any long-term ideas to help with those needs? 

How can you continue your involvement with this activity? Do you want to?

How can you educate others or raise awareness about this?

What expectations did you have about your service experience?
Did anything surprise you? If so, what?

Do you feel you made a difference? Why?

Did you have any frustrations with your service activities?  How have/could you deal with them?

What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in service to others?

What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

What do you think is your most valued contribution to the project?

How has your understanding of the community change as a result of your participation in service activities?

How do you see you role with this project? How does that compare with how others may see your role?

What is the most important thing you have learned about yourself, others, the community by your service involvement?


*please write your reflection in the space provided (back of page) -- I learned the following from the volunteer service I was involved in (use above reflection questions to guide you in your answer—you don’t have to answer each one individually).


































   • Now what? These questions ask, "what’s next, where do we go from here, what has this prepared us for?"

My goals for continued involvement in Volunteer Service activities are:

















Signature: ____________________________________