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The Coey Communicator

Cooperative Games Ideas


  • Alliteration Name Game with food for learning who everyone is… I’m Heather and I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing Horseradish.  I’m going on a picnic with Heather who is bringing horseradish and I’m Zoe and I’m bringing Zucchini…and so on…
  • Hoola Hoop passing around circle with all hands joined…timed…race another group…
  • Human Knot everyone grabs hands of members in group to tie into knot then try to unravel without letting go of hands (make sure each person grabs hands of two different people)
  • Group Juggle with Tennis Balls---in circle establish pattern by throwing ball to each person in group in turn.  While establishing pattern sit down once you received ball (Say: “ here (name)” to person passing to Say: Thank you (name) to who receiving from).  Leader is first and last person… try different numbers of balls…set a group goal and try to achieve it.
  • Blanket ID divide your group into two and have them sit on opposite sides of a blanket that the leaders hold up between them.  Team members choose one person from group secretly to sit up at blanket.  Drop blanket and see which team is first to Identify person…good to do after alliteration name game.
  • Group Line ups—various renditions…No talking…
      • Line up in order of birthday
      • Line up in order of height
      • Line up in order of…. Come up with own

           Discuss strategies after.


  • Electricity—Divide your group into two line-ups or do with another group. When the leader says “go” one identified end person squeezes the hand of the next and so on to see how long it takes to get to the last person.
  • Link up lay down/pull up—Line everyone up in a straight line.  Have the first person reach between their legs to the person behind who grabs their hand with one of their own then uses their other hand to reach between legs to person behind them….and so on—when you get to the back person…while still holding on they lay down followed by each successive person ahead (each person will have to shuffle walk over each person backwards to get to lay down next).  Once everyone is down then first person stands up and one by one each person is pulled back up again.
  • Chuck the stuffy… divide group into two or play with another group.  You will need a stuffed animal from the props.  One group yells “Chuck the Stuff!” and throws it then gets into a tight group and the person who throws starts running laps around the group as they count.  The other group runs to the stuffy first person there everyone else lines up behind and passes the stuffy under over until the person at the end of the line yells “Chuck the Stuffy!”.. and so on for a few rounds.
  • Bumpity Bump Bump—another activity best done after alliteration name game.  Get group in a circle with leaders starting in centre.  Person in middle points at someone in circle and says first name, then says “bumpity bump bump” or another version is “biptity bopity boop”.  The person who was pointed to must say the name of the person to their left before the middle person finishes saying the phrase… if not they are in the centre.  If they do it in time the person in the middle tries again.  Keep going for a few rounds.
  • Hand Slap—group members lay on stomach in a circle with hands out in front of them flat on floor.  Everyone crosses over hands with the people on either side of them.  Go around the circle once slapping hands on floor in order…then play game… slap once keeps going in same direction…slapping twice changes direction.  If anyone slaps out of turn or doesn’t slap within 3 seconds that hand is taken out.  People who get out can watch and judge or start their own circle…don’t play too long if people get left out.
  • Clothes Peg Warrior—Choose one person to be in the center and blind fold them and give them a vest to wear with clothes pegs attached all over it.  They also get a NOODLE.  Everyone else is in a circle around them and tries to take off clothes pegs without getting hit by the noodle.  If you are hit by the noodle you must lay down on the ground until the round is over.  How can the group work together to increase success (getting all the clothes pegs) before everyone has been whacked by the noodle.  Warrior wants to get everyone out and keep as many clothes pegs as possible.  What strategies get used? Discuss.
  • Dodge Beach Ball—Make a circle and choose partners to go in the circle.  Group tries to get them out by throwing a beach ball at them.
  • Wink Murder—Get everyone in a circle—tell them that you are going to pretend to whisper in everyone’s ear…but to one person you are going to say :  “you’re it”… this person is the wink murderer.  Then have the group members walk around and shake each others hands while looking at them… if they get winked at they should wait a few moments and then “die” lay down on the floor.  The goal is to identify the “murderer” before you “get it”.
  • Copy Cat—Get group to form a circle.  Everyone should choose one person in the circle to be their “leader” but don’t let anyone know who it is!  Once the activity starts if your “leader” does an action, moves or changes position in any way you are to copy it and do exactly as they do.  You should try and watch your leaders without looking directly at them so it is hard to determine who is following whom.  To start, have everyone close their eyes and get in a comfortable pose… on your command have them open their eyes and start copying their leader.  See what happens…if time try again choosing different people to be “leaders”.
  • Rope Shapes—Using a long rope get your group in a circle and have everyone hold onto the rope.  Ask them to close their eyes and make various shapes (circle, square, triangle)… Ask them if they are happy with what they have and when they are each time have them open their eyes to see how good they got it… Discus strategies.
  • The Last Detail—Divide the group in half and have them line up facing each other.  One side is the observers, the other the changers.  You can switch up after rounds.  The observers do just that, observe.  So start face to face normally…then the observers turn their backs while the changers change up to 10 things (quietly conferring in group) and line up again with changes.  The observers then turn around and try and identify the changes.---The changes must be visible changes.
  • Name Five—Sit in a circle and have a ball to pass around.  One person is in the middle.  The person in the middle closes eyes and everyone else starts passing ball.  Person in middle thinks up a name 5 things question (name 5 planets, name 5 types of ice cream, name 5 cars, name 5 people in the group)… when they have a question they say “stop”.  The person in the circle who has the ball at the time now has to answer the question before the ball gets all the way around the circle again.  If they don’t do it they go in the middle.
  • Duck, Duck Goose—need I say more?
  • Two Truths and a Lie—In a circle go around person by person.  Each person must say two things about themselves that are True and one lie in any order.  The rest of the group needs to tr