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The Coey Communicator

Get R.E.A.L. Reynolds Eco-Action Leaders Weekly Agendas




Plans for the rest of the year


o    Right after Spring Break... begin Campaign to get everyone to bring in coffee mugs they don’t need at home anymore

o    EARTH WEEK April 19-22nd

  Every Day--Display for REDUCTION + selling re-useable items---Marketing needed again...

  Monday... Launch Operation Coffee Mug ---4stations (main entrance, by band room, down by Flex and out Shops doors... Clean and Dirty Mug Trays with a sign... Take a Clean one on the Way out, leave your dirty one on the way in... stop using disposable mugs at Tim Horton’s and Starbucks.... 4—coffee cup lid chains one at each station?  How do we Market this idea?  Letters to Starbucks and Tim Horton’s

  Tuesday... Clothing SWAP

  Wednesday... WASTE FREE WEDNESDAY...litter-less lunch?

  Thursday... The Climate Project Assembly.... Lights Out Canada afterwards for the afternoon


o    Garden Club...pump it up!

o    Farm to School Pilot (grade 9 Team)

o    Secret Garden Parties... $2000 for food, workshops, supplies, entertainment...

  Marketa, Amanda and Anna looking into food

  March 26, Apr. 9, May 7, June 11 1:15-3:00

3)      SPRING FAIR May 14th

o    Booth—Displays + selling re-useable items (Griffin, Annelise, Jordan)

o    Take 5 stations from school outside with Description sheet on top... team to empty (Brandon to coordinate


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended Hierarchy of Actions


4)      March 25th Health and Sustainability Event at Oak Bay 8:15-3:00

o    Brandon, Kim, Marketa, Annelise, Griffin and Heather

5)      May 18th Field Trip to Saturna Island Eco-School

o    Annelise, Anna, Marketa, Jordan, Griffin, Kim and Heather


Environmental Protection Agency Hierarchy


Thursday Nov. 6th, 2009


* Organizing for Student Leadership--Creating a Steering Committe


Get R.E.A.L. Reynolds Eco-ACTION LEADERS

  • Reduce
      • Paper consumption
      • Energy consumption
      • Waste
      • Packaging
  • Reuse
      • Re-useable items for sale (bags, lunch wrappers, coffee mugs, water bottles)
      • Clothing Exchanges
  • Recycle
      • Recycle Depot
      • In School Recycle Stations/Awareness
      • District Leaders and Model
  • Reclaim
      • Green Spaces project
        • Courtyard Garden and Garry Oak Knoll
  • Realize
      • Awareness building (documentaries, displays, resource library, conferences…)



Anna Jacquet

Annelise Miska

Brandon Laur

Marketa Hlavon

Kim Hallam

Annika Bennoit-Jansson

Lucy Bartlett

Jade Taylor

Kaymi Yoon-Maxwell

Elizabeth Underhill


LOGO                                                                    PURPOSE





 *Meeting Structure Proposal:

1st Thursday of the Month-- Steering Committee Meeting

2nd Thursday of the Month--General Meeting (Everyone)

3rd Thursday of the Month-- Project Planning Meeting

4th Thursday of the Month-- Self-Directed IDS & Course Support from Heather


*Green Games Entries:

Reynolds REDUCES eneRgy Use

Reynolds RECYCLES and takes pRogRam distRict wide

Reynolds RECLAIMS by planting native species

Reynolds -- How does your gaRden gRow?

Reynolds RAISES awaReness--Eco Fashion Show and FaiR+


*Next Up....



Thursday Nov. 29, 2009
  • Food for Thought: Recycling Computers: 
  • Next UP Project? Electronic Wasteland where does our electronic waste go?.... How can we go about finding out?
  • Feedback from Waste Reduction Week...what went well?  What would make it better?  How do you do that? Do we need more days of selling items?  Promotion? 
  • Update on Recycle Station Adoption
  • 2010 is Year of Biodiversity -- programs and events... do we want to do anything?


Project WILD

 Canadian Rivers Day

Below Zero

 Hinterland Who's Who

Fish Ways

 Learning About Wildlife

Adopt a River

 Learning Institute

Backyard Habitat

 Oceans Day

Learning About Watersheds

 Rivers to Oceans Week

National Wildlife Week

 Water & Ocean Education

Wild About Gardening

 • WILD & Blue Schools

"Wild About" Series

  • What is happening with the ECO-Fashion Show/Fair? 
  • Sierra Club... Nov. 18th at SJ for grades 10-12 (10 students each  school)... Guy Dauncey... (Kim and Annelise)
  • Providing workshops at Dec. 4th Middle School Conference with an ECO theme...
  • Nov. 1 Hike at Mt. Doug 1-3 ... for future hikes, encourage checking with Mr. Campbell and the Outdoors Club! :-)
  • Any interest in showing ECO-Documentaries once a month for discussion starters?  If so, when? where?

Minutes Thurs. Oct. 15th

         Nov 1 Hike 1-3 Mount Doug park

         Earth future news--Local info

         Green diary--Weekly add-ons

         Plan next week --Waste reduction week

Mon- foyer: Anny, Amanda, Jade, Marketa

Tues- foyer: Brandon Kim Evan

Wed- foyer: Jordan, Lucy, Anna, Marketa

Thurs- foyer: Brandon, Kim  

Thurs--(garbage warrior in theater? Jordan  ask Perry & Mr. Gray)

         Foyer Display

  Laptop CRD (get in Heathers room)

  Recycling board Daisy, Jade, Kaymi creating before Monday

  Items to sell Lucy and Amanda organizing and putting on stickers…float from Carah in office…

  Homemade lunch recipes ideas--Marketa, Anna

  Demo stations in foyer

Using school Website bolsters ideas



Thursday Oct. 10
Minutes from last week:

Presenter from Compost Education Center on SLUGS (Sustainable Living and Urban Gardening) Program

Core curriculum, Weekly workshops, Tuesdays 4-6 Jan to Sept, 1216 North Park St. Victoria B.C

$300 (scholarships available), Forums in November, Organic gardening. Application form needed

Get R.E.A.L. Hallway Board categories

A)     Our Goals  

1)      putting items in the right place

2)       reduce




3)       food sustainability- knowledge building local healthy gardening

B)      Opportunities—share information about: Earth week, gardening, etc.

Other Actions

Lucy defaulting all printers to print double sided

Recipe ideas?

Next week planning for waste reduction week?

Planning of assembly?

Green games

                BC hydro big sponsor

                Energy reduction projects?

Solar panels

Energy recordings

Light reduction

Green bin coffee cup (Lucy)--picture on the bin or wall showing where coffee cups go

  • Eco News and Green Diary
  • Planning for Next Week--selling water bottles, coffee mugs, bags, lunch items, recipes for home made lunches, recycle station demos (contest), CRD site  on computer, Garbage warrior clip showing in a classroom...other?...who will do what?

Monday Oct. 19th

Tuesday Oct. 20th

Wednesday Oct. 21st

Thursday Oct. 22nd

  • Group photo on roof with solar panels :-)
  • Sign up for Nov. 1st Nature Hike OR...combine with Outdoors Club??


Thursday Oct. 8th

**Guest Speaker: Kim Watt from Compost Education Centre

SLUGS program Sustainable Living & Urban Gardening Sillls

  • Get REAL bulletin board...outline--Brandon...what should be on it.
  • Wate Reduction Week (week after next)--finalizing plans next Thursday--> neat starter lunch stuff ordered

Two BIG goals for year:

Semester 1: Get everyone to put recycle items in the correct spot

Semester 2: REDUCE!!  Not just the "waste" but energy, paper, stress :-)


Calendar Items:

-selling items: water bottles, coffee mugs, bags, lunch containers--recipe ideas for home made lunches...

-Demo Recycling system--> what goes where?

  • November Eco-Fashion Show/Fair
  • February?
  • April 22nd Earth Day

-Big assembly with guest speaker, slide show, ...

  • June Food Sustainability Project

GREEN GAMES....take lots of photos

  • Reduce Campaign
  • Garry Oak
  • Eco Fashion Show/Fair
  • Solar Power
  • Energy Reduction Campaign
  • Swan Lake
  • Glendale
  • Other

Promo Ideas

  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • twitter
  • my Space
  • TV's in halls
  • Texting chains
  • Announcements
  • Posters


Wednesday Sept. 30, 2009
  • Compost Ed Centre Field Trip this Friday...I will drive 6 people.
  • Group Eco-Interests
  1. Food Sustainability
  2. Eco-Career
  3. Reduce and Recycle Waste
  4. Outside/Nature
  5. Courtyard
  6. Green Clothing
  7. General Involvement and Earth Care
  8. Green Design
  • Recycle Announcements....
  • Reduce/Reuse Campaign Ideas continued
  • Recycle Team Today After School
  • District Conference coming up...Sierra Youth Group
  • National Forest Week Poster Contest
  • iwalk to school week Oct. 5-9  iwalk to school day Oct. 7th
  • Green Games
  • International Day for Climate Action Sat. Oct. 24th
  • Waste Reduction Week Oct. 19-25 
  • Green Fashion Show FAIR


  • Semester 1 Calendar

W Sept. 9           1- Intro 1

W Sept. 16         2- Intro 2  

Th Sept. 17        Guest Speaker: Alex from Waste Management                       

W Sept. 23         3- Recycling at Reynolds…Next--> REDUCE/REUSE CAMPAIGN                                 

Sa Sept. 26        Recycle Depot

W Sept. 30         4- RECYCLE REDUCE/REUSE CAMPAIGN                    

F  Oct. 2nd          2-3 Compost Ed. Centre Field Trip

Th  Oct. 8           5- Guest Speaker: Kim Watts SLUGS (Sustainable Living and Urban Gardening Skills) Program

Th Oct. 15         6-                                            

Th Oct. 22         7-                                            

Sa Oct. 24          Recycle Depot

Th Oct. 29         8-                                            

Su Nov. 1          Nature Explore 1-3 Mt. Doug Park…

                         meet at back side parking lot

Th Nov. 5          9-                                            

Th Nov. 5          Green Clothing Fashion Show

Th Nov. 12        

Th Nov. 19         10-                                           

Th Nov. 26         11-                                           

Sa Nov. 28         Recycle Depot

Th Dec. 3          12-                                           

Weekend           Field Trip

Th Dec. 10         13-                                           

Th Dec. 17         14-                                           

                        (Winter Break)

Th Jan. 7           15-                                           

Th Jan. 14         16-                                           

Th Jan. 21         17-

Sa Jan. 23         Recycle Depot

W Jan 27          (Exams)



Thursday Sept. 24, 2009
  • Recycling at Reynolds
  • Courtyard Garden... This Friday...Keeners needed:-)
  • Compost Ed. Centre Field Trip Sign up for Friday Oct. 2nd 2-3pm (Take public Trasport down Quadra)
  • Victoria Compost Education Centre

    1216 North Park Street
    Victoria, BC V8T 1C9
    (250) 386-9676
    Get directions
  • Generating Ideas... what do you want to do?
  • Waste Reduction Week Oct. 19-25 
  • Green Fashion Show/Fair Report Out...
  • Someone to update SEEDS program??
  • Check out our Green Initiatives Link on the website...what have we done that needs to be added??


September 2009
YES-- I am keeping the agendas from last year on here so we can remember what we did...
Get R.E.A.L. (Reynolds Eco-Action Leaders) combines all Eco-interested students whether they are involved as a club or for course credit...we meet Thursdays at Lunch in room 31.


May and June
Secret Garden Parties in the Courtyard
Music, paint, food, plants & dirt
May 22 and June 12

Green Group Thursday April 9, 2009
-Know about bike/light bulb concept
-set up people for Energy Survey
-Have any prizes, hand outs ready
-Have 15 Zero Waste recycle stations ready to set up
-ordered coffee mugs
Green Group Thursday April 16, 2009
-Have all displays ready
-Have calendar ready to go
-Have promotion ready to go
-Have people signed up to be in the foyer each day
-Determine prizes for participation each day
Green Group Thursday April 23rd, 2009
-Final check on details for next week
** on weekend set up 15 zero waste recycle stations**

Green Group Thursday April 1, 2009







April 14th

Day 1 Energy Survey

April 15th

Day 2 Energy Survey

April 16th

Day 3 Energy Survey




April 22nd


-Courtyard Display in Foyer (Lucy)…project pictures, Jordan’s Video

-Invitation to Secret Garden Party

-sell water bottles, bags and NEW coffee mugs…

-Earth Day stickers etc…

-hand out calendar of events for EARTH WEEK


April 24th

secret GARDEN PARTY  1:30-3:30

(planting workshop, music, snacks)

April 27th


-Kim & Emily

-Zero Waste Recycle Station

-CRD Information—Display board

-Opening Day of 15 recycle stations around the school.


April 28th


Brandon &

-Haste calculator on laptop in foyer

-Bike Powered…light bulb

-solar panel cars… (races if sunny)

April 29th


Candace & Annika

-Foyer display You Tube clip on Black Balloons Ad

-display solar panel info that school is getting

-Have facts on black balloons drawn in classrooms

-Have human black balloons with facts walking around

April 30th


Annelise and Jade

-Clothing Swap in theatre

-Story of Stuff showing in Foyer

May 1


Lucy & Annika

-display with data from school energy survey

-light bulbs for sale


-stickers for all class rooms

Participation Draw each day

-Enter draw by putting waste items in right place

-enter draw by trying the bike to power the bulb or entering a solar car race

-enter draw by recalling a black balloon fact

-enter draw by bringing clothing for swap or Indicating something you could stop purchasing on a regular basis

-enter draw by answering true/false energy question




**1st day of school- wide recycle time  @ 2:50



Green Group Thursday March 5, 2009
  • GREEN GAMES: VOTING--Spread the Word...
  • Recycle Plan....Next Phase... Tues/Thurs. Idea...
  • Recyle Depot... Sat. March 28th... Changing time 9-Noon only
  • Next GREEN FRIDAY... March 13th 1:00-2:00 re-potting native species in courtyard... 2:00-3:30 DVD-Garbage WARRIOR
  • Green Spaces Project Update
  • BC Hydro Energy Ambassadors Program
  • Salmon Enhancement Project
  • EARTH WEEK Plans/Organization Update

Wed. April 22nd EARTH DAY... Display/Information Booth...Calendar of Activities out for the following week...Earth Stickers....contest in classes to answer eco questions and submit...winning class will get Eco prizes to raffle off in class

Mon. April 27  --Kim with Team : Recycle display--awareness building (Emily, Kim), Focus on CRD for information, stats and materials to give out.

Tues. April 28--Brandon with Team: Transportation focus... HASTE calculator in car races??

Wed. April 29--Candace with Team---Black Balloon Wednesday--Display around school showing CO2 emissions from various things. YOU TUBE clip in Foyer on Black Balloon Ad.

Thurs. Arpil 30-- Annelise with TEAM--Clothing Swap and Buy Nothing Day + No paper day for teachers??

Fri. May 1-- Lucy with Team Flick Off Friday----stickers for light switches (Glenn Brenan?) plus promotion to keep light off when possible.

  • Other?
  • Ideas: (April 27, 28, 29, 30, 1)--advertise on Earth Day April. 22
  • Reduce your impact week
  • Clothing Swap (Emily, Annelise, Christine)
  • Recycle display--awareness building (Emily, Kim)
  • Buy Nothing Day (Env. & Sus. Class)
  • Flick off Friday (light switch stickers) (Lucy, Annika, Brandon)
  • Walk/Ride/Bus Day (promote throughout the week)
  • Green Store (Kim & Jordan)
  • Incentives (Heather)
  • The Story of Stuff --show in foyer on LCD during Buy Nothing Day
  • Other?

Env. Course... Guest Speakers you may wish to hear...

Mar. 11, 2009                Green Bricks—Intro and Brainstorm

*Fri. Mar. 13, 2009        ECO-DVD + Courtyard Work Party


Mar. 25, 2009                Systems Thinking and Networking for Social Change—Daniel’s Workshop

*Fri. Mar. 27, 2009        ECO-DVD + Courtyard Work Party



Apr. 1, 2009                  Green Bricks—Dream Home

GLENDALE GARDENS-- Leave at 12:45 (1)


Apr. 8, 2009                  Green Bricks-- Energy (Solar Cars)Sustainable


*Fri. April 10, 2009        ECO-DVD + Courtyard Work Party



Apr. 15, 2009                 Guest Speaker from Victoria Natural History Society-- Darren Copley


*Sat. April 18th             Guided Nature Hike Gathering


Apr. 22, 2009                 Green Bricks~ Sustainable Communities 2: Code Green

                                    Haste BC challenge completion


*Fri. April 24, 2009        ECO-DVD + Courtyard Work Party



Apr. 29, 2009                 Green Bricks~ Sustainable Communities 3: Map your Neighbourhood Option—Guest Presenters U-Vic Green Mapping Project +


*Fri. May 1, 2009          FOLLOW-UP GREEN MAPPING



May 6, 2009                  Discussion Class (Next year:  directed studies, university/college programs)



May 13, 2009                Sustainable Communities—Guest Speaker T.B.A.




May 20, 2009                John Dick—Spring Tree and Plant ID workshop


*Fri. May 22, 2009         ECO-DVD + Courtyard Work Party



May 27, 2009                Discussion Class (Getting ready to complete course)




June 3, 2009                  Guest Speaker ~Planning a sustainable Feast


June 10, 2009                Sustainable Feast



*Fri. June 12, 2009       ECO-DVD + Courtyard  Work Party


Green Group Thursday Feb. 5th, 2009
  • Green Games power points (50 MB max) rough draft due
  • Food waste recycling evaluation

-good signage for what green bins can take--use photos, should be near garbage cans...or eventually remove garbage cans!, check out areas that have greater need (high traffic lunch areas e.g. main foyer, foods rooms, staff room, conference room...), have a room with big sink to wash in!, minimize stair cases between school bins and outside dumping bin, bins with higher handles, sporadically placed throughout the school to encourage their use/discourage use of garbage cans.   Give it time.... more use as the word spreads.  Encouraging promo techniques...not attacks. 

Sign for outside bin so that visitors on weekend do not put in inappropriate stuff.

  • Earth Week Planning April 20-24

Creating Calendar for Week... Brandon...

  • Repotting Plants

Already have potting soil... need 10 larger pots to purchase from Borden Mercentile.  Two from Madame Jensen to repot.

**Annika, Candace Tuesday Feb. 10th after school. 

  • Plastics Plus ready to go...

signs, flowchart, grant from youthcore for $700 received!!, Towers will be ready to go by end of month

  • Friday ECO-DVD days... this Friday 1:30-3:00 King Corn

Feb. 6,20 March 13, 27 Apr. 10,24 May 1, 22 June 12

  • Friday Feb. 20th 9:30am Sheet Mulching workshop in Courtyard followed by potluck lunch and ECO-DVD #2: 12:30-1:30 The Power of Community~ How Cuba Survived Peak Oil


  • Ideas: (April 27, 28, 29, 30, 1)--advertise on Earth Day April. 22
  • Reduce your impact week
  • Clothing Swap (Emily, Annelise, Christine)
  • Recycle display--awareness building (Emily, Kim)
  • Buy Nothing Day (Env. & Sus. Class)
  • Flick off Friday (light switch stickers) (Lucy, Annika)
  • Walk/Ride/Bus Day (promote throughout the week)
  • Green Store (Kim & Jordan)
  • Incentives (Heather)
  • The Story of Stuff --show in foyer on LCD during Buy Nothing Day
  • Other?

Tentative Wednesday Lunch Lesson/Workshops for Semester 2

Dec. 17, 2008               Where are you at… students filling out personal plans for course…time to talk together


Jan. 7, 2009                 Biodiversity Power Point Lesson

                                     **MODULE #2 SHOULD BE COMPLETE


Jan. 14, 2009               Amy Cousins & Ali Krahn Sustainable High Schools Presentation


Jan. 21, 2009               Follow-up Sustainable High Schools


Feb. 4, 2009                 Haste BC Transportation Challenge in computer lab 1

                                    **MODULE #3 SHOULD BE COMPLETE


Feb. 11, 2009                Haste BC Transportation Challenge in computer lab 1


Feb. 18, 2009               Discussion Class (planning class project) + Follow-up Sustainable High Schools


Feb. 25, 2009               Ecological Footprints 1


Mar. 4, 2009                Ecological Footprints 2 (guest speaker)


Mar. 11, 2009               Green Bricks Intro. & Brainstorm


Mar. 25, 2009              Green Bricks Green Dream Home   

                                   **MODULE #4 SHOULD BE COMPLETE      


Apr. 1, 2009                 Green Bricks Energy (Solar Cars)


Apr. 8, 2009                 Green Bricks~ Sustainable Communities 1: It’s Your Life


Apr. 15, 2009               Sustainable Communities Guest Speaker (perhaps Jamie Biggar again)


Apr. 22, 2009               Discussion Class  (Next year:  directed studies, university/college programs)


Apr. 29, 2009               Haste BC challenge completion

                                    **MODULE #5 SHOULD BE COMPLETE


May 6, 2009                 Green Bricks~ Sustainable Communities 2: Code Green


May 13, 2009               Green Bricks~ Sustainable Communities 3: Map your Neighbourhood Option


May 20, 2009               John Dick—Spring Tree and Plant ID workshop


May 27, 2009               Discussion Class (Getting ready to complete course)


June 3, 2009                Guest Speaker ~Planning a sustainable Feast

                                    **MODULE #6 SHOULD BE COMPLETE


 June 10, 2009              Sustainable Feast & Presentation Evening for Student Summary Presentations

Green Group Thursday January 8th, 2009
  • Green Spaces Update
  • Food Waste RECYCLING --Green Bins update + Pilot Evaluation 
  • Plastics+ RECYCLING-- Drawer System
  • RECYCLING ROOM and Key!!
  • Recycle Depot-- 2009 sign up
  • Vancouver Aquarium Trip Sat. Jan. 17th 5 pm Ferry  be there at 4:15 please
  • GREEN GAMES Power points!!!!!! 
  • Clothing Exchange?
  • Transportation Challenge
  • Other?

Green Group Thursday Nov. 27, 2008/Thursday Dec. 4th
  • Green Bin has been emptied...need to wash and bring in Red garbage can... who is on duty for this Friday?? THANK YOU TO THE GREEN BIN ANGELS... Annelise and Kim
  • Vancouver for 7 left
  • Green Store... Adding Pedometers??
  • Feedback on pots for plants
  • Plastics etc. recycling pilot--Emily Morin?
  • Green Games update
  • Promo Poster for Environmentally Friendly Ideas over are we doing with this?
  • SEEDS lists

Green Group Thursday Nov. 20, 2008
  • Thank you to Candace and Kendra for washing the Green Bins
  • Green Bins have now been distributed around the school (see Map)
  • Who is emptying bins this Friday.  Perfect to have 2 upper hall and 2 lower hall people for a quick job.... FOR SECOND SEMESTER WE HOPE TO GET GR. 10 FLEX CLASS TO DO IT ON A ROTATION BASIS AS PART OF A FLEX SERVICE STEWARDSHIP INITIATIVE,
  • Vancouver Aquarium Forms...16 are in...need 30
  • Jan. 14th (Wednesday)--Sustainable High Schools Presentation
  • GREEN STORE operating out of room 33--need to go around school and put on posters Room 33 and price of items.
  • Draw String Gift Bags Idea??
  • SEEDS update--- Reynolds Wear is Organic Cotton! Checking around school for more  things....getting papes signed... adding photos....
  • WED. DEC. 17th...Sustainable snacks, gift exchange....??
  • OTHER??


Green Group Thursday Nov. 13th
  • How did Green Store... Next Tuesday Nov. 18th.. get it in the announcements!  Who is operating it?
  • reFUSE RAP??
  • Keep taking photos
  • Green Bins... Big Clean...soap and everything then move individual bins by garbage cans...put on school map!
  • Feedback from Healthy Schools and grant request for composts
  • Garry Oak Restoration Area
  • SEEDS List!!!  Silver
  • Other?
  • Projects and Updates for Course:



    Swan Lake







    Urban Garden/Courtyard









    Plant Propagation/Garry Oak



    Salmon Enhancement


    Emily D.







    Green Group/reFUSE

    Emily M.





    Recycle Depot

    Emily M.





    Sustainable High Schools

    Emily M.





    Glendale Gardens





    Transportation Project



    Fri. Nov. 7th

    Swan Lake



    Fri. Nov. 21


    Emily M.

    Zach (maybe)



    Andrew- Endangered Oceans/Opposing View Points


    Amy-Lock me up or Let me go


    Annika- 100 Mile Diet


    Brandon- 100 Ways to save the world


    Ross- Eau Canada


    Paige- Future Earth


    Zach- 50 Ways to Save the Ocean


    Heather- The Omnivore’s Dilemma


    IDEAS For Class Project

    • Sustainable Gift Emporium
    • Shoreline Clean-up
    • Buy Nothing Campaign (clothing Swap, The Story of Stuff, collecting our “stuff” + Buy Nothing Day
    • Sustainability Fair


    Wednesday Nov. 5th
    Env. & Sus. Course
    • Report cards--Module #1 complete?
    • How is google group going?... Buy Nothing Day?
    • How is Module # 2 going?
    • Book Club--Books for Semester 1--What are you reading?  What are you finding out?
    • Project work--what are you going to get involved with?  Do you need help with anything?


    • Working on Module #2 for November...Module #3 will start in December.
    • *Fri. Nov. 7th 1:30-2:30...Back to Swan Lake... Identifying areas...mapping project??
    • Nov. 12th Plant Propagation #3: Cuttings
    • Nov. 19th Bridget's Workshop on Ecology
    • *Fri. Nov. 21st Tour of John Dick's Property--Garry Oak Restoration (Field Trip 1:30-2:30 can take 12 people)
    • Nov. 26th Plant Propagatin #4--Potting Division Material
    • Dec. 3rd Evaluation/Discussion
    • Dec. 10th Jamie Biggar --workshop from Common Energy
    • Dec. 17th Group Discussion Time

    Winter Break

    Our Salmon Incubation Tank comes in January.

    Semester 2

    • Sustainable High Schools
    • Community Green Mapping
    • Getting ready to plant garden...building compost system and infrastructure in courtyard

    Thursday Nov. 6th
    Green Group
    • How did Green Store Go?
    • How did reFUSE Promo Go? promo today!
    • Keep taking photos
    • Green bin duty for Friday?

    Wednesday Oct. 29th
    Env. & Sus. Course
    Workshop on Food Security
    Glendale Gardens 12:30-3:00
    Thursday Oct. 30th
    Green Group
    • Check in with Green Store Progress...Posters to put up
    • Overnight to Vancouver Aquarium Confirmed for Sat-->Sun Jan. 17/18 Catch 5 pm ferry on Sat. over, and 11 am ferry on Sunday back... permission forms out shortly...
    • reFUSE collection Friday --who's on duty?
    • reFUSE marketing campaign...where are we at?
    • Fresh Minds Symposium at U-Vic this coming Monday Nov. in front of U-Vic Centre (top of steps) at 9:30 am
    • Nov. 5th GratiDUDES and Healthy Schools Grant event at SJ Willis.. Meet Heather right slightly early... 2:50 pm for a drive (Brandon, Tabitha, Kendra)
    • Check in on collection: Urban Garden, Garry Oak reclaiming & Native Plant Species propagation, reFUSE, Recycle Depot...
    • Other??

    Wednesday Oct. 22
    Env.& Sus. Course
    Mapping our Urban Garden in the courtyard
    Completing Module #1
    Starting Module #2
    Thursday Oct. 23
    Green Group

    1) Who is on reFUSE duty?  No school tomorrow...needs to be done today...

    2) Check in with Green Store

    • Advertisement--Kim
    • Sign--Nicole
    • Power Point--Brandon
    • Display Board--Genevieve
    • First day Tuesday Nov. 4th (Taylor, Jade)
    • T Nov. 18, T Dec. 2, T Dec. 9, T Dec. 16

    3) Check in SEEDS update: Sarah Ayer

    4) Green Games Groups...collecting photos...Heather has all hers on a memory stick for people to use
    5) Fresh Minds Symposium-- 10 grade 9-10 students...conference at U-Vic for full day on Monday Nov. 3rd.  Permission Forms
    • Lucy
    • Taylor
    • Emily C.
    • Nicole
    • Jade
    • Candace
    • Annika
    • Jordan
    • Erin

    6) Aquarium Sleep Over

    7) LOOK at Polar Perspectives Speaker Series and Forum
    " Royal BC Museum Youth Forum" on Monday November 24th, 2008...applications must be in by Oct. 31st.
    8) LOOK at ONE Million Acts of GREEN... Nationwide campaign starting Oct. 21, 2008   
    9) Depot on Saturday...
    10) Healthy Schools Fall Planning Forum November 5th 3:15-6:15 at SJ Willis (includes dinner) GRATITUDE DUDES guest speakers:  Need Team to go and be eligible for $500 towards a Green Project

    Wed. Oct. 15th--Env. & Sus. Course...
    Plant Propagation Continued... planting seeds!  Next week.. mapping our Urban Garden with Matthew
    Thurs. Oct. 16th--Green Group...
    1)  Check in with Green Store
    • Advertisement--Kim
    • Sign--Nicole
    • Power Point--Brandon
    • Display Board--Genevieve
    • First day Tuesday Nov. 4th (Emily C., Taylor, Jade)
    • T Nov. 18, T Dec. 2, T Dec. 9, T Dec. 16

    ** LOOK at epic Plasitics in Class-- more ideas for display information??

    2) Check in SEEDS update: Sarah Ayer
    3) Check in reFUSE...who is the team for this Friday...tomorrow?
    4) Green Games Groups...collecting photos...Heather has all hers on a memory stick for people to use
    5) Fresh Minds Symposium-- 10 grade 9-10 students...conference at U-Vic for full day on Monday Nov. 3rd.  Going so far...
    • Lucy... coordinating Reynolds Display of what we are doing...
    • Taylor
    • Emily C.
    • Nicole
    • Jade
    • Candace

    Room for 4 more....

    6) LOOK at Polar Perspectives Speaker Series and Forum
    " Royal BC Museum Youth Forum" on Monday November 24th, 2008...applications must be in by Oct. 31st.
    7) LOOK at ONE Million Acts of GREEN... Nationwide campaign starting Oct. 21, 2008   
    8) OTHER??

    Wed. Oct. 8, 2008
    • Env. & Sus. Course... Plant Propagation 1 of 4 Today and Swan Lake orientation for Lake quality testing Friday after school (meet at 1:15 to walk over)--Green Group members welcome.
    • Grade 9/10... November 3rd (Monday) Symposium on Sustainability at U-Vic--I have registered us for 10 people to go for the day (Free + Lunch)---who would like to go?
    • reFUSE program--- How can we do a better job of getting Reynolds Staff and Students to participate??  Should we make a "Period 2 Notice" for teachers to read to classes?  Should we have Green Group members walk around with the Roadrunner to promote at lunch?  Other ideas??

             reFUSE TEAM for this FRIDAY??


    • Where are we at with the GREEN STORE??  How will you promote it and get people you want to make a power point with products to show on our lap top in the foyer at lunch??  Could you promote other Green Activities this way?
    • Glendale Gardens Group this afternoon
    • SEEDS...who is recording what we do??  Doing this regularly will make it easier...
    • GREEN Mascot...someone had the idea of "Wonder Worm" with a Banana Peel Mask and Leaf Cape....??  Other ideas...anyone a good artist who could sketch out ideas?
    • Field Trip to Vancouver Aquarium over night... what program would everyone want to go with it... would people pay the cost?  We could probably cover the cost of travel.

    Wed. Oct. 1, 2008
    • ENV.& SUS. CLASS ~ Salmon Enhancement Project Workshop with Don Lowan
    • reFUSE starts today

    reFUSE TEAMS—empty green bins from stations to outside bin…rinse out with hose and put back

    *min 4 people… ideal 8 (one per bin)


    FRI Oct. 3

    FRI Oct. 10

    FRI Oct. 17

    TH Oct. 23

    F Oct. 30









































    *PUT up Posters for recycling...SPREAD THE WORD

    • Oct. 19-25...WASTE REDUCTION WEEK... PLAN?
    • School Transportation Emissions: 
    • Recycle Depot--4th Saturdays of every month
    • Glendale Gardens-- Wednesday Afternoons 12-3 starting Oct. 8th  (Heather can drive 6)...looking for two teams (Team 1:1st and 3rd Wednesdays  Team 2 2nd and 4th Wednesdays)
    • Healthy Schools Fall Planning Forum November 5th 3:15-6:15 at SJ Willis (includes dinner) GRATITUDE DUDES guest speakers:  Need Team to go and be eligible for $500 towards a Green Project
    • Friday Oct. 3rd after school.... soil to garden beds in courtyard
    • Friday Oct. 10th after school...orientation at Swan Lake (water quality testing training)
    • Field Trip Possibility: Marine Biodiversity (21/2 hour workshop at Marine Ecology Centre)-- Interest??
    • Field Trip Possibiltiy: Vancouver Aquarium

                        Conservation Ecology, Marine Mammal Careers, Climate Change, Wet Lab Exploration, Intertidal Marine Biology, Overnight Program, BC Killer Whale Adoption Program

    • National Wildlife Week: April 8-14... register a project
    • GREEN GAMES... 4 projects registered

    Team 1 Urban Garden in Courtyard

    Team 2 Garry Oak Reclaiming

    Team 3 Recycle Depot

    Team 4 reFUSE


    We need key students to document these projects (photos, videos, etc.)... We enter our projects on Jan. 15th as Power points, podcasts, videos...etc.   UP TO $2000 PRIZE MONEY EACH (to use for School Environmental Initiatives)!!!!

    • We have a LOGO...what about a GREEN MASCOT
    • Sign up to move soil





    Wednesday Sept. 8, 2008

    Green Group   


    • Student Facilitator(s) 2008-09 (Genevieve, Kim, Russell)
    • Green Spaces Project  (Darcy, Emily M.)
    • Seeds ongoing record of what Reynolds is doing (Jade, Sarah)
    • Recycle Depot (Emily M, Annelise)
    • ENCORP bottle recycling (Darcy)
    • reFUSE pilot food waste (Kim, Annelise, Tessa B., Russell, Emily M., Candace, Kendra, Laura, Darcy)
    • water bottles & bags (Emily C.)
    • T-Shirt order (Kendra, Nicole)
    • Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Christmas (Genevieve, Laura)
    • Plants in Classrooms re-potting (Candace, Emily C., Taylor, Nicole, Emily D., Darcy, Sarah)
    • Sustainable High Schools Project (Emily M.)
      • Conference
      • E-newsletter
      • Forum
      • Reynolds Rep
    • Other
      • Solar Oven Challenge?
      • Youth Expedition to Arctic
      • Quantum Shift
      • BC Green Games
      • Climate Project Canada –Spectrum Wed. Sept. 17th 7:30-9:30 pm
      • Food Roots Open House Sunday Sept. 14th 1-4 pm 625 Hillside



    Environment & Sustainability Course


                Shape of Fuels to Come

      • Sept. 15-21 & 22-28: Watching and responding:

                 DVD of choice,

                YouTube Influenzza,

                You Tube Ocean of Plastic

    • Getting involved in Activities
      •   Green Group
      • Urban Gardening/Composting
      • Swan Lake
      • Glendale Gardens
      • Stream Keepers
      • Shore Keepers
      • Salmon Incubation tank in class
      • Garry Oak Restoration
      • Native Species Plant Propagation
      • Warmland Films Documentary
      • Common Energy
      • Climate Change Website
      • Life Cycles—Elementary School Program
    • Upcoming Workshops
      • W Sept. 17 Life Cycles Planting #1
      • W Sept. 24 Life Cycles Planting #2
      • W Oct. 1 Storm drains, watershed, Salmon
      • W Oct. 8 Plant Propagation #1
      • W Oct. 15 Plant Propagation #2
      • W Oct. 22 Deconstucting Global Food Systems #1
      • W Oct. 29 Deconstucting Global Food Systems #2




    Reynolds was a BIG TIME winner in the BC Green GAMES 2008-09 
    Check out our projects...
    We won $2000 towards our "Green Initiatives" and Solar Panels for our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    We are proud to announce that the Reynolds Green Group has been awarded the BC Hydro POWER SMART Community Action Award for its GREEN initiatives!
    Thank you BC Hydro!

    REYNOLDS GREEN SPACES PROJECT VOTED TOP ONE FOUR TOP CLIMATE ACTION PROJECTS IN BC (sponsored by The Tyee, the Pembina institute, David Suzuki Foudation, Wilderness Committee and VTACC (Voters Taking Action on Climate Change)).