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The Coey Communicator

Present Class Schedule

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Planning 10 Unit 1  Be Proactive/Graduation Program Outline


Tuesday Sept. 6                     School start-up, grade assemblies

        10:30 grade 10

Wednesday Sept. 7              Overview of Course, texts from library, course outline, Flex service outline

Thursday Sept. 8                   Overview of 7 Habits—Foundational Principles

Friday Sept. 9                       Habit #1—Be Proactive


Monday Sept. 12                  Personality Types (Myers-Briggs Type) outline

Tuesday Sept. 13                                        

Wednesday Sept. 14            Flex Day—Service Project Overview/Sign-up

Thursday Sept. 15                 Learning Styles Inventories

Friday Sept. 16                                            


Monday Sept. 19                 No School—Pro-D

Tuesday Sept. 20                Grad. Program Outline/Portfolios

Wednesday Sept. 21          Computer Lab Willock’s System Portfolio Building

Thursday Sept. 22                                        

Friday Sept. 23                                       


Monday Sept. 26               Video Study—6 pillars of Character

Tuesday Sept. 27                                    

Wednesday Sept. 28                                     

Thursday Sept. 29            Review/Catch-up

Friday Sept. 30                 Unit 1 Open Book “test”

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